Aluminum Pet Waste Can Commerical Grade With New Design

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Item specifice:

Material: Aluminum Logo: Customized Color: Green
Grade: Commerical Grade

Product Description:

Commercial Grade, Aluminum Pet Waste Can With Bag Retention Clamp.

Pet Waste Receptacles increase owner participation in pet waste disposal, by giving Dog Owners a place to put dog waste. These waste cans easily attach to a U-Channel (sold separately) or wood sign post.

Our heavy duty Waste Cans are made of  aluminum. Will not rust when exposed to the elements like steel will, or warp in the sun like plastic can. Our cans come with our new "No-slip Bag Clamp" to prevent liner bag slip in, and a lid attached to keep insects and animals out. 


In case to attract insects around the can , our pet waste can have been improved with a heavier lid and also add an edge.

Old Pet Waste Can 

    Aluminum Pet  Waste Can Commerical Grade With New Design                

The New Waste Can With Heavier Lid and Add an Edge                                        

Aluminum Pet  Waste Can Commerical Grade With New Design

Merits of This New Waste Can 

1.Lid sits tightly on the rim , keeps flies or insects  away from waste can .

2.Easy lift and dispose system ,you just need to pass by with dog in tow then lift the lid and dispose .

3.Ventilation prevents heat build up which can create more gasses from the waste. Less gasses, less smell.

These waste receptacles, when used with our "earth friendly" can liners, help to control odors as well.

Pet Waste Cans are a great way to keep your Dog Walking Area looking its best!


  • Commercial grade

  • (12) Gallon 24x12"

  • RUST PROOF Aluminum

  • No-slip Bag Retention Clamp

  • Lid to keep out rain & pest

  • Mounting hardware included

  • (30) "Earth Friendly" Waste Can Bags "Free"


1.Does the can detach for unloading, or is there a lift-out container so our garden service can remove the waste and not have to deal with small bags?

 No, it does not remove . We line with a trash bag and remove small bags with trash tongs into a bucket .

2.Is there a function for having the holes in the sides of the container? Does this reduce smell?

 Yes, ventilation prevents heat build up which can create more gasses from the waste. Less gasses, less smell. 

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