Hot rolled round steel

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TianGangQ345B round steel profile

Q345A (GB/T 1591-1994)/omega % properties and applications: q345 steel is a kind of material. It is a low alloy steel (c < 0.2%), comprehensive performance is good, good low temperature performance, cold stamping performance, good welding performance and cutting performance ° is widely used in pressure vessels, vehicles, ships, buildings, Bridges, etc. Q represents this kind of material yield, behind the 345, is refers to the material yield value, at around 345. And with the increase of the thickness of the material and reduce the yield value. Analogous to the naming of q235 method. Q345a, q345b, q345c q345d, q345e. And this is the distinction between grade, represents the main impact of temperature is different! Q345a, don't do impact; Grade q345b, impact is 20 degrees at room temperature; Grade q345c, impact is 0 degrees; Q345d grade, is 20 degrees - impact; Q345e level, it is - hit 40 degrees. In the impact of different temperature, impact value is also different.

Round steel series

Combination of steel, carbon steel, die steel, bearing steel, tool steel, spring steel, gear steel, cold-drawn round steel, hot rolled round steel, forging round steel.

Round steel material; 15 #, 8 #, 10 #, 20 #, 25 #, 30 #, 35 #, 45 #, 20 cr, cr, 35 to 40 cr, cr, 45 50 cr, mn, 15, 16 mn (q345b), q345c, q345d, q345e, 50 mn, 65 mn, < p > q235b 15 crmo (a3), 20 crmo, 35 crmo, 42 crmo, 5 crmnmo, 38 crmoal, yf45mnv, cr12 < p > cr12mov, gr15, mn2 40, 45 mn2, 60 si2mn crmnti 20, 20 mntib, ml35, t8a, t9a, t10a, t11a < p > t12a, t13a, 3 cr2w8v, 20 crmnmo, 40 crmnmo, 20 crnimo, 27 simn... ..

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Q:What is the tensile strength of round steel bars of diameter 28?
Round steel is a solid strip of steel whose cross section is round. Its specifications are expressed in diameter, in units of millimeters (mm), such as "50mm", which means a diameter of 50 millimeters of round steel.
Q:How many roots are there in a standard ton of steel and how many meters are there in a steel bar?
See more big steel bar, there is theoretical weight. After all, rebar is threaded, and round steel is also used.
Q:Are steel and round steel the same thing?
Yuan steel and round steel are the same thing, they are round steel.
Q:Are more bars used in high-rise buildings?
To see what kind of structure, frame structure, screw steel is much more used, such as beam column, main reinforcement, partial stirrups, plate reinforcement. The shear wall structure is used in many round bars, such as vertical wall bars, horizontal bars, steel bars and stirrups. Note that only general structures are concerned.
Q:Why can't the grounding device be replaced by steel bar instead of round steel?
The mechanical strength of the steel thread is destroyed. Because the supporting point is only the ground, it is easy to cut the steel directly if the thread is not vertical. Therefore, we need to use angle iron, steel pipe or smooth steel round bar.
Q:Grade 1 steel is round steel, grade two steel is ribbed thread steel. Are the weight of the two units the same?
Grade two steel is ribbed steel, but the average diameter is calculated. The chemical composition of grade steel and grade two steel is different, but the density of them is the same. Therefore, the unit weight of grade 1 steel and grade two steel is the same.
Q:Difference between cold drawn round steel and round steel
There are different reasons for the residual stress in hot rolled and cold-rolled steel sections, so the distribution of the residual stresses is also quite different. The residual cold-formed steel section stress distribution is curved, and hot rolled steel or steel welding section on the residual stress distribution is thin.
Q:What is the difference between common wire and high-speed wire?
P line: refers to the use of "ordinary mill (usually open-train double wire rod rolling mill)". The rolling speed of 20-60 meters per second, per root weight (disc) in 0.4-0.6 tons (market show is generally three root six head is a market), in the rolling process can only be cooled by air cooling or air cooling line to ensure product performance.
Q:How can stainless steel rounds occur? Is it a quality problem?
Cracks caused by surface folding, cracks and steel surface of 15 degrees to 75 degrees angle, about 1.5 ~ 3.5mm, tail vortex shape, slightly decarburization on both sides, decarburization layer 0.15 ~ 0.25mm, crack in the presence of oxide scales. Its macro shape is in the surface of the round steel along the rolling direction into a straight line or zigzag, continuous or intermittent appear in the partial or full length of steel. This shows that this is a folding process in the process of rolling steel. Main reasons of folding is finished before the workpiece with a handleonapot; secondly, in the process of rolling each pass from the handle, flash, serious scratch, damage, and roll ring groove wear etc., can make the product surface folding; in addition, such as the serious defect of blank, if cleaning may also be caused by improper finished folding. Therefore, the main measures to reduce or avoid folding appear: pass through reasonable design, accurate estimation of the spread, precisely adjust the position of roller groove, reduce or eliminate the finished product before rolling the handle, flash, scratches and other defects; the serious defects of the blank surface carefully cleaned.
Q:Do you need paint for roof lightning proof steel bars?
If the metal surface is coated with a thick layer of insulating paint, it will seriously affect the flashover effect. In the national standard, the metal roof is directly used as a flash receiver. The thickness of the paint used on the roof must be less than the required value. That is what it means.

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