Garbage Truck China Garbage Compactor Truck, 4X2 Light

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 Garbage Truck China Garbage Compactor Truck, 4X2 Light

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CLW5070



Certification:ISO9000, CCC, TS16949, EEC, RoHS, CE



Emission Standard:Euro 2


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:4×2




Usage:Compression Type





Description:Dongfeng Compression Garbage Truck

Drive Mode:4*2, 6*4 Capacity of Compaction Garbage Truck


Engine Brand:Yuchai, Chaochai, Yunnei Garbage Truck

Color:White, Red, Green Compression Garbage Truck


Chassis Brand:Dongfeng, Faw, Sinotruk, Forland, Foton

Horse Power:90-150 HP Capacity Garbage Truck China


Tire:7.00-16 7.50-16 8.25-16

Certificate:ISO, CCC, BV Certificate Compaction Garbage Truck


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Bulk, RO-RO, Container, Naked

Origin:Hubei China


Production Capacity:100000/Year

Product Description

Chassia Brand



China Garbage Compactor Truck 4X2 Light Garbage Truck Compression Garbage Truck

Gross weight (kg)


Garbage volume


Rated loading (kg)


Outline size(mm)


Curb weight (kg)


Approach/Departure angle(°)


Front /rear hang(mm)


Max speed(Km/h)


Function data

Garbage capacity(m3)


Filled mouth along the ground clearance (mm)


Filling cycle time(s)


Once unloading garbage working time (s)


Filled once loaded garbage time (s)


Max crushing compression force (T)


Max row unloading force (T)


Filled Lifting time (s)


Garbage Truck China Garbage Compactor Truck, 4X2 Light

Garbage Truck China Garbage Compactor Truck, 4X2 Light

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Q:What's the difference between a medium-sized truck and a medium-sized van?
The van has Gaolan rod or the structure is fully enclosed type, general box height of 200-300 cm. Only 40-70 cm medium ordinary tailgate, upper opening structure, not closed.
Q:Turn non is still operating vehicles according to treatment, if opened 6 years later "turn non", then "turn non" after the vehicle can only open two years, you have to scrap.
When the total weight of goods vehicles more than 10 tons, less than or equal to 50 tons, 10 tons of parts according to the calculation of the basic rate, more than 10 tons, 50 tons in part by 0.08 yuan to 0.04 yuan a linear decreasing rate. Therefore, it is divided into two parts of the toll tolls (= basic rate x 10 tons x mileage) + linear decreasing corresponding rate X (total weight of -10 tons) * mileage for example: a car three axle truck, vehicle total weight of 28 tons of goods, the toll is 10 x 0.08 x 361+ (0.09-0.001 * 28) * (28-10) * 361 = 690 yuan a three axle trucks
Q:How large is the limit for the large trucks?
Heavy and medium-sized truck, semi-trailer load, height from the ground shall not exceed 4 meters, the vehicle carrying containers shall not exceed 4.2 meters;
Q:Is pickup truck a compact passenger car?
No, belongs to a small pickup truck car, small passenger car a small manned, the small passenger capacity of 2-9 people, generally include: car, car, minibus, the car because of the small size, so it is suitable for families and units.
Q:How many kilometers will the tires of the big trucks be replaced
It is not good, and you wear the number of kilometers of the tire, and the condition of road, and your cargo and the weather has a great relationship, spring and autumn when the tire wear is relatively small, and when the relatively large, I suggest you tire of the opposite decision, there is recommended that you use the standard tire renovation, do not use the tyres, so the safety factor will be better.
Q:6 meters 8 truck fuel consumption is how much?
LZ, 6.8m trucks generally 100 kilometers fuel consumption in 25-30L or so, I hope to be helpful to you
Q:Pull about 100 tons of goods, use what truck?
The tractor is driven by an electric motor and uses its traction capacity (2 to 8 tons) to pull a few carts behind it. Often used for transportation of large quantities of goods between workshops or workshops, such as automobile manufacturing, warehouses, assembly lines, and baggage handling at airports.
Q:How do trucks change their oil?
In the hot state (high temperature, low oil viscosity, good fluidity, the cleaner), then turn off, put oil screw removed protection plate under the engine oil pan removed, let go of the old engine oil.
Q:How much is the freight charge for the 4.2 meter freight car? How much is it for one kilometer and how much is the toll?
Model. Engine model. Heavy vehicle empty car. Traffic。 There are other factors. So the fuel consumption is different. It's probably somewhere between 1-1.8 yuanToll tolls vary from province to province, but in general they are very similar.In general, the expressway toll fee includes trips and mileage of two parts, at the same time also includes the destination city "4" project and other charges. Also, if there are large bridges and large tunnels on the way, they are often billed separately.Meter fees are generally not high, small vehicles are basically around 5 yuan. The different mileage fee, 0.35 yuan / km, such as Liaoning; 0.4 yuan / km, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi; 0.45 yuan / km, such as Henan; have higher, 0.55 yuan / km, such as Fujian Shao highway three.
Q:Model and loading tonnage of freight cars
Models vary according to classification criteria. Look at the question you ask. The model and the loading tonnage are probably about the same1, 4.2 meters car, load less than 5 tons;2, 6.2 meters car, load less than 8 tons;3, 7.2 meters car, load less than 10 tons;

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