environmental pretection energy conseration refrigerator

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Freezers allow people to buy food in bulk and eat it at leisure, and bulk purchases save money. Ice cream, a popular commodity of the 20th century, could previously only be obtained by traveling to where the product was made and eating it on the spot. Now it is a common food item. Ice on demand not only adds to the enjoyment of cold drinks, but is useful for firstaid, and for cold packs that can be kept frozen for picnics or in case of emergency. It features:

(1)Complete, beautiful appearance. (2)Frozen superior performance, low noise, low power consumption, environmental design. (3)Cheap, considerate service, popular at home and abroad. (4)Is one of the earliest Chinese exports, especially electrical American market pro-gaze.

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Q:Sell small kitchen appliances, stall stall to do business license?
2, "individual industrial and commercial households Ordinance," thirtieth provisions, no fixed place operators, vendors by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the local government regulations. So, if the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government according to the actual situation of local regulations provisions, in accordance with the local regulations to carry out; if the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the people's government has not made provisions, according to "Regulations" individual industrial and commercial households temporarily do not need to apply for business license.
Q:What are the outlets and appliances for the bathroom and the kitchen?
Toilet: lamp, mirror lamp, electric water heater, bathroom, hairdryer, mobile phone charger, alarm power, etc..
Q:Decoration, which appliances should be bought first, which can be loaded after buying?
Lamps and lanterns (can not count home appliance), should install with installation in synchronism. Easy to walk and debug.Monitoring system, to buy in the decoration, easy installation, debugging.Network cable, to reserve line position.Refrigerator, to design a good location, reserve power. You can fix the model size and buy it later.
Q:What is the power of the general kitchen outlet, kitchen outlet and air conditioning outlet?
The kitchen outlet and the spare socket are calculated by each 2000W, and the 10A/250V specification socket is adopted;Air conditioning outlet can be calculated by every 3000W, using 16A/250V socket;
Q:Please know that friends give an answer, only the kitchen appliances classification
Small kitchen appliances and small household appliances for catering:Small restaurant main have Soybean Milk machine, juicer, blender, coffee machine, popcorn machine, ice machine, electric Hot pot, ice machine, bread machine,
Q:Buy kitchen appliances should pay attention to what?
Two. All the facilities and equipment used in the kitchen for cooking are called kitchen equipment. They are generally used for cooking and heating, for processing, for cleaning and disinfecting, for food, for insulation, or for storage at low temperatures. We usually use kitchen equipment, ventilation facilities, waste disposal facilities, etc.
Q:Sales Kitchen appliances need to pay attention to what, how to find customer groups, please point out
Understand these users will become the top business. You'll have to pay for the tuition before then. Sales of kitchen appliances, is nothing more than the need to pay attention to the following points: 1, do market research, find out other mainstream commodity merchants selling goods, then find out the mainstream mainstream businesses need; 2, on new projects, best can introduce some popular packages very attractive; 3, excellent shopping guide, users of the door, excellent shopping success rate is the desire of all businesses.
Q:How many outlets fit in the kitchen?
Kitchen outlet:1, smoke machine 1 (three with switch)2, the next 1 stoves (in order to avoid later for the electric cooker)3, under the sink 1 (with "small volume - kitchen Po wall type electric water heater / garbage crusher)
Q:What are the family kitchen appliances?
Electric rice cooker, induction cooker, electric water heater, juicer, meat grinder
Q:Kitchen appliances, no invoices, you can guarantee it?
As long as they promise, no invoices can be guaranteed! The distributor will need to provide approved documents for after-sales service! For example, delivery order, warranty or something!! Now some areas are not open invoices, warranty, but need to have after-sales recognition of the warranty documents!!! For national taxes or invoicing... After all, it is the blood of the country!!

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