Energy Saving System Support For Central Air Conditionig

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Eco-vision air conditioner for energy saving system support



+++ The eco-vision Central Air Conditioning Energy Conservation System

+++ offers customers

1) a high rate of reduction in energy usage using our patented technology          

2) reliable verification

3) remote operation (safety support).                                                         


+++ Our technology reduces energy use by approximately 65-95%.       

The system achieves both decreased CO2 levels  and lowers your electric bills without altering the normal operation method of the air conditioner.      



+++ An eco-vision control panel installed outdoors at a shopping center.

+++ eco-vision installed at a hospital.  

Control panel includes an inverter,PLC (programmable logic controller), electric control circuits, and a communications router.


+++ Principles of electric power reduction: 

The pump's electricity consumption is equal to the flow control rate cubed.

As the graph shows, a flow rate of 1/2 corresponds to 1/8 (12.5%) electricity usage;

a flow rate of 1/4 corresponds to 1/64 (1.5%) electricity usage.

When the air conditioner's system load is low, the hot/cold water flow rate is

tightly controlled, yielding an astonishing 80–90% reduction in energy usage.


+++ Operation control when working under heavy system load: 

The system loads of building-wide air conditioning systems are always fluctuating.

Ordinary pumps operate at 100% regardless of system load, with a fixed rate

of electricity consumption.

eco-vision's pump flow control regulates power use according to the system load,

allocating as little power as necessary to meet changing system requirements.

This results in decreased electricity consumption, as shown in the image.

(The electricity consumption of the pumps decreases in proportion to the flow rate cubed.)


 +++eco-vision system: 

eco-vision uses an inverter to regulate the primary hot/cold water pump,

the secondary pump, and the coolant pump.

Computerized sensors installed throughout the system analyze data such as flow rate,

temperature, and pressure to ensure the most precise power control possible, achieving 

a high rate of electricity conservation.


+++ After acquiring a patent in Japan, we acquired a patent 

+++ in the United States. 



+++ Monitor screen: 

The eco-vision system constantly monitors the pump operating status and

electricity usage, storing the data and displaying it on this dedicated screen.



+++Graph verifying reduction in electricity use: 

This overview graph displays operation data collected daily, monthly,

and yearly, showing at a glance the results of using the eco-vision system.



+++Return on investment:

Electric bills begin to fall the day our equipment is installed.

Although equipment and operating conditions vary, your investment will pay

for itself in about 2.5 to 5 years.


+++ An eco-vision installation at a 26,000m² shopping center 

+++ resulted in a 74.5% annual decrease in electricity consumption.

Large reductions in power usage can be expected even for large-scale equipment,

such as for amusement parks.


 +++ An eco-vision installation at a 203-room hotel reduced CO2 emissions

 +++ by 206 tons in one year. eco-vision is very environmentally-friendly. 





+++ An eco-vision installation at a 415-bed hospital reduced annual costs

+++ by 7,800,000 yen. Hospitals that must operate their air conditioning

+++ 24 hours a day can expect similar savings.



+++ An eco-vision installation at a 238-bed hospital decreased 

+++ monthly electricity consumption rates by 92.1%.



+++ This table shows eco-vision's achievements in construction. 




Q1Why is it important to use home air conditioner filters?

AWithout them you can clog up vital parts of the heating or cooling components that can be difficult to clean out and can cause severe damage that will be much more expensive to repair than the inconvenience of replacing a filter once a month.


Q2What is VRF Air Conditioning System?

AVRF air-conditioning systems owe their growing popularity to their ability to meet a wide range of requirements.

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Q:Use battery can drive the air conditioning, can want to much
Home air conditioning is ac power source, unless the battery dc inverter after use Car air conditioning is mechanical drive, you want to use dc motor driver to use the battery power supply
Q:Household air conditioning refrigeration quality measure standard is what?
Summer air conditioning refrigeration standard is: air-conditioning electricity work half an hour later, the temperature of the outlet should be about 10-15 degrees below the temperature of the inlet to the normal. Know, isn't it?
Q:How to choose home air conditioning
In recent years on the new function of air conditioning, we recommend that you choose according to their own actual situation and practical air conditioning: only USES air conditioning to cool in the summer, for example, can choose and buy ChanLengXing air conditioning; Need to use air conditioning heating in the winter, can choose and buy KFR air conditioning; The more humid, the home use air conditioning wetted function; If home ventilation is not good, stay at home for a long time to feel annoyed, can consider to choose and buy with the function of health, oxygen anion air conditioning.
Q:How to choose according to the size of air-conditioning P number?
Master bedroom closet to remove the area is 15.5, should be based on conditions of sealed heat preservation of the room, installation of 1.25 or 1.5 of the air conditioning, suggest installation be 1.5 air conditioning refrigerating capacity 3500 w. Second bedroom closet to remove the area is 11.4, can install an air conditioning refrigerating capacity 2500 w. Of the study area is 11.5, can be installed capacity of 2500 w a air conditioning. General family expenses air conditioning according to room size, and the sealing factors such as heat preservation conditions, floor, orientation, high and low, per square meter for computing the capacity of 150-150 w air conditioning refrigerating capacity size. An air conditioning refrigerating capacity is 2500 w, suitable for about 12 square meters room use; 1.25 air conditioning refrigerating capacity is 3200 w, suitable for about 15 square meters room use; 1.5 air conditioning refrigerating capacity is 3500 w, suitable for 18 square meter or so of the room.
Q:Household air conditioning with much thread
Household type has a split type and central air conditioning. Separation is generally the largest 5 horses ark. Usually 3, suggest four square. Wall hang two horses under 2.5 square will be enough.
Q:Air conditioning is divided into what kind of? Is respectively?
General 2 P or 3 P ark, the sitting room advocate lie 1.5 P frequency conversion, second lie 1.5 P frequency conversion, the study 1 P PuTongJi
Q:How to choose a good air conditioning
The choice of constant speed with frequency conversion Home has constant speed and variable frequency air conditioning, compared to both the advantage of frequency conversion air conditioning: One is energy saving 2 it is comfortable Third, low noise Four is cooling and heating quickly. 5 it is low voltage startup Six is ultra-low temperature (15 ℃), low temperature heating effect is better. Under low temperature, the frequency conversion air conditioning can improve automatic compressor operation frequency, ensure the better heating effect, it is hard to start and fixed frequency air conditioning compressor under ultra-low temperature. In addition, frequency conversion air conditioning is the machine long life, stable operation, environmental protection and other advantages.
Q:What is the working principle of air conditioning?
The general is using refrigerant refrigeration and air conditioning. Is first of all, the gaseous refrigerant compressor compression for liquid, in the process, the refrigerant is compressed into a liquid, the coolant temperature rises, the temperature of the purpose is to improve the temperature difference between refrigerant and the environment, and then coolant temperature higher than the environment temperature and the heat release from the outside environment, the temperature drop to normal temperature, the pressure of the gas in the process of heat transfer that is constant, and then let the normal temperature of the liquid refrigerant entering the indoor evaporator, let cool liquid refrigerant expansion, make the temperature lower than indoor temperature so that the indoor air to the refrigerant exothermic, refrigerant heat recovery to normal temperature gas entering the compressor compressed again, continuous refrigeration cycle.
Q:What is the high pressure and low pressure air conditioning? How to measure?
High pressure compressor exhaust pressure Low pressure of the compressor suction pressure. Usually on the compressor suction and exhaust valve has a special interface, using fluoridated table joins can be measured If is home air conditioning is a little trouble, to see if there is any plunger valve, so, measurement is connected by fluorine list
Q:Household air-conditioning vibration is big, very loud sound, how be to return a responsibility?
Tone sound is the sound of air conditioning compressor, can feel the noise near the air conditioning compressor. 1, this kind of sound is usually due to the refrigerant composition with air and water. 2, if the situation remains after add refrigerant, and sound position near the compressor, the compressor internal mechanical structure at greater risk of damage; 3, if after a period of time sound has a relapse, and the internal controls, are at greater risk of dry bottles of efficiency to reduce.

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