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Powerful and economic
Turning easily and flexibly
Low lift cycle costs
efficient and quiet hydraulics

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM

CharacteristicModelUnitCPD15ExCPD20ExExplosion-proof mark  Ex SdⅡBT4Type of operation (hand,pedestrian,standing,seated,order-picker)  SeatedSeatedLoad Capacity/rated loadQ(kg)15002000Load center distancec(mm)500500Load distance,centre of  drive  axle to forkx(mm)428428Wheelbasey(mm)14601460WeightService Weightkg35203680Axle loading,laden frontkg42104790Axle loading,laden rearkg810890Axle loading,unladen frontkg16001660Axle loading,unladen rearkg19202020TyreTyres size, frontrun-flat tire6.50-10-10PR ExTyres size, rearrun-flat tire5.00-8-8PR ExWheels, number front(x=driven wheels)  22Wheels, number rear(x=driven wheels)  22Track width,frontb10(mm)970970Track width,rearb11(mm)920920DimensionsMast tilt forward°33Mast tilt backward°66Lowered mast heighth1(mm)20902090Free lift heighth2(mm)00Lift heighth3(mm)30003000Extended mast heighth4(mm)36173617Overhead load guard(cab) heighth6(mm)19921992Seat height/standing heighth7(mm)980980Coupling heighth10(mm)480480Overall lengthl1(mm)32303230Length to face of forksl2(mm)21602160Overall widthb1(mm)11401140Fork thicknesss(mm)3636Fork Widthe(mm)120120Fork Lengthl(mm)10701070Fork carriage type  AAFork carriage widthb3(mm)980980Ground clearance,laden, under mastm1(mm)100100Ground clearance,center of wheelbasem2(mm)130130Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysmm36003600Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwaysmm34003400Turning radiusWa(mm)19801980PerformanceTravel Speed, ladenkm/h11.511Travel Speed,unladenkm/h1211.5Lift speed,ladenmm/s280260Lift speed,unladenmm/s300300Lowering speed,ladenmm/s460500Lowering speed,unladenmm/s380380Gradient performance,laden%1010Gradient performance,unladen%1515Service brake  Hydraulic-ElectricMotorDriving motor powerKW7.5(AC)7.5(AC)Oil pump powerKW8.2(AC)8.2(AC)BatteryVoltageV4848Voume capacityAh480540Battery weightkg750860OtherType of drive control  AC inverterAC inverterSound level at driver’s ear according to EN12053dB(A)6868Plug  boltbolt


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Q:How to test a forklift
You usually have a forklift for a vocational school. It's easy to do, but there are places where real documents can be bought.
Q:Please have the annual trial of the forklift licence
The original poster hello, Currently: The old forklift card is a two-yearly trial and costs 200 If it is a forklift certificate after July 1, 2011, it is a 4-year trial Hoping to help the Lord, Thank you for taking it.
Q:Where are the advantages and disadvantages of a battery lifter and a diesel forklift
Different kinds of forklifts are formed because of the difference in the structure and location of the four most of the forklifts. A balanced truck is the most common form of forklift truck. Let's take the forklift truck as an example and introduce the parts of the forklift truck. Dynamic part 1. Most of the power of the internal combustion forklift truck is powered by reciprocating piston type internal-combustion engines. It has petrol engines, diesel engines and liquid oil jets. Power forklifts are made up of batteries and dc series motors. In recent years, new forklifts have come out, powered by dual-fuel or dual-powered vehicles. The drive system is the device that takes power and transfers power to the driving system. It has two kinds of mechanical drive system and hydraulic mechanical transmission. The former consists of a friction clutch, gear transmission, wanxiang transmission gear and main drive and differential in the drive bridge. The latter replaces the friction clutch with a torque variable, and the rest is the same as the former. In recent years, new forklift trucks have been introduced and all hydraulic transmission systems are adopted. Reduces the component of the drive and ensures reliability.
Q:The forklift should be put on record
According to party policy, we need to deal with it. For special equipment parts will know that you have a forklift truck, after the time limit will mot, found unqualified is money, of course, it is not reported to the also don't know what you are using a forklift.
Q:Forklift, forklift, loader, which is a special equipment
The forklift truck is also included in the special motor vehicles in the present (factory) The loading machine is no longer the case. It is in the safety board. The eight categories under the special equipment safety supervision ordinance.
Q:Electric forklifts can be used for a long time
You're talking about working hours, which is no problem for eight hours If the working hours are long, you may need two sets of battery rotation
Q:What is the meaning of a forklift?
Gasoline cars, gas bottles like gas, gas forklifts Compared to diesel cars, petrol cars save energy, burn more, and, of course, emit more environmental protection. In short, it's the greenest and most environmentally friendly of the internal combustion forklifts. The price is more expensive!
Q:How does the forklift start?
Some have ignition locks, others open the keys, have a start button and hold it up.
Q:What if the forklift oil is burned and the oil is burned
I often encountered this kind of problem Generally have can solve the hand pump pump oil pressure under the condition of no pressure generally Oil is the oil pipe leakage Find a flat place If can't solve suggest the oil all check it again Whether there is supervision way broken place And also when you exhaust Is there a burst of to take a breather One is when you finished exhaust The exhaust valve after fastening increase pressure in oil pump for several times repeatedly
Q:Do forklifts need to be measured?
Forklift does not need to be measured because forklift is not a measuring device but is a special equipment. The forklift needs to be tested annually. According to the factory motor vehicle supervision and inspection procedures "China quality inspection boiler no. 16 [2002], article 3: the new and repair or reconstruction of motor vehicles in the plant, put into use before, shall, in accordance with the provisions of this regulation, a regular inspection every year. Encounter may affect the safety and technical performance of natural disasters or motor vehicles inside the plant after the equipment accidents, and stop using more than one year use of motor vehicles in the factory, again after a make-over, shall, in accordance with the provisions of this regulation the acceptance inspection of the content.

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