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Cold rolled sheet steel is a plain carbon structural steel cold rolled platereferred to, also known as cold rolled plate, commonly known as cold plate, is sometimes mistakenly written in cold rolling plate. Cold plate is made of hot rolled strip made of ordinary carbon structural steel, thickness of less than 4mm after further cold rolling steel plate. Because the rolling at room temperature, does not produce the oxide scale, therefore, the surface quality of cold plate, high size precision, coupled with the annealing treatment, themechanical properties and process performance are better than the hot rolled thin steel sheet, in many fields, especially the field of the manufacture ofhousehold appliances, has been gradually replaces the hot rolled thin steel sheet.

Cold rolling sheet uses a very wide, such as automotive manufacturing,electrical appliances, vehicles, aerospace, precision instrument, canned food.

Application of brands: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q275; SPCC (Japanese brands);ST12 (German designation)

The general structure of Japan said method for steel grades (JIS standard)

Common structure steel 1 Japanese steel grades mainly consists of three parts: the first part of said materials, such as: S (Steel) said steel, F (Ferrum)said iron; the second part represents a shape, type, different applications,such as P (Plate) said the board, T (Tube) said tube, K (Kogu said tool; the third part) represent the feature numbers, generally is the minimum tensile strength. Such as: SS400, the first S said steel (Steel), second S said "structure" (Structure), 400 for the lower tensile strength of 400MPa, the integral representation for the general structure of the tensile strength of 400MPa steel.

2.SPHC - the first S for steel Steel is an abbreviation for Plate, P inabbreviation, H is a hot Heat acronym, abbreviation for C businessCommercial, the integral representation of hot rolled steel plates and strips for general use.

3.SPHD says hot steel sheets and strip for stamping.

4.SPHE hot rolled steel plates and strips expressed deep drawing.

5.SPCC cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, said the general, equivalent to China Q195~Q215A grade, ST12. grade Germany abbreviation Airbenderthird letters of C cold Cold. To ensure the mechanical properties, in the end add T brands such as SPCCT.

6.SPCD cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip - said by stamping, equivalent to China 08AL (13237) quality carbon structural steel, equivalent to theGerman brand ST13.

7.SPCE cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip expressed deep drawing, the equivalent of the Chinese 08AL (5213) deep drawing steel, equivalent to theGerman brand ST14. Aging treatment, in the end add N brands, such as SPCEN.

Cold rolled steel sheet and strip for Quenched and tempered Code: annealingstate A standard conditioning for S, 1/8 for 8,1/4 is 4,1/2 hard hard hard hard2, 1.

Surface processing code: Matt finishing D, bright finish rolling for B. As SPCC-SD said, for general use standard tempered cold-rolled carbon sheet mattefinish rolling. As SPCCT-SB said standard conditioning, light processing,requests to guarantee cold-rolled carbon sheet mechanical properties.

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Q:How to pass through steel at water stop steel plate?
The steel bar cannot pass through the water stopping steel plate, and this should be taken into consideration when arranging the water stop steel plate.Therefore, the water stop steel plate is usually arranged at the end of the plate or wall, but can not be arranged at the edge of the beam column, otherwise the stirrup is interrupted.
Q:What is the aging property of steel plates?
The aging of steel plate is usually due to the diffusion of carbon atoms and nitrogen atoms in the lattice, forming interstitial atoms, which leads to the solid solution strengthening of the steel plate.
Q:Must the welding between steel sheets be opened?
Not necessarily, very thin plate, no opening, but also guarantee penetration, but also through nondestructive testing
Q:What are hot and cold plates?
Cold rolled coil is made of hot rolled coil as raw material and rolled under the recrystallization temperature at room temperature, including plate and coil. Many steel mills in China, such as Baosteel, WISCO, Anshan Iron and steel company, can be produced. Among them, the delivery is called steel plate, also known as "box plate" or "flat"; the length is very long, the volume of delivery, known as "steel band", also known as "coil.".
Q:What is the difference between color steel plate and hot galvanized sheet?
Color coated substrate of galvanized plate, color coated sheet is coated galvanized plate, some color is aluminium zinc substrate, but now on the market only a few in the Al Zn substrate coated board.
Q:Steel plate pile length, adjacent two steel plate pile joints should be staggered what position?
Hello, due to site transportation restrictions and insufficient length of existing materials and other reasonsSome projects need to meet the design length by using the site connection method.
Q:Can 16Mn steel plate be used instead of Q345D steel plate?
16Mn steel plate, equivalent to Q345A steel plate, can not be replaced.
Q:Why can steel HPB300, steel plate without Q300, steel structure manuscript review, but also continued the Q235, why not improve it?
Carbon steel according to the steel yield strength is divided into 5 grades: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255 and Q275 of each grade because the quality is divided into A, B, C, D grade, with a maximum of four kinds, some only one; this is just plain carbon steel, the price is cheap, generally not heat treatment. Only quality carbon steel has the value of heat treatment.
Q:How do I print the steel plate?
In fact, the printing mode called "stencil printing", is a kind of porous printing, first use the typewriter in special Lazhi typing, or a stylus paint word pictures, and then let the wax paper attached to ordinary paper, ink in the painted pattern, through hole type or writing, and printing to the following the common paper.
Q:What is a water stop steel plate?
The joint position is called the new and old concrete construction joints, the waterproof concrete belongs to the weak links, increase the sealing plate, the water along the slit Jiecha position of the new and old concrete permeability met when the sealing plate can not leaking, sealing steel plays a role to cut off the water penetration path. In time, the steel plate is penetrated along the gap between the water stopping steel plate and the concrete, and the water stopping steel plate has a certain width, and the seepage path of the water is prolonged, and the utility model can also play a waterproof role.

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