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THERMAL COLLECTOR                     


Model No:FP-GV2.05-01-A ( 2015*1015*76mm)


Solar Collector Characteristics:


Germany imported blue titanium selectve coating,the most efficient absorber in the world


 Whole plate laser welding,to minimize the damage to absorption layer and copper tube


 25 years lifespan


 Advanced processing technology and equipment,to guarantee products in high quality


Quality Assurance--Solar Collector Test

Internal pressure for absorber       

* High temperature resistance

* Exposure test

* External thermal shock

* Internal thermal shock

* Rain penetration

* Mechanical load test

* Thermal performance

* Freeze resistance test


* Ice ball impact test

-Laser welder between absorber and copper tubing 
-Process test with digital pressure meter at 1.2Mpa 5 minutes 
-Automatic S type bending machine 
-Automatic frame cutter 
-Automatic frame assembly machine 
-Automatic copper drilling machine 
-Automatic plate leveling machine




Dimension L×W × H(mm):2015*1015*76mm


Gross Area(m²):2.05 m²


Absorber Area (m²): 1.82 m²


Number of covers:1


Cover material:Low iron tempered glass


Cover Thickness(mm):3.2mm


Cover Transmittance:>92%


Weight:41.5 Kg




Material:Aluminium board


Surface Treatment:Sputtering(Germany imported Blue titanium coating)




Emissivity: 5±2%


Construction Type:Grid type


Header Material:Copper TP2/CA1220


Header tube Size:Ø22mm x (thickness) 0.8 mm


Riser tuber size: Ø8mm x (thickness) 0.75mm


Working pressure: 0.75MPa


Test pressure: 1.2MPa, keeps 30 minutes


Whole Collector:


Maximum power, G = 1,000W/m² per collector: 1.352 kW


Thermal efficiency: 0.788


Heat loss coefficient (a1): 3.411 W/m².K


Heat loss coefficient (a2): 0.024 W/m².K


Maximum stagnation temperature for ambient conditions of 1,000W/m² and 30°C: 188.4°C


Thermal Insulation:


Insulation material: fiberglass


Insulation thickness: 35 ± 5mm


Insulation Density: 48 kg/cube

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Q:Vacuum tube for solar collectors
Heat pipe vacuum tube and other types of solar water heaters, compared with the following irreplaceable advantages:
Q:The characteristics of flat solar collectors
Therefore, in the same lighting area and daylight intensity, flat solar water heater daily average efficiency is generally higher than the vacuum tube solar water heater daily average efficiency of more than 6%. Three is a good pressure performance.
Q:Condensation type solar collectors and non-concentrating heaters
according to whether to track the sun, according to whether there is a vacuum space; According to the collector type of heat transfer, the solar collectors can be divided into two types. Liquid collector air collector according to enter the mouth of the solar radiation is to change the direction of classification According to the solar radiation into the lighting port to change direction,
Q:What is the solar collector
The relatively high efficiency collector consists of a collection and absorption device. Sunlight from different wavelengths of visible light and invisible light composition,
Q:Is solar collector directly using solar energy?
Solar collectors are directly using solar energy. A solar collector is a device that converts radiant energy from the sun into heat.
Q:Flat solar collector how, flat solar collector working principle introduced
The installation of the system search should ensure safety and functionality while taking into account the combination with the building.
Q:About centralized solar water heater
passes through the solenoid valve or the collecting system circulating water pump under the control of the control system to run automatically, The hot water in the collector will be transferred to the
Q:What is the classification of solar collectors?
According to the collector temperature range is divided into: low temperature collector, the temperature collector, high temperature collector.
Q:With the tonnage of solar collectors and air to hot water which power consumption
This question relates to what assistance is to be used in the hot water project of the solar collector, as well as the location and duration of the project. If you do not use auxiliary heating equipment, there is no doubt that the solar collector hot water project power consumption is minimal, but due to the uncertainty of the sun
Q:How can solar collector system prevent wind?
Solar collectors are the core components of the solar thermal system. Solar collectors absorb light from solar radiation, generate a lot of heat, provide a steady stream of power, it is like people's "heart", the heart once stopped beating, people Can not live, then the solar collector once damaged, the hot water system will lose their vitality

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