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MaterialFine porcelain Fired by more than 1280 degree
Ceramic TypeDaily use Porcelain ware
CertificationFDA,ISO 9001:2000,CE/EU
OriginChaozhou,Guang Dong ,China
BrandYuan Chang
GradeAB Grade
Model NumberYYC-CS0005L
Model NameCup and saucer
Colorhigh white
PriceSpecific Discussion   
Normal PackingColor box with inner box,,1set/color box,1 set/CTN
Advantages1. Dishwasher safe
2. Reinforced Durable Porcelain 
3. Withstanding high temperature and freezing
4. Lead-free
5. Best quality with competitive price
6.Low water absorption
7.Meets American and European standards

Product Description

 wholesale remekin sublimation ceramic dessert cup


2.Size:dia  78mm*H36mm(100ML)

3.Packaging: 240PCS/CTN

5.Shapes:various shapes with different styles

6.Suitable:Be widely used in the Cupcake, dessert .

Details of  wholesale remekin sublimation ceramic dessert cup

Model No.CC-012
Sizedia  78mm*H36mm(100ML)
Shapesvarious kinds,or meet your requirement
Colourcolorful,or can be your demands
Usagebaked food holder
PaymentT/T 30% advance,the rest balance before delivery
Load portShanghai
Sample timeShanghai
Delivery time40-50 days after your order be confirmed

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Q:Tea culture, and different to yao, with different cup of tea? why
Because of the cup is different, have glass, ceramic... Where the taste, of course, also different, but the water is also close to build
Q:Send the teacher cups and tea is good
Classic tell us, what is love? Love is the heart of other people's needs, love will last, depends on each other, with the honest behavior, warm language to love. His righteousness woman, finds peace in his home.
Q:Tea in the cup and what is the relationship between the stars in the sky?
This year's fair can introduce French science interactive exhibition for the first time. Astrophysics, laser, nano, DNA... The most promising advanced technology into the 21st century, the children around a specific problem.
Q:What is the difference between tea with tea cups
Modern people call "tea". Mainly refers to the teapot, tea cups, tea spoon, etc. This kind of tea ware. A cup is tea ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Q:Always pour the tea in boiling water to bubble out in another cup and what's the difference?
Brew laborious, but basically each bubble tea is the same, the grow light at the end of the day. If it is in the work, or conditions not allow, or with the method of soaking, please don't put too much tea, but each time the right amount; Increase in the frequency of the tea, can drink to the delicious tea namely so, and not too thick too bitter.
Q:Why do kungfu tea with small cup?
Matching tea by tea condition: since ancient times, more exquisite tea, tea art, pay attention to the tea flavor, advocating elegant artistic conception, emphasis on "interest, pot add tea tea art gain pot value". Think good tea pot, like safflower greenery, synergies. Generally said, drinking tea, to help keep aroma, pot of tea are available, and then poured into the cup to drink. Drinking in black tea and green tea, pay attention to the rhyme of tea geared, can choose a cover of the pot, cup or bowl of tea; Drink oolong tea focuses on "sip", appropriate is used purple sand tea tea; Drinking red tea with time black tea, available CiHu or are recommended to make tea, white porcelain cup and then tea to drink. Is like this: the west lake longjing, dongting "biluochun", junshan island silver needle, huangshan maofeng tea, such as tender famous quality green tea, except choose the glass brewing, also can choose white porcelain cup brew drink.
Q:What is the difference between high and low glass cup price
10, stamps: cup body of a record grain printing, while obvious are not allowed to have. 11, in a flat: refers to the cup body is uneven, while obvious are not allowed to have. 12, brush hair brush with bruises: refers to the glass and the glass of the diameter of the friction, MAO left in the cup body loses luster, flat to see clearly are not allowed to have. Scratch refers to collide with each other, between the glass in the cup body surface left scars, there is no light.
Q:Why can milk wash out the dirt. I use a tea cup bubble a cup of milk.
Tea scale contain cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxic substances and substances such as nitrite, these substances can and milk protein binding, so it is easy to wash off the dirt.
Q:Tea variety, different ways of tea for how to make tea with tea cups?
Then we also assist on instruments, such as heat preservation temperature lasting coarse pottery class, such as purple, etc. Use the formula quantity 2 g tea corresponding 50 ml of water Water temperature of 90 degrees to 100 degrees of boiling water for 20 ~ 30 seconds for a bubble, prolong the five seconds of black tea every last one bubble Belong to the fermented tea, generally with tender shoot tips as raw material, so also is the better than good material to heat dissipation.
Q:Tea and coffee can use the same cup?
no problem 1. The glass itself is very safe, so no residue after washing 2. Even mix here, it does not matter. 3. The Hong Kong style milk tea, have a drink called "yuanyang milk tea", actually is the coffee and tea together.

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