Corn starch 99.8% with good Quality and best price 2016

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White to slightly yellowish







Weight (kg):


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Food Additive

Starch Type:

Corn Starch

Heavy Metal:

20 ppm


10ppm Max.

Sulphur Dioxide:

50ppm Max.

Oxidising Substances:

20ppm Max.

Foreign Matter:

No starch grains of any other origin are present

PH Value:

4 to 7

Sulphated Ash:

0.60% Max.

Loss on Drying:

15.0% Max.


Practically insoluble in cold water, ethanol (96%)


White to slightly yellowish, very fine powder

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Package:25kg/bag Shipmark: As buyer's request professional loading container, without dumping and leaking, shipping mark on bag and container door both, fork lift and manual lift can be used during loading and unloading with pallet, packing photo before and after loading container
Delivery Detail:15-20days


Corn starch 
1.White to slightly yellowish, very fine powder 
3.Fineness (%): 99.9% 
4.SGS inspection

Corn starch


AppearanceWhite to slightly yellowish, very fine powderConforms
Identification A, B, CConforms
SolubilityPractically insoluble in cold water, ethanol (96%)Conforms
Loss on Drying15.0% Max.12.00%
Sulphated Ash0.60% Max.0.09%
PH Value4.0 – 7.05.6
Foreign MatterNo starch grains of any other origin are presentConforms
Oxidising Substances20ppm Max.15ppm
Sulphur Dioxide50ppm Max.30ppm
Iron10ppm Max.Conforms
Heavy Metal20 ppmConforms
Total Aerobic Count1000 pcs/g Max.120pcs/g
Molds and Yeasts100 pcs/g Max.40pcs/g
E. ColiNegativeNegative

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