Fire-Fighting Trucks 6*4 460HP

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Product Description:

Fire-Fighting Trucks 6*4 460HP 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ND1250B50J7



Certification:ISO9000, CCC



Emission Standard:Euro 2


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:6×4






Allowable Passengers in Cab:2+3

Engine Brand:Weicai


Water Tank Capacity:4cbm 5cbm 6cbm

Tire No.:10


Water Rated Flow:30L/S

Fire Monitor Range:More Than 45m


Max Speed:90-110km/H



Horse Power:460HP

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Naked or Waxed Before on Board

Standard:CCC, ISO9001


Origin:Hubei, Suizhou

HS Code:87053010


Production Capacity:1000set/Month

Product Description

    Product Description:

2, fire range:water≥50m  foam≥45m
3, Suction time: ≤35s
4.  Low oil consumption with strong horse power 460HP

Vehicle model
Beiben Fire-fighting Trucks
Chassis model
Overall dimensionsmm10830X2500X3980

Curb Weightkg23850

Wheel basemm5050+1450

F/R track base1515/2735
Max speedkm/h90
Tire specification
12.00R20Engine type
Traction system
10-speed with over drive
Number of axles
3Axle Load
Leaf Spring10/12Allowable passengers in Cab2+3
EngineWeicai ,6-cylinder in-line with water cooling   GB3847-2005 emission standard
EquipmentCabin: Flat head, metal-enclosed cab, double-row seat, four door, panoramic curved windshield
Water Tank Capacity 6000L, Powder Tank Capacity1700L
Fire Monitor range: ≥ 45M
Pump: type ES30, Water Diversion Way: circulation,
Water Diversion Time: ≤35s, Rated Flow: 30L/s
Pump Room: Middle or rear-mounted pump. Left and right side of the pump room, storage compartment side have the new style high-strength alloy aluminum rolling doors

Fire-Fighting Trucks 6*4 460HP

Fire-Fighting Trucks 6*4 460HP

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Q:Why can't fire up the garage exit?
Fire engines shall be in accordance with the following provisions:1 no barriers such as trees, aerial pipelines and garage entrances and exits shall be set up between the site and the plant, warehouse and civil building.
Q:What color is the license plate of the fire engine and the train?
The train is a special vehicle, and no license plates like the car are outside of me. Only the railway number.
Q:Where should the school fire escape be, inside or outside the school?
The 6.0.10 ring fire lane should have at least two lanes connected to other lanes. The end of the fire lane should be back lane or return field, the return area should not be less than 12.0m * 12.0m; for large fire engines, it should not be less than 18.0m * 18.0m.The fire fighting work site and road surface, the pipes and drain etc. should be able to withstand the pressure of large fire truck.Fire lane can use traffic road, but it should meet the requirement of fire vehicle passing and stopping
Q:What's in the fire engine
1, fill the water, or install part of the foam, dry powder, that is, extinguishing agent.2. Fire extinguisher spraying facilities. Such as pumps, power take-off, interfaces, valves (in and out) and so on3, commonly used equipment. Such as water hose, water cannon, air breathing apparatus, generator, smoke extractor, fire fighting equipment, hydrant wrench, water bridge...
Q:What are the specific classification of fire engines?
(1) classification of carrying capacity of fire engines chassis;(1) light fire truck. A light fire engine is a fire truck with a chassis carrying capacity of 500 - 5000kg. It mainly includes light fire engines, light foam fire engines, light dry powder fire engines, light communication command vehicles, light reconnaissance fire engines, etc..
Q:China's commonly used fire models
F3000 8 tons tank fire engines 2. Dongfeng Steyr tank fire fire truck 3. ZOOMLION ZLJ5291JXFJP16 held high jet fire 4. XCMG JP42 held high jet fire 5. Nissan 8 tons of F3000 foam fire truck
Q:What is the range of fire engines used by factories?
The fire inside the car there is a reserve water tank, fire hose, fire is also equipped with special equipment such as fire axe, fire wrench, shovels, buckets, fire extinguishers, and a series of emergency equipment, fire vehicle is also equipped with a ladder for high-altitude rescue.Stationary fire pump, mobile fire pump, water hose, water gun, fire hydrant, spanner, shaped water hose, water separator, lighting lamp, etc.. Above are ordinary equipment that can not be used in ordinary water tanks and fire engines. Like rescue cars, foam fire engines...... And other sophisticated equipment, there will be many.Tank fire engines can be divided into small fire engines (about 2-4 tons), medium-sized fire engines (about 6-8 tons), large fire engines (about 10-15 tons) and large ones with 18 tons. There is a simple water supply fire engine that can pull 25 tons of water on the right
Q:Fire engine matters needing attention
2., fire drivers must obey the command of the fire commander in the fire, and execute the commander's command flexibly and flexibly, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the whole fire fighting. In the event of irreversible changes in fire, directly endanger the safety of fire engines, you can first move the vehicle to a more secure place, continue to fight, and timely reporting of vehicle parking position. Some problems that should be paid attention to when the fire vehicle enters the fire scene and is put into fire and rescue. 1. after the fire vehicle enters the fire scene, it shall stop the vehicle in accordance with the position designated by the fire commander. The parking posture of the vehicle can meet the requirement of attack and retreat of the fire ground, and it is necessary to ensure the evacuation of the dangerous position at any time. The vehicle must keep the engine running condition, must not blindly flameout, delaying fighter. The car began to fire water supply, water pressure should be gradually increased, to avoid water hammer phenomenon because of the counterforce and gun battle casualties caused by the sudden pressure or water blasting, effects of fire fighting and rescue work smoothly. Fire hose in the laying process, if you want to pass through the road and ground have sharp objects (like the common broken glass in the fire) Should be done to protect the hose, to prevent the hose was cut, burst and the car through the rolling hose affected fire
Q:How many years is the scrap time of fire engines?
Special vehicles such as cranes, fire engines, drilling cars and so on, can be appropriately endorsed for the December 31, 2099 automobile scrap standard (revised in 1997) (national economic and Trade Commission No. [1997]456) in 10 years.In January 14, 2013, the website of the Ministry of Commerce issued 14 "compulsory retirement standard provisions" clear, according to the motor vehicle use and safety technology, emissions inspection status, implementation of the national mandatory retirement of vehicles to be scrapped. The regulation will come into force on May 1, 2013.
Q:Fire engine water delivery, suction operation flow
I. effluent:1. Open the intake valve and the outlet valve;2, press the clutch pedal, then hang the power take-off;3, slowly release the clutch pedal and then slow down the fuel door;

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