DP700 Infilled Launching Gantry Crane

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Assembling method in highway construction, urban rail transit project extensively used in bridge engineering, and its use for simply beam, continuous beam bridge and continuous steel structure bridge, according to the different construction technology generally divided into the whole hole assembly and cantilever construction two kinds.

Equipment Main Spec.:

Max. Span(Infilled.):42 m

Max. Segment Weight:70tons

Max. Span Weight: 700 tons.

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Q:What does the motherboard support bulldozer mean?
Motherboard supports bulldozer, that is to say the motherboard can support a chip level to AMD processors, but not all support, because of different types of CPU processor, motherboard requirements are not the same, including power consumption are not the same.
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The dealer will do, you don't have to worry about, I make the balance beam, Gu Xianggao Xi'an Guangwei
Q:Is it necessary to use the rubber tyred roller to crush the upper layer of the asphalt concrete pavement?
Structural skeleton the structure of SMA determines the only double steel wheel to achieve the best effect.
Q:Modern 335-7 excavator hydraulic oil temperature at how many degrees normal?
3, pay attention to the actual operating environment and equipment allow the use of environmental temperature is consistent4, regularly clean hydraulic oil radiator and fuel tank surface, keep it clean, in order to heat dissipation5, the correct adjustment and reasonable use of equipment, as far as possible not to make the valve stem in a semi open state, to avoid a large number of high-pressure work, oil spills over time, reducing throttling heat
Q:How many models are there in the paver?
Paver model and introduction (for reference only): 1. TITAN423 paver paving materials: all kinds of asphalt materials; stable materials; graded aggregate; sand; stone; roller compacted concrete; rail ballast. Application Engineering: highway; automobile special road; grade highway; airport; mending road; water conservancy project; asphalt surface layer and structure layer; railway subgrade. Technical parameters: Engine: power 133KW; maximum paving width: 12m; paving thickness: maximum 300mm; speed: operation speed 0-16m/min; hopper: capacity of about 14T. Paving productivity: 700t/h (Theory) 2, TITAN325 paver paving materials: all kinds of asphalt material; cement stabilized material; graded aggregate; sand; stone; roller compacted concrete (RCC). Application Engineering: highways; main roads and main arteries; municipal roads; grade highways; airports; water conservancy projects; bituminous surfaces and structural layers; railway subgrade.
Q:Shantui bulldozer 220 hourly fuel consumption
According to the working environment and workload, generally about 25L
Q:Is the construction machinery good? How about employment?
The words are generally go to the factory when the technical director, prior to when the apprentice
Q:What kind of industry does excavator belong to? What's your occupation?
The driver called special mechanical excavator
Q:What machine is used for asphalt concrete road
In the construction of asphalt concrete pavement, it is necessary to lay out the machine, roller, dump truck, and machine stall, the surface is flat, compacted and the thickness is even. Asphalt surface treatment is an early form of pavement structure, our country is to use treatment of pavement structure, asphalt material main purpose is to protect the pavement structure, extend the service life of pavement, increase the comfort of driving. The surface treatment of asphalt consists of two methods: one is the table of the layer method, which is similar to the present stone cuttings. The second is the legal asphalt table, which is made of asphalt or tar sands. For the first construction method, the asphalt spraying machine, the stone chip removal car, compacted equipment, cleaning equipment and so on; For the second construction method, the equipment is: asphalt mixing equipment, transporter, spreading equipment, compacting equipment and so on.
Q:How do I change the speed change valve of the loader?
The piston chamber of the old valve is provided with a pressure regulating ring restricting the piston movement, and a pressure regulating ring is removed, so that the piston can compress a spring more, and the pressure can be raised. No new pressure ring, but the core shaft pressure spool out more, can be set on one or several suitable washer, spring is compressed to make the same amount of increase, high pressure, and vice versa.

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