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Commercial Truck Tyre Dealer: 


1.The quality is warranty. The company has throughISO9001-2000International Quality System certificate and CCC, EMARK,INMETRO,CIQ ,SONCAP certificate. So the quality is warranty. 


 2.Tread design to reduce road noise in high way use but resists off-highway custs and tears.


3.Reinforced all steel construction with four full steel cap plies to protect against punctures and impact break.


4. We can assure you of both the price and quality are the best.   


6.We have more than 4 years  experience in this field.



Why Choose Us? 


1. EMPIRE TYRE is the one of biggest specialized manufacturer of motorcycle tires, and inner tube ,wheelbarrow tires and inner tube, electric bicycle tires and inner tube , as well as other rubber product. 


2. Prompt Delivery time: We are located in the west coast of Qingdao, there is only 120km to Qingdao Port, so we are with superior geographical and convenient transportation .one day we can produce 3000 pieces tires and 20000 pcs inner tube.  


3. Moreover, we can satisfy your large and urgent order  There are more than 200 workers and including 40 technicians, covering the land of 20000 sq meters. We can supply the product as your design. 


4. We are a company with strong strength, we not only have the Alibaba platform being a golden supplier, but also have Made-in-china . 


5. Our products are well received at home and abroad, Mainly exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Asia, south America,Europ,Middle East, South East Asia, Africa. 



Payment terms:


 1.T/T (30% deposit in advance, 70% balance according to copy of B/L) 


2.L/C ( irrevocable confirmed sight L/C ) 


Delievery time :


In 15 working days, after get deposit.

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Q:How many types of automobile tires
Divided by tyre usage:The car tire is installed in the car tire, it is mainly used for road speed exercise, more than the maximum speed of up to 200 km / hour, requirement of ride comfort, low noise, has excellent maneuverability and stability. Most of the tire structure adopts meridian structure. According to the speed requirements are divided into different series, in the standard and manual are common, 95 and 88 Series for skew tires, 80, 75, 70, 65 series for radial tires.
Q:Kindergarten large class art bus lesson plan
The 4. bus came and drove to the road at the entrance of the kindergarten. What kind of graphics does the big bus consist of? What do you need to add to the big bus?Summary: graphics can make up the outline of the big bus, and then add doors and windows. The big bus is coming. With a bus driver, it is more convenient to go out.Two, appreciate creationValue analysis: try using a circle, square, triangle combination of graphics to show the object features, and simple painting, showing the front of the kindergarten road around the scene.Transition language: there is only one big bus in front of the kindergarten. It's really cold. What else can I do? (PPT)Summary: you can still have so many things. Now, please be a little designer and let the front of the kindergarten become lively!Design requirement:Please ask each child to choose a design planFigure out the objects on the side of the road by combining and adding pictures• return the design drawings to their original place after the designKey guidance:Square body, round for wheelsTwo small rectangles combined into a wall
Q:What is the difference between truck tires and car tires?
There is a truck tire inner tube, the compressive load of tire tread, vacuum tire, tire pressure is small, it is slower after puncture
Q:The wheel angle of the car! What is the maximum angle of rotation of a car's wheels?
1 kW =1.366 horsepower2. torqueTorque is the moment the engine sends out, and the greater the torque, the faster the engine revs up under the same loadIn calculations, torque is the work done by the engine, while the engine speed is timePower = torque * speed /9550(9550 between engine speed and time, the converted value is abbreviated as 9550)3. displacement (cylinder volume)This is a unit of volume, which is the sum of the space volumes passed by the piston of the engineSimply stated, a physical quantity of the engine's power expression4. compression ratioThat is, the ratio between the total volume of the cylinder in front of the piston and the compressed volume of the cylinder (i. e., the volume of the combustion chamber)Taking the gasoline generator as an example, the compression ratio is large (more than 10.8), which is beneficial to the powerBut in this way, it is easy to knock, and requires a higher gasoline label, and it can not be too large to compress
Q:Electric car tire valve broken, how to repair ah?! Urgent!
Valve sorting:One is according to the purpose of use: driving valve, motorcycle, electric car, valve, car valve, truck, bus valve, agricultural engineering vehicles, valve, special valve.According to two kinds: tubeless tyre tube valve and tubeless bleeed valve.The three type is fabricated by assembly: pinch valve, compression valve and buckle type valve.The four type according to the core cavity size: ordinary core cavity valve and big core cavity valve.The five type is divided by the valve core: English mouth, American mouth, French mouth, German mouth and Italian mouth.
Q:How about the tread?The pattern is based on the safety line
Three, compound patternThe features of combined strip and horn patternAdvantages: the tread on the center of the tread provides good handling performance and prevents skidding.The tread pattern of the shoulders provides good traction and braking performance.Application: suitable for all kinds of packing and non packing pavements, mainly in front and rear wheels of freight cars and buses
Q:By bus, by car, wheel on foot, no seat. Guess numbers
The main advantage of the multi link suspension system is: beating the wheel when the tread and change before the beam is very small, no matter the car is in driving and braking state can according to the driver's intention to smooth, its deficiency is the vehicle speed when a shaft swing phenomenon.
Q:Longitudinal patterns in automobile tires, especially heavy truck tires?
The groove of the pattern is the same as the circumference.1, advantages: low rolling resistance, not easy to slip, can provide good handling stability, because in the running process of low heat, can show good high speed performance, low noise, good ride comfort.2 disadvantages: poor braking performance and stability of the wetland, and prone to cracking under load.
Q:Do you need to change the gas nozzle at the same time? How about the replacement of the old tyres?
Need to change, usually the overall replacement, old tires can be sold to the recycle bin or scrap acquisition point.The function of the valve is to deflate the tire and to maintain the seal after the tire has inflated. The ordinary valve is composed of three major parts, the valve body, the valve core and the valve cap.
Q:Does truck tire have inner tube?
There are basically 3 kinds of heavy duty tyres, one is full steel tire, such as truck, truck, engineering vehicle (such tyre needs inner tube), etc.

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