Fluorocarbon metal paint

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1. Characteristic:


 Metal paint is new metallic shades metal coating. It is used to metal substrate, glass fiber reinforced cement and inorganic

building materials. In addition to the metal substrate, the glass fiber reinforced concrete and inorganic materials plus the

surface can be used. Excellent element resistance property, good resistance of water and stain property, long maintained

beautiful appearance.

2. Technical Target:

Academic Spreading rate: 7-8m2/kg (one coat)

Painting: spraying and roller painting

Thinner: special thinner which was offered by factory

Storage period: Dry at 5-30oC, in ventilated conditions storage 12 months.

3. Construction Notes:

 Before construction will be strictly required proportion of A, B two components are mixed, stir evenly, aging for 30 minutes

and then begin construction. Construction place should keep good ventilation condition and no smoking. If paint is too viscous,

please use special thinner to dilute and amount is less than 20%.

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