Heat Pipe Vacuum Tubes Solar thermal collector with most reasonable price

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Heat Pipe Vacuum Tubes Solar thermal collector with most reasonable price China manufacturer :      The heat pipe series of solar collectors are always connected with existing heating supply device. The selective coating on the inner glass of the evacuated tube converts solar energy into heat energy and transfers heat to the heat pipes by aluminium fins. The liquid in the heat pipe changes into vapour and rises to the condensation end .The heat passes through the heat exchanger into the inner wall of the vacuum tube and then transfers through the copper pipes into the liquid..The transference of heat into the liquid creaters a continuous circulation as long as the collector is heated by the sun.



     1. Workable at water pressure up to 0.6Mpa.

     2.Possible to be connected with existing energy source.

     3. Water tank may not be installed together the collector.

     4.The pipeline is made of copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid. The vacuum tube does not take water.The coating is high strength stainless steel with air flow design ,which is furnished in good style.

      5.Possible to withstand high pressure in working condition.

     6.Module design, free combination to meet the demand of large water consumption.


1,header pipe materia

2,manifold material:aluminum alloy

3,tube dimensions:l1500/47mm or 1800/58

4,vacuum tube coating material:AL-N/AL or AL/N-SS-Cu

5,insulation layer:compressed rock wool

6,test pressure:9bar

7,working pressure:6bar

8,collector mounting:flat roof/inclined roof

9,angle of operation:5 degree-90degrees

10,heat preservation:72 hours

11,hail resistance:25mm

12,copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer


Primary competitive advantages:


2 reasonable price and good quality

3 prompt delivery

4 environmental protection

5 OEM order is available

6 experience of export to 70 countries

7 international quality warranty:10 years for solar cillector and 15 years for vacuum tube

8 runner :copper runner 35mm, 40mm, 42mm

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Q:What is the principle of thermal conversion of solar collectors?
The basic principle is to collect solar radiation can use the greenhouse effect to heat objects and access to heat, such as plastic film, greenhouses, greenhouses and so on. At present, there are two kinds of solar energy collection devices: one is a flat type collector, such as solar water heaters, etc .; the other is a focus collector, such as reflective solar cookers, high temperature solar furnace.
Q:What is the working principle of flat solar collectors?
Flat plate solar collector heat plate is flat shape, hence the name. It consists of transparent cover, heat sink, and jacket composed of four parts. The solar radiation passes through the transparent cover of the collector, is projected on the heat absorbing plate, the heat absorbing plate absorbs and converts it into heat energy, and then the heat is transferred to the heat transfer medium in the heat absorbing plate to raise the temperature Useful energy output.
Q:The characteristics of flat solar collectors
Therefore, in the same lighting area and daylight intensity, flat solar water heater daily average efficiency is generally higher than the vacuum tube solar water heater daily average efficiency of more than 6%. Three is a good pressure performance.
Q:Solar collectors and tank water can not cycle what is the reason
Pipe clogged. If the exclusion of the other two cases, then the possibility of a large pipe block, including the pipeline frozen, debris blockage are possible, if the pump is easier to burn the pump, need special attention.
Q:With the tonnage of solar collectors and air to hot water which power consumption
resulting in no hot water in the rain and snow weather; and air to hot water works relative It is not affected by the sunshine, theoretically can be used throughout the year.
Q:About centralized solar water heater
passes through the solenoid valve or the collecting system circulating water pump under the control of the control system to run automatically, The hot water in the collector will be transferred to the
Q:Flat solar collector how, flat solar collector working principle introduced
The installation of the system search should ensure safety and functionality while taking into account the combination with the building.
Q:What is a trough solar collector?
The traditional trough solar collector device adopts the vacuum glass tube structure, that is, the inner tube adopts the metal tube, the tube takes the heating medium, the metal tube is coated with the selective absorbing coating, and then the outside is the glass tube, the glass tube and the metal pipe Vacuum to suppress convection and conduction heat loss.
Q:Vacuum tube for solar collectors
Good insulation: heat pipe has a one-way heat transfer characteristics, so that hot water at night will not heat down the heat pipe to the surrounding environment.
Q:The introduction of flat solar water heater
Flat solar collectors placed in the building bar inside the balcony, windows, roof, walls, make up for the traditional solar water heater due to lack of congenital can not achieve the perfect combination with the building and the environment regret.

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