IP Video doorphone Smart phone APP function

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Product Description:






10inch TFT-LCD

7inch TFT-LCD




Panel material

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy

Power voltage



Power consumption



Wiring Method

Cat  5e UTP network cable

Cat  5e UTP network cable










Product Description:

* 10inch&7inch TFT-LCD Touch display(Optional), Wall-mounting
* Modern and fashionable design

* TCP/IP protocol for stable communications
* Smartphone App function (Wireless remote unlocking, monitoring and intercom using smartphone ortablet)

* Support up to 6" monitors and 2 outdoor stations
* Room to room internal communication, monitor and door release

* Capture visitor's imageautomatically when door is not answered

* Cat 5e UTP networkcable, RJ45 connector

Various of Color to select

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Q:Do the access control company which do the best
(Need to be networked) can be flexible to set the cardholder's door open, open the door time, have the right to open the door period to support a variety of ways to open the door: password, credit card, remote open the door (need to network) can support multiple conditions flexible combination query traffic records, Sort the report data in different order, support the report data to print and export to the file function Electric lock power-down state can be key to open the door with the multi-elevator / parking / channel / consumption / and other intelligent one
Q:How the access control system is tested
In accordance with the function of access control software, one by one test, observe whether the hardware and software settings match. - access control manufacturers
Q:Community access control system upgrade to number plate recognition, what can be copied?
One is a fake license plate, you can use the color to print like a copy of a security is the hands of a remote control, the general car with the key, can copy, but seems to have to spend a long time.
Q:Is this access control system at reasonable price?
It depends on what you are installing the access control system, and video intercom, and the general intercom, it seems not to give you room extensions and door closers, as well as decoding board, you'd better ask, in general The price is a bit high, there is the price level according to the floor level.
Q:What kind of cable does the access control system require?
Bus way there are two kinds of one is 458 protocol bus Another is the TCP / IP protocol bus, the former is used RVVP4 * 1.0 The latter is CAT5E-4P
Q:Access control system card can not open the door
Card does not have permission. Card information entry system, does not mean you can open the door, but also the information downloaded to the controller, so as to open the door
Q:Is access control a security class? General access control system includes some accessories?
Access control host, access control power, door locks, out of the switch, the most important on these like door closers, doorbell, remote control switch, access card, supporting software, fire linkage modules are access control accessories
Q:Hello, I would like to know your gates access control system, you can provide development interface package to give us a look?
Any of the machines in the card system can register or log out of a card at any time, that is, the system operator can quickly and easily make a card available or unavailable. If a cardholder's card is lost, the legitimacy of the card can be canceled (canceled) in the system, and all machines within the system will no longer accept this card. If a cardholder no longer uses a card held by himself, the card can be registered immediately for another person.
Q:What is the function of the network access control system?
See your access control system is what communication, divided into two 1.RS485.2.TCP / IP
Q:Attendance machine and access control What is the difference ah?
Access is equivalent to the current lock and key. While the attendance machine is to record the staff to get off work.

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