Aluminum Round Sheet For Pressure Cooker

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Type: Circle Temper: O-H12

Product Description:

 Aluminum Cooking Circle/Round Sheet For Pressure Cooker


Products Description


Product NameAluminum Round Sheet For Pressure Cooker
Hardness stateH14, H16, H18, H22,H24, H26, H22 ,H32,H34 and “O”. 
Product SizeThickness: 0.30-8.0mm , Diameter:  20-1030mm
Surface Treatmentmill finished, coated
ProcessedDeep drawings 
Min order quantity5 tons
ApplicationCookware, Electrical Appliances


Chemical Composition (WT.%)




Aluminum Round Sheet For Pressure Cooker



Q: Can you provide free samples?

A: Yes, free samples will be sent to you on freight at destination.


Q: Can I get your latest catalogue?

A:  Yes, it will be sent to you in no time.

Q: What is the MOQ?

A:  5 tons


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: We accept L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, West Union, etc


Q: Can you provide free samples?
A: Yes, free samples will be sent to you on freight at destination.


Q: Can I get your latest catalogue?

A:  Yes, it will be sent to you in no time.

Q: What is the MOQ?
A:  5 tons.


Q: What are your payment terms?
A: We accept L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, West Union,etc


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Q:With PS drawings, kitchen appliances, how to do it, and what are the skills, steps?
3, whether the picture is tilted or not the angle of hope - CTRL+T (zoom, tilt, twist)4, to highlight the performance of the site is clear enough or clear.
Q:How can the appliances in the kitchen prevent soot and oil pollution?
Instead, the lampblack machine prevents oil pollution. Surface, then use up every time that wipe, you can keep clean. If you wipe it every month, it will be very hard. Clean it every three months or less with steam cleaning so that the whole kitchen is bright.
Q:Kitchen appliances commonly used size
You can say to the landlord, "China's electrical appliances are not standard, unlike foreign countries.". If you buy Chinese made electrical appliances, you must buy them before you order them. The cabinet is made according to the actual size. I do cabinets, did not see the actual, I do not dare to do for you. Unless it's a popular brand.
Q:Which small appliances are used in the general kitchen?
Smoke lampblack machine, gas cooker this is a must (I think there is a gas stove not to need too much of the electromagnetic oven), microwave oven, electric cooker, electric kettle, which is convenient for life, juicer, disinfection cabinet, oven is to see your personal needs, as for the electric cooker which will look at you kitchen art, haha
Q:What are the household appliances in the kitchen?
There are many kinds of kitchen appliances, some circuit instruments have one function, while others only have many functions. This book only introduces the kitchen appliance maintenance methods commonly used, such as electromagnetic protection, microwave protection, electric rice embankment, electric pressure cooker, food processing machine, automatic soymilk machine, juicer, dishwasher and smoke exhauster maintenance methods.
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The demand for small household electrical appliances in the kitchen has increased rapidly, and meanwhile, consumers have put forward higher requirements for the product itself, such as diversification of species, high quality of design and practicability of function. In the fierce market competition environment, in order to win more market share, enterprises at the same time reduce product prices, but also rich in their own product lines.
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Install the appliance again (if possible, and install the appliance on the same day, safe in the morning)
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Live and work in peace, "hunger breeds discontentment" is the traditional concept of the Chinese nation, which makes people have a special liking to the kitchen. However, the status quo of the vast majority of family kitchens in China is disappointing. In a certain period of time, people solve the main contradiction of life is warm drink problem, therefore, people's understanding of the kitchen, just stay in a pot, a stove, and maintain the basic needs of wonderful dishes cooking.With the rapid development and improve the material and cultural life level and industrial production, all kinds of kitchen appliances have entered the family, but more chaotic, display, use no tricks, making the already crowded kitchen become overwhelmed, had to put the fridge in the living room, the washing machine in the bedroom, not only is not convenient to use also, the increased noise, microwave and other pollution, in a prosperous life level stand a distress.

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