IP Video doorphone Smart phone APP function Unlock remote anywhere

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Product Description:






10inch TFT-LCD

7inch TFT-LCD




Panel material

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy

Power voltage



Power consumption



Wiring Method

Cat  5e UTP network cable

Cat  5e UTP network cable










Product Description:

* 10inch&7inch TFT-LCD Touch display(Optional), Wall-mounting
* Modern and fashionable design

* TCP/IP protocol for stable communications
* Smartphone App function (Wireless remote unlocking, monitoring and intercom using smartphone ortablet)

* Support up to 6" monitors and 2 outdoor stations
* Room to room internal communication, monitor and door release

* Capture visitor's imageautomatically when door is not answered

* Cat 5e UTP networkcable, RJ45 connector

Various of Color to select

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Q:Access control systems are generally put a few lines are a few core lines have what role?
From the controller card reader, electric lock, open the door button is usually: card reader six-core (at least four-core), electric lock two-core (wire diameter according to the distance increase and decrease), open the door button two, Mencius, then add a two-core line.
Q:Attendance machine and access control What is the difference ah?
Attendance only record staff to get off work, the door so called the name of the control gate, and has a time and attendance function, management personnel can also be added with automatic lock door to open the door function, or more convenient, our company looks like a digital man called Brand. you can take a look
Q:Access control system how to achieve the door is not good to catch the alarm
I am doing the access control what is needed to call me.
Q:What is the role of community access control system
Access control system can be in different buildings, different places for special settings. For example, in prisons, detention centers and other places can be configured "anti-trespassing password alarm" function, you can ensure that the police on duty was hijacked, etc., can not only ensure personal safety, and clever alarm. In some special occasions, you can also set the two doors to achieve interlocking function, that is, when a door is opened, another door must not be opened.
Q:What kind of cable does the access control system require?
Bus way there are two kinds of one is 458 protocol bus Another is the TCP / IP protocol bus, the former is used RVVP4 * 1.0 The latter is CAT5E-4P
Q:How to install a complete access control system, including software and hardware?
Access control system is divided into passwords, magnetic cards, fingerprints in three ways, generally have a sensor box, a control lock device, such as the need for computer control also need to connect the network cable. Various brands of software are different, but are generally user management.
Q:Is the access control system still in use?
Make sure you see it again
Q:The principle of access control system?
Access control is a CPU processor as the core of the controller, information collection and electronic control lock and other components of the control network system, through the system information read. Processing, to achieve a variety of door lock switch automatic control. According to the information read the way can be divided into: card, induction, image recognition, eye iris recognition and so on. Their scientific and technological content and system cost order in turn increased.
Q:What happens when the access control system is on power outage?
If you want access control in the power outage can also work properly, you can install the backup power supply. An ordinary backup power supply, in the blackout conditions can work 3 to 5 hours. Of course, because the district is now the phenomenon of power failure is not common, so specifically for access control spare power supply situation is not much.
Q:Dual door switch with several door controller? Single door Double door
Double door.

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