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1. fitted with plastic pedal , easy to operate , mobile and flexible
2. High -density polyethylene injection molded impact resistant , high strength, long life , corrosion , heat, acid , alkali, corrosion resistance , impact resistance, no nails without thorns , non-toxic , tasteless , easy to wash and disinfect, no rot , no pollution , the economic environment , convenient health .
3. Closed lid structure , avoid junk Spills .
4. filled with tight lid , not falling barrel distortion。

5. barrel and cap made of high density polyethylene impact (HDPE) once injection molding .
6. heat , frost and corrosion chemicals. Materials used does not lower the melting temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, the auto-ignition temperature of not less than 350 degrees C and a softening temperature of not lower than 110 degrees Celsius, low temperature up to minus 20-30 degrees Celsius.
7. All plastic barrels are injected into a high quality UV materials accounted for 2% , 5% pigment pigments to ensure that colors remain bright durable plastic buckets .
9. A large amount of free printed designated LOGO

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Q:What kind of garbage can be packed in a red trash bin with a green trash bin?
Green placed other garbage except kitchen, Recyclable and hazardous waste outside the cigarette butts, dust, disposable diapers.
Q:What's the meaning of trash and tree holes?
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Q:How many kinds of trash bins are classified according to their use?
In general is divided into four types, the current is through the corresponding color color classification, there are different versions, the specific need to look at every place that red and blue recycling of hazardous waste recycling Recyclable garbage and recycling of kitchen waste recycling, yellow Other Waste (dust, diapers) [citation: http://www.shmq.com/news_564.html]. According to the current market many kinds of trash, many are like double trash (Recyclable and Unrecyclable), specific to an industry, then there will be a lot of kinds, such as: Hotel Park trash, trash, trash rooms, trash corridor and so on. Only personal profiles, if any questions can be discussed together.
Q:Emotional trash can mean...
That is, what other people have to vent your feelings, joy, anger, sorrow, joy, you also receive anything!
Q:How do you get the bug in the garbage bin in summer?
Under certain conditions, food or vegetables will produce worms because all kinds of insects under certain conditions in the production of eggs on food or vegetablesTherefore, under certain conditions, the larvae will grow out of the egg, so it will produce insects"It is absolutely true that if no worms lay eggs on the vegetables, "seeding" will not produce worms
Q:Ask the expert to diagnose my apple computer, dragged into the trash file is missing, how to return a responsibility?
May be set to be completely removed, rather than into the recycle bin.
Q:How to get rid of things in the computer trash
1, click start to run, and then enter the regedit (open registry)2, in turn: HEKEY - LOCAL - MACHIME/SOFTWARE/microsoft/WINDOWS/ on the left side of the blank click on the new CURRENTVERSION/EXPLORER/DESKTOP/NAMESPACE", select "primary key", named it "645FFO40 - 5081 - 101B - 9F08 - 00AA002F954E"Then set the "default" key on the right to the recycle bin, and then exit the registry. Just OK.3, to restart the computer.As long as the machine does not run the disk. The system is in good condition. Any file can be found at any time.
Q:Clothing store door is the impact of Feng Shui trash?
In front of the store on the walls, is also facing the alley wall is provided with a fast "Taishan shigandang" on it!
Q:Are there any trash cans on the train?
Each table has a small tray can put garbage, after a while the crew will refuse to refuse. Joint toilet
Q:How does Teddy love to turn over the garbage can and how to teach?
In fact, this is the nature of the dog, my dog also likes to eat trash trash, when a child often bite slippers. You can put it in the trash can not reach or can not find the position, then give it to buy some things like biting gum, so it will not spare the mouth, the dog will love you teeth, can contain its nature. Things are better. You can put the trash in the back. But remember not to hit it, my dog when I make a mistake, I will be calm to tell it can not be so, a little harsh point can not play, but the dog is actually very clever you say it will understand. If you do this your dog is still the same, it can only show that you have a little naughty, huh, huh, huh

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