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MaterialFine porcelain Fired by more than 1280 degree
Ceramic TypeDaily use Porcelain ware
CertificationFDA,ISO 9001:2000,CE/EU
OriginChaozhou,Guang Dong ,China
BrandYuan Chang
GradeAB Grade
Model NumberYYC-CS0005L
Model NameCup and saucer
Colorhigh white
PriceSpecific Discussion   
Normal PackingColor box with inner box,,1set/color box,1 set/CTN
Advantages1. Dishwasher safe
2. Reinforced Durable Porcelain 
3. Withstanding high temperature and freezing
4. Lead-free
5. Best quality with competitive price
6.Low water absorption
7.Meets American and European standards

Product Description

 wholesale remekin sublimation ceramic dessert cup


2.Size:dia  78mm*H36mm(100ML)

3.Packaging: 240PCS/CTN

5.Shapes:various shapes with different styles

6.Suitable:Be widely used in the Cupcake, dessert .

Details of  wholesale remekin sublimation ceramic dessert cup

Model No.CC-012
Sizedia  78mm*H36mm(100ML)
Shapesvarious kinds,or meet your requirement
Colourcolorful,or can be your demands
Usagebaked food holder
PaymentT/T 30% advance,the rest balance before delivery
Load portShanghai
Sample timeShanghai
Delivery time40-50 days after your order be confirmed

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Q:If ceramic cup is particularly easy to scale with tea and coffee?
Not necessarily, depending on the quality of ceramic, high quality of not easy to keep dirt.
Q:In the cups and teapot tea scale harmful to human body?
Tea scale as the tea drinkers "regular tea" into the digestive system, to combine with the protein, fatty acids and vitamins in food into a variety of harmful substances, not only hinder the body to absorb nutrients in the food to digest, also make many viscera damage.
Q:What is the difference between tea with tea cups
Modern people call "tea". Mainly refers to the teapot, tea cups, tea spoon, etc. This kind of tea ware.
Q:Why tea is tea scale? The tea? Or the glass?
Often drink tea should be found, tea scale often has a thick layer of yellow tea in the cup. Of tea or tea with tea scale more flavor, either because it is difficult to clean the dirt and give up, in fact, so it is not healthy to drink tea.
Q:Tea tray specific how to use
Ii.) the use of the method ) is to buy tea, on the border, to guide the tea into the pot, to prevent falling outside the pot of tea. Third, the use of the tureen Tureen or cover cup, bowl, bowl cover, disc of three parts, the tea 3 grams in bowl, blunt water, drinking with 5 ~ 6 minutes. On the method of make tea, usually drink a bubble is enough, add up to at once.
Q:Always pour the tea in boiling water to bubble out in another cup and what's the difference?
This is two different types of tea: soak and brewing. Generally speaking, the water head water out of the tea flavor is heavy, especially bubble of time a little longer, was particularly bitter. But behind the bubble to have no taste.
Q:The name of the tea and tea cups
4. Pu 'er tea, the tea always let a person feel special flavor of yunnan minority nationalities, so use ceramic tea set to brewing and drinking, will feel very leisure; Pu 'er ripe tea, of course, looked bright red wine, watch also is very strong, so use white porcelain cup will let looked more attractive.
Q:Sixth grade evaluation handbook teacups and teapot to read the answer
(4) release round to listen to, say: "originally you understand this truth. You want to own the cup into the master painters of fragrant teas, but you always put your own cup to put even more than the teapot, how can the chance into your cup? Jian valley to lower yourself, to get a stream of flowing water, people only lower themselves, can absorb the wisdom and experience of others."
Q:The teapot and teacup, who would have said
A young man was deeply disappointed all the way to the famen temple, the abbot of release round the monk said: "I want to learn and undivided attention but has not found a teacher to my satisfaction. Many people are figure with a false reputation, some painting is not as good as me." Release round to listen to, smile said: "the old monk, although not understand painters, but also love to collect some famous high-quality goods. Since benefactor painting not as inferior as those masters, just kindly benefactor leave a calligraphy for the old monk." The young man asked: "what?" Release round said: "the old monk's biggest hobby, is love tea, especially like the modelling elegant simplicity of the tea set. Donor can you draw a cup for me and a teapot?" Young people listen to, say: "this is not easy?" Then rolled out of rice paper, a few pen, just as a tilting kettle and a modelling elegant tea cups. The spout of the kettle is slowly out of a tea, into the cup. Young man asked: "this picture you satisfied?" Release round smiled and shook his head. Say: "you is good at drawing, just put the position of the teapot and teacup is wrong, should be on the cups, teapot in ah." Young people listen to, say with smile: "the master is so confused, which have a cup of water into the teapot?" Release round to listen to, say: "originally you understand this truth. You want to own the cup into the master painters of the chance, but you always put your own cup to put even more than the teapot, how can the chance into your cup? Jian valley to lower yourself, to get a pulse water; only lets himself low, can absorb the wisdom and experience of others."
Q:Why would drink to play after the tea to wash the cup satiny catch what disease
The next day to wash the cup... Why don't the day to wash?

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