Hot rolled round steel

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TianGangQ345B round steel profile

Q345A (GB/T 1591-1994)/omega % properties and applications: q345 steel is a kind of material. It is a low alloy steel (c < 0.2%), comprehensive performance is good, good low temperature performance, cold stamping performance, good welding performance and cutting performance ° is widely used in pressure vessels, vehicles, ships, buildings, Bridges, etc. Q represents this kind of material yield, behind the 345, is refers to the material yield value, at around 345. And with the increase of the thickness of the material and reduce the yield value. Analogous to the naming of q235 method. Q345a, q345b, q345c q345d, q345e. And this is the distinction between grade, represents the main impact of temperature is different! Q345a, don't do impact; Grade q345b, impact is 20 degrees at room temperature; Grade q345c, impact is 0 degrees; Q345d grade, is 20 degrees - impact; Q345e level, it is - hit 40 degrees. In the impact of different temperature, impact value is also different.

Round steel series

Combination of steel, carbon steel, die steel, bearing steel, tool steel, spring steel, gear steel, cold-drawn round steel, hot rolled round steel, forging round steel.

Round steel material; 15 #, 8 #, 10 #, 20 #, 25 #, 30 #, 35 #, 45 #, 20 cr, cr, 35 to 40 cr, cr, 45 50 cr, mn, 15, 16 mn (q345b), q345c, q345d, q345e, 50 mn, 65 mn, < p > q235b 15 crmo (a3), 20 crmo, 35 crmo, 42 crmo, 5 crmnmo, 38 crmoal, yf45mnv, cr12 < p > cr12mov, gr15, mn2 40, 45 mn2, 60 si2mn crmnti 20, 20 mntib, ml35, t8a, t9a, t10a, t11a < p > t12a, t13a, 3 cr2w8v, 20 crmnmo, 40 crmnmo, 20 crnimo, 27 simn... ..

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Q:Why is the round bar bent?
Round steel with hooks the aim is to increase the bond between concrete and prevent the component in the tension will be reinforced. Therefore, round bars should be 180 degrees of hook, should set up 90 degree hook ribbed bar.
Q:What is the difference between a circle and round steel continuous casting
The first two density is not the same, the round billet continuous casting billet is molten steel into round billet crystallizer, after two cold water cooling, solidification formation, density is small; bar is formed by the billet or round billet rolled steel products, good density, better mechanical properties than the same size of billet. Second, round billet is the raw material for steel rolling, and the bar is the final product sold as steel.
Q:Are the bolts for the round bar or round steel?
If in some large-scale concrete component under the condition of some units to prevent run mode is used, the bar, the bar is the best quality, and the tensile strength is great, because the price advantage is not, it is generally not recommended to use the bar as a pull screw.
Q:Is round bar steel?
For example, the steel structure material is Q235B, and the steel bar is HPB235. Although the strength is the same, the production process is still different, the requirements of higher steel bar, there is a new specification more stringent.
Q:Is there a steel bar of 6 diameter on the market?
Including round steel bar, ribbed steel bar and twisted steel bar. Steel bars for concrete reinforcement is straight or strip steel plate reinforced concrete reinforcement steel, its shape is divided into round steel bar and deformed steel two, straight and coiled state for delivery two.
Q:Why do I use the M25 round bar for the embedded bolt M24?
The problem is that the reinforcement of this 36 is not ordinary steel. This steel bar is called general round bar, and its diameter is 36.2MM. Its concentricity is very high, it is a kind of reinforcing steel that is specially designed for bolt
Q:Is HRB335 round steel or rib steel?
H, R, and B are the first letters in English for hot-rolled (Hotrolled), ribbed (Ribbed) and reinforced (Bars) three words.The numbers behind HRB represent the mechanical properties of the material they produce. The specific value is the yield strength of the material, sigma S (or Sigma P0.2). HRB335, indicating rebar with a yield strength of 335MPa.
Q:Difference between forging and round steel
The advantages of a casting include an extensible length, a contracted cross section, a contracted length, an extended cross section, a variable length, and a variable cross section. The types of casting are free forging / hand forging, hot die forging / precision forging, top forging, roll forging and die forging.Forgings are not limited to round shapes.Round steel is a solid strip of steel whose cross section is round. The specifications are expressed in millimeters of diameter, such as "50", which means a round bar of 50 millimeters in diameter.Round bar is divided into three parts: hot rolling, forging and cold drawing. Standard Specification for hot rolled round steel is 5.5-250 mm. Of them: 5.5-25 mm small round bars are mostly supplied by straight strips. They are used as reinforcing bars, bolts and various mechanical parts. They are more than 25 millimeters of round steel. They are mainly used in the manufacture of mechanical parts or seamless steel tube billets.
Q:Which is stronger, steel pipe or round steel? Which is good at bending?
Round bars are, of course, more powerful, but not much higher.
Q:Is there any technique for welding round steel?
The welding position is horizontal fillet welding, to control the size of the weld pool of available elliptic transport method the molten iron is brought up, and then try to consider the position of welding welding (a little more than half of small to)

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