7000BTU,9000BTU,12000BTU,18000BTU,24000BTU,36000BTU Split Air Conditioner 5 Years Warranty Air Conditioner

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$131.84 - 142.14 / pc
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NingboShanghai or Shenzhen
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1 Pieces pc
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15000 Pieces per Week pc/month

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Product Description:

Voltage: 220V-50Hz, 60Hz; 110V-60Hz

Gas: R22, R407c, R410a

Function: Cooling only, Cooling and heating

High Efficiency Compressor

Hydrophilic Fins & Inner Threads Copper Tube

Quiet and Moden design

Remote Control

Sleep Operation

Strong Cooling And Heating

Wide Voltage Running

Latest Modern Design


Rated input power(W)Cooling940132018902640
Rated current(A)Cooling4.276.008.5912.00
Moisture removal(IL/H.r)0.851.301.802.30
Air circulation(m³/H)420520750800
Noise indoor/outdoor(dB(A))34/3937/4339/4543/51
Net dimensions           W×H×D(mm)indoor745*255*195mm780*270*210mm850*260*175mm1010*320*210mm
Packing dimensions   W×H×D(mm)indoor780*240*305mm810*295*330mm890*265*325mm1060*380*285mm
Weight net/gross(kg)indoor9/10.59.5/1113.5/15.513.5/15.5
Suitable area(m²)12-2014-2226-3635-47
Container Qty.(20'/40'/40HQ)135/280/330112/260/28095/200/225





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solar air conditioner special package
split air conditioner special package


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With more than 10 years air conditioners manufacture experience, we have split type air conditioners, window type air conditioners, floor-standing type air conditioners and solar air conditoners and so on. Our air conditoners advantages are green products, energy saving,
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1:Use the known brand rotary type compressor;
2:High Efficient Internal Thread Copper pipe;
3:LED digital display, Fault Self-Diagnose Code Showing;
4:Self-diagnose capability, error code showing;
5:Intelligent Defrost,Independent Dehumidification,Sleep Mode,Quiet Operation;
6:Low Voltage Startup,Auto—protection,Auto Restart;
7:Optional Refrigerant:R410A & R22 ;
8:Optional Voltage:220V/50Hz & 220V/60Hz;
9:8:With CE,RoHS ,ISO9001, ISO14001 standard;
10:Sales Area:Mid East,Africa ,South America,Europe,Asia,Central America,Oceania




Q1:Why is it important to use home air conditioner filters?

A:Without them you can clog up vital parts of the heating or cooling components that can be difficult to clean out and can cause severe damage that will be much more expensive to repair than the inconvenience of replacing a filter once a month.

Q2:What is VRF Air Conditioning System?

A:VRF air-conditioning systems owe their growing popularity to their ability to meet a wide range of requirements.

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Q:Ordinary household air conditioner can heating?
Look at the words: is there are marked on the refrigeration and heating, if there is to see a small arrows or other identification would let you know that air conditioning. Using the mode button will switch under various states. If the cooling and dehumidifying state whether it is a few degrees are not out of the hot air in winter.
Q:How to determine whether home air conditioning the refueling
This or find air conditioning maintenance station to change, if this still need to use vacuum pump to add your air conditioning is not much, do not have to buy or find the air-conditioning maintenance department to more cost-effective. Air conditioning compressor cooling and lubrication are depend on the engine oil, add bad will spill, generally air conditioning is good frozen oil, don't come on, you see if filling holes of two nuts around grease stain and dirt, if there is no twist, if this is to do the vacuum degree, add air conditioning refrigeration oil. Good luck!
Q:Household should choose frequency conversion air conditioning?
First, is the product safety defects, frequency conversion air conditioning because of electromagnetic radiation in the European Union to ban, air-conditioning in the United States market share less than 5%; Second, is the local brand inverter lack of core technology, the core of the frequency conversion air conditioning technology, intellectual property rights in the hands of Japanese companies, subsidies subsidies frequency is equal to the Japan air conditioning supplier, China's air conditioning industry can not get the real benefit; Third, frequency conversion air conditioning is generally prices artificially high, secondary energy efficiency constant speed air conditioning has dropped below 2000 yuan, 1 and grade 2 energy efficiency 1 horse frequency conversion air conditioning is more than 4000 yuan; Moreover, frequency conversion air conditioning maintenance average price of 1000 yuan, is as 5 times as the constant speed air conditioning. Fourth, frequency conversion air conditioning does not adapt to the Chinese consumer habits, frequency conversion air conditioning is only save electricity use in six consecutive hours, on and off using the frequency conversion air conditioning instead more power, Chinese consumers don't like Japanese housewives stay at home all day 24 hours with air conditioning, the general boot time about 3 hours.
Q:Air conditioning energy consumption ratio is what mean
Air-conditioning energy efficiency, is usually a household air conditioning can effect comparing (investigate) the appellation, is rated refrigerating capacity and the ratio of the rated power. In addition, changes in temperature type also includes heating household air conditioning can effect comparing (COP) this concept, refers to the ratio of the nominal heat and power rating. But, in terms of our country most of the regional air conditioning using habit, air conditioning heating is only an auxiliary means of winter heating, its main function is still summer cooling, so we usually call EER investigate, air-conditioning energy efficiency usually refers to the refrigeration of relevant national standards and to delimit the level of energy efficiency as the basis. In layman's terms, air-conditioning energy efficiency is to consume the same amount of electricity generated by the cooling/heating how many, the higher the energy efficiency of air conditioning, the province electricity. So, air-conditioning energy efficiency is one of the important parameters to measure air conditioning performance.
Q:Use battery can drive the air conditioning, can want to much
I can do that, but the battery of large capacity. The battery output dc inverter in exchange for the use of air conditioning. Don't bargain.
Q:Home air conditioning is good and fission central air conditioning air conditioning is good
Install the central air conditioning is good - home central air-conditioning compared with fission machine initial investment With 120 ㎡ 3 rooms two hall bedroom to estimate, the loading of ordinary probably need 4 air conditioner: household air conditioning respectively is 1 3 ark, sitting room advocate the bedroom 1 1.5 hang machine, two small bedroom installation 1 small one hang, if with daikin frequency conversion air conditioning, total about 22000 yuan to 22000 yuan; And installation of household central air conditioning is about the initial investment of 30000 yuan, and the cost of average household fission energy saving model
Q:How to get rid of air conditioning odor
General household air conditioning in the use of over the years, boot when they smelled a similar to the musty smell, some friends even if often two or three weeks and then clean the filter on the air conditioning also difficult to remove. Cause air conditioning wind will blow out peculiar smell, is caused by several reasons: one is the system to run for a long time, dusty between heat exchanger fin, cause congestion; Second, air supply outlet of indoor machine and machine adhesion caused by the dust on the surface of the inside, even in the computer rooms, the hotel guest room air through filtering processing under the special environment of hard to avoid also; Three, fresh air and a large amount of dust accumulated in these places not only carry the microbes, also provides essential nutrients for microorganisms breeding conditions; Four, for a long time without air conditioning bad smell will be very heavy at startup, it is because of the heat exchange coil, fin and its surrounding parts on retention of water evaporation, slowly formed around the coil is suitable for the high temperature conditions, microbial breeding microbial breeding will produce the large amount of gas in the release of the air conditioning system driven, becomes the source of the stench.
Q:What is the working principle of air conditioning?
The general is using refrigerant refrigeration and air conditioning. Is first of all, the gaseous refrigerant compressor compression for liquid, in the process, the refrigerant is compressed into a liquid, the coolant temperature rises, the temperature of the purpose is to improve the temperature difference between refrigerant and the environment, and then coolant temperature higher than the environment temperature and the heat release from the outside environment, the temperature drop to normal temperature, the pressure of the gas in the process of heat transfer that is constant, and then let the normal temperature of the liquid refrigerant entering the indoor evaporator, let cool liquid refrigerant expansion, make the temperature lower than indoor temperature so that the indoor air to the refrigerant exothermic, refrigerant heat recovery to normal temperature gas entering the compressor compressed again, continuous refrigeration cycle.
Q:Yituo 2 how to install air conditioning
Are you a yituo two central air conditioning? Is said to be the type suction a top. If so, should install air conditioning inside the machine, and pipe in decorating. If decorate the first, then need to breakdown point. , of course, if the installation personnel technology in place, also be ok, like the size of the air conditioning after installed do not show. Play as big as air conditioning mouth first, and then wear cooling line, four anchors in roof, in the air conditioning on, after this setup's son also don't see anything, and remember to adopt.
Q:Air conditioning machine outside and inside of the machine, please use a power cord?
General family expenses is so. But I say the second case, often apply to hotel KTV etc. Did your school because of electricity to the dormitory management regulations and adopt the way of power supply from outside the machine, it only depends on the mood of the school - ordinary household air conditioning can convert into machine power supply, the purpose is to let the dormitory no socket.

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