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Detailed Product Description of Home Sauna With Air Purifier


Air purifier by water.


Home sauna (Dry/Wet type)

UV sterilizer




The smallest sauna in the world


Mini Home sauna bath with multi-functions


Functions of Home Sauna With Air Purifier


1. Bubble washer air purifier function (by water&Bubble)

  • Purify dusts in the air polluted with micro dusts,heavy metals,cigarette smoke, virus, etc

  • 7 steps water filteration procedures, the polluted air is cleaned similar to how the rain clears up the sky.


2. Fomentation & Sitz bath function (thermo therapy)

  • Effective to men & female's disease such as frigidity after child birth, irretention of urine, hemorrhoids,fat tummy,etc.

  • From the 1400°c fired bio stone, a thermo therapy and heating effect using the energy radiant heat.

  • The far-infrared ray energy promotes the blood circulation and metabolism, eliminate wastes & fatty substances.


3. Home sauna function (Dry / Wet type)

  • Effective to smooth & elastic skin, refreshing body, preventing obesity, etc.

  • Korean style thermo therapy methods using modernized folk remedy traditionally used by ancestors.

  • Dry sauna : sauna temp. 50°c at humidity 30%

  • Wet sauna:  sauna temp. 40°c at humidity 95%


4. Humidifier & Dehumidifier function

  • 40~60% humidity creates the crisp feel of air after rain.

  • Add vital humidity to dry indoor air.

  • Help to relieve skin, throat and nasal dryness, burning eyes with contact lenses.


5. UV sterilizer function

  • High powerful UV germicidal lamps are the most effective tool for eliminating micros such as virus, bacteria,

  • 99.9% sterilize germs, influenza, the flu, in the air of the room.

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