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main function

High Performance in Accuracy
S750 can provide reliable location data.You can use it to do static work,also you can use it to do stop & go work.,after collecting data with built-in program,you can postprocess it in the office and get high-accuracy result.If you want to submeter performance in real time, you can use SBAS corrections, or use GPRS module to get a network differential correction from CORS.

High Expansibility
Generally, S750 adopts a built-in GPS antenna, but when do static work, you need an external GPS antenna, which can get high-accuracy result,S750 can switch between internal antenna and external antenna automatically. Apart from the above functions, S750 has good expansibility tools and forms can be customized by requirement.

Practical Software System
SOUTH S750,which owns a powerful 32-bit processor with 520MHz,runs the advanced Microsoft Windows 5.0 software which is used by the pocket PC operating system. Windows 5.0 operating system is an open platform, which is widely applied to industrial control,multimedia products and mobile devices,etc.
Thus, users can easily choose or customize a suitable software solutions. Windows 5.0 is similar to other Microsoft softwares, apart from this, users can easily exchange data seamlessly between field and office as well.

Excellent Engineering Performance
SOUTH S750 system combines the GPS receiver with handheld computer, which can be operated all-day. Built-in battery which is easy portability, whose industrial design be able to withstand the test of tough environment.
Handheld operating software and post-processing software are designed for convenient operation.It ensures that users can operate it with minimal training .
effective solution of mobile mapping.

Standard feature

Windows 5.0(classic edition)
VGA display (240 X 320), sunlight-readable color touch screen
Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology
Integrated 802.11b/g wireless LAN
Ergonomic cable-free handheld
Rugged and water-resistant design
All-day internally rechargeable Lithium battery
PXA270 520 MHz XScale processor
128MB Flash data storage
Sealed SD/SDHC card slot
Integrated speaker and microphone

Integrated high-performance GPS/SBAS receiver and L1 antenna
GPRS module is available
Access various kinds of CORS
Submeter real-time or postprocessed accuracy
NMEA protocol support
EVEREST multipath restraining technology

Standard Kits
S750 receiver
Communication cable
SD card kits
Manual & Software

Optional features
Optional Accessories
External antenna
GPRS module


Weight:0.421Kg  with battery
Processor:520 MHz PXA-270 Xscale processor
Memory:128MB RAM and 128MB internal Flash storage
Battery:3.7Volt 1700mAH Lithium battery pack
            (3.7Volt 2350mAH high-capacity battery optional)
             rechargeable button cell battery backup for data
             retention(user accessible)

Operating temperature:-20°c~+60°c(-4°F ~140°F)
Storage temperature:-40°c~+70°c(-40°F ~158°F)
Casing:Dust-proof and resistant to heavy wind-driven
           rain per IP65 standard Slip-resistant grip,
           shock and vibration resistant

Expansion: SD card slot (SD or SDHC storage card)
Display: VGA(240×320pixel),TFT,16bit,colors with backlight
Audio:Built-in speaker with volume control
Screen: Touching screen is suitable for finger operation

Channels:14(12 L1 code and carrier, 2 SBAS)
Integrated real-time:SBAS (dual-channel tracking)
Update rate:1 Hz
Time to first fix:30~40 seconds
Data output: NMEA-0183 (GGA, VTG, GLL, GSA, ZDA, GSV, RMC)

Accuracy (HRMS) after differential correction
Post-process: Submeter
Real-time (SBAS or external correction source): Submeter

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Q:Jia Ming etre20 handheld GPS good
Jia Ming ETREX20 compact portable, solid and rigorous work design, precise positioning, functional improvement, for out of work, travel friends can be used as a reference.
Q:Seeking the similarities and differences between RTK and GPS
GPS: is the satellite positioning system in general, narrow sense refers to the GPS satellite, and the narrow sense refers to all can receive GPS signal equipment; RTK refers to the dynamic real time difference measurement, it also refers to the difference can be used for real-time dynamic measurement equipment. The difference between the two measurements from speaking: GPS contains RTK, also includes some precision lower grade equipment, such as the Garmin handset, handset, GPS meter level navigation etc..
Q:GPS method for highway survey?
For long tunnels, the conventional measurement of large bridges has the following limitations:1, long tunnels, bridges and other structures generally require the measurement level of four or more. With conventional measurement methods, often adopt the measure to increase the number of methods to extend the observation time, time consumption and labor consumption to try to improve the accuracy of.2, the long tunnel and bridge for the complex terrain region difficult, conventional control measure for visibility and network shape, often cut down the workload is quite large, so the measurement of the cost of a large, hard work.Link control network of high precision 3, long tunnel and bridge and low precision and route network, although with adjustment methods can be overcome, but because of the terrain conditions are difficult, the measurement workload to its connection, and is not too easy. In practical work, the control of the structure and the measurement of the route are often out of touch.
Q:Professional handheld GPS GARMIN (DR) how to use
Handheld GPS purposes, the measurement of soil area, linear navigation, auxiliary fishing waypoint navigation point information, traffic data display, such as the use of functional machines should be used manual
Q:Hand held GPS coordinate conversion method
Two. To coordinate the coordinate data of the control points obtained provide technical support unit of Beijing Unistrong companies around the branch responsible person to calculate the coordinate transformation parameters conversion parameters, or to obtain their own conversion conversion software. After the conversion parameters are calculated by the prompt input handheld GPS. Only after such a setup, after all the soil in the region when the coordinates of the GPS read out the coordinates of the point for the Beijing 54 coordinates.
Q:Handheld GPS which brand is good
Now GPS can also do handheld measurement accuracy, precision can usually reach decimeter level, the industry there are relatively well-known Huace, professional GPS measurement instrument, high precision of handheld GPS the good.
Q:I bought the way k20s, this handheld GPS how
Choi way handheld GPS feel that you can also be in the last year, the Zhengzhou Bureau of Surveying and mapping seems to be called the wide Han instrument that home to buy, so there is no problem with it, the price is not expensive.
Q:How about the accuracy of the GPS handset?
zhonghaida Qmini series: 3 meters; zhonghaida Qcool series: 5 meters; precision and price is proportional to the precision is higher, the higher the price.
Q:How to set the handheld GPS related parameters and coordinate conversion parameters throughout the country
Three parameter test DX, DY, DZ, DA, DF after the conversion parameters of the five, must be prompted to enter the handheld GPS, while the input area of the central meridian longitude. E on behalf of the east longitude, projection ratio of 1, the deviation of things to the north and south of the deviation of 0, and set the unit for M. Enter these parameters, should be taken to the field test, check whether these five parameters are correct. The method is selected, vision, GPS receiving signal strength of the feature points in the field (such as linear object intersections, independent features, etc.) is the best stone control points were measured and compared with theory and find out the coordinates of these points. If the results of the comparison exceed the nominal accuracy of the instrument, the conversion parameters or the problems that should be found should be recalculated.
Q:Ask how to select a google satellite map into a handheld Area GPS
The ordinary mobile phone GPS, can install Orville interactive map support pre download any regional satellite map, support for offline use

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