Intelligent muffle furnace

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Product Description:

1. Instrument Description

      5E-MFⅢ intelligent muffle furnace is a common heating device. The product has a unique novel on open

Cover type door structure, using a new type of insulation material, reasonable structure design, simple operation, equipped with intelligent drive

Order temperature control device, compared with the traditional muffle furnace has a light, fast heating, low energy consumption, accurate temperature control, etc.,

Coal ash, volatile ideal device for measuring and applied to other objects in the heating test and processing

Heat-treated parts. For bulky, high-energy, non-traditional intelligence operations in terms of a muffle furnace is an ideal

Replacement products.

2. The main features:

   Special test procedures 3: Slow gray, gray fast, volatile.

   A common test procedures: You can set the thermostat three points, constant time for each point of the thermostat can be set arbitrarily.

   Burnout, over-temperature alarm function.

The most efficient, most secure smart muffle furnace

■ Applications

Applied to test coal ash and various organic materials, volatile matter, is the replacement for the traditional muffle furnace

■ using standard

GB / T212-2001 "Coal Industry Analysis"

■ Technical Features

① light weight ceramic fiber furnace, heat insulation is good, the instrument housing can not hot to touch, no-load, low power, energy-saving effect is remarkable; wide area thermostats, temperature stability, heating, cooling speed, can 15min rose to 920 ℃, one day test may be repeated several times.

② membrane keypad easy to operate, slow gray, gray fast, volatile three fixed testing procedures, automatic temperature control process is completed. A "universal" program the thermostat, you can set the thermostat point three sections and holding time.

③ configured GB crucible and the crucible holder, plug in the power can be put to use. Large LCD backlit temperature and time, clear display.

Technical parameters:

1. Maximum temperature: 1000 ℃

2. Power: ≤ 2.5kW

3. Temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃

4. Temperature Resolution: 1 ℃

5. Temperature accuracy: ± 2 ℃

6. Working environment: Indoor 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity RH≤85%

7. Power supply voltage: 220VAC ± 10VAC, 50Hz ± 1Hz

Main features:

1. Imported furnace, reasonable structure design

2. The use of computer program control device

3. Has a light, fast heating, low energy consumption, accurate temperature control, failure is low.

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Q:What is the difference between industrial furnace masonry and ordinary masonry?
Of course, the difference is like the difference between a hog cap and a 100 story building. See the industrial furnace manual.
Q:Why does the burner of industrial furnace burn occasionally?
The general process for burner ignition, blowing furnace, electric spark ignition, solenoid valve, open the gas in case of delayed spark ignition, detection device detects the flame, the controller accepts signal so that the solenoid valve open, gas continuous normal combustion. However, if the ignition fails or the burner fires, the detector cannot detect the flame, which causes the solenoid valve to close and the burner flameout.
Q:How to use industrial furnace equipment?
When the furnace is used, the lifting mechanism of the furnace door must be in good condition, and the wire breakage of the steel wire is not allowed to exceed the designated value. The weight should be properly allocated, and the drive department shall be provided with a protective cover.
Q:What is an industrial furnace pit?
Later, a chamber kiln with a semi closed or fully enclosed kiln made of refractory bricks can be used as fuel for coal, gas or oil, and electricity can be used as heat source. The workpiece will be heated in the kiln hearth.
Q:Selection of heat preservation material for industrial furnace
Ceramic fiber blanket can be used.Ceramic fiber blanket color white, regular size, set fire, heat insulation, insulation in one. Free from any binding agent.
Q:What are the combustion equipments used in industrial boilers?
Main auxiliary equipment for general boilers:1. domestic appliances 2. civilian gas boiler 3. industrial gas furnace.
Q:Brief introduction to repair of industrial furnace
Although the number of industrial furnaces in general machinery plants is not large, the number of large repairs per year accounts for 16%-20% of the total number of repairs for all equipment, and the large repair costs account for about 18%-25% of the total repair cost of all equipment.
Q:Should the industrial furnace shell cool down?
Normally, the furnace shell temperature of an industrial furnace is below 50 degrees, so there is no need to cool down.
Q:What's the role of anchor bricks in industrial furnaces?
These layers need to be joined and anchored. Anchor brick is this role. The heat insulation layer at the horizontal section of the flue is mostly a narrow cavity.
Q:Heat treatment equipment (industrial furnace), which products generally contain what kind of, which industries need to use heat treatment industrial furnace equipment.
The main equipments of heat treatment are classified into two major categories: main equipment and auxiliary equipment. The main equipment includes heat treatment furnace, heating device, surface modification, surface oxidation device, surface mechanical enhancement device, cooling equipment, cold processing equipment, process parameter detection and control instrument; auxiliary equipment includes cleaning cleaning equipment, furnace atmosphere heating medium permeability meter preparation equipment, cooling device, quenching medium heavy transport machinery, quality testing equipment, power transmission line and auxiliary equipment, fire safety equipment, dust and other production fixture.

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