GRP heat insulation pipe made in China

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Product Description:

Description of GRP heat insulation pipe


1, the pipeline before installation response equipment nozzle, embedded parts, reserved holes, the steel structure on the content of the piping installation.

2, the slope of the pipeline should be adjusted according to the requirement of the drawings, adjustment method can be used to support in meeting the requirements of the slope, weld should be set in the place where easy access, observation.

3, connected to the transmission pipeline, before installation to deal with internal clean, weld pipe generally should be far away from the equipment, to avoid any welding stress effect on the transmission equipment installation accuracy.

Before 4, pipe connected to the machine, should prevent strong relative, in the free state check flange parallelism and alignment.

5, the relief valve should be installed vertically, when put into trial operation, should be timely adjustment valve. Final adjustments on the system of safety valve, open and back pressure to comply with the provisions of the design documents.

6, valve before installation, in accordance with the design documents to check the model, the flow direction of medium and confirmed the direction of its installation. When the valve and pipe to flanged or threaded connection, the valve should be installed in a closed; Such as welding way to installation, the valve shall not be shut down.

7, instrument components of temporary substitute: all instrument components installed, adopt temporary component replacement, such as pressure testing, flushing, purging, after work to formal installation before feeding.


Main Features of GRP heat insulation pipe

light weight and high strength, anti-ageing, aesthetically pleasing appearance, environmental friendliness


Specifications of  GRP heat insulation pipe


 Pressure: up to PN25 bar


 Standard length:1m, 3m, 6m , 12m,

 Execute code: Q/320700QB06


Applications of GRP heat insulation pipe

1.Chemical medium transportation pipe
2.Various producing process pipe (chemical process, paper making process, polluted water treatment process, sea water purifying process, food and drink producing process, and medicine producing process)
3.Pressure pipe for small hydroelectric power station on the ground and cycling pipe for power plant
4.Polluted water collecting and transporting pipe
5.Drink water transporting main line and tubing pipe
6.Oil field water injecting pipe and oil transporting pipe
7.Heat transporting pipe and sea water transporting pipe
8.Agricultural irrigation pipe
9.FRP set (ventilation, air-conditioner, chimney, cleaner) and piping
10.Gas drainage pipe for mine 

IMages of GRP heat insulation pipe


GRP heat insulation pipe made in China

GRP heat insulation pipe made in China

GRP heat insulation pipe made in China



1, How to choose the pipe materials of GRP?

Generally speaking, the choice of RPMP should consider the groundsill and soil of RPMP. When the design of pipeline has the full reconnaissance design, geology situation, and hydrology situation, we should choose according to the AWWA-C950 standard. For the using factories, they can supply such data to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer can carry out the design and produce the qualified pipe materials according to the buyers’ demand.


2, The notice of ordering to the GRP pipes?

General booker should define the following questions including using condition:

1). The structure length of the fixed length RPMP is 1.2m. However, in the real lay project, the spigot and socket joint is adopted, the pipe’s using quantity should be calculated by the pipe’s effective length. Generally speaking, the effective length of 1.2m fixed length pipe: 300-DN1200 is 11.74m, DN1300-DN1500 is 11.679m and DN1600-DN2600 is 11.613m.

Eg: if we lay the straight pipe section for length 1000m, the quantity of fixed length pipe with effective length 11.74 is 1000m÷11.74m/piece≈85pieces.

2). In order to meet the buyer’s demand, manufacture can produce the unfixed length pipe. Generally speaking, RPMP can produce various pipes of any length (≤12m). But it must consult the manufacturer’s suggestions. Generally speaking, the manufacturer can supply the unfixed length pipes with 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, and 12m.


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