Complete set of high voltage shunt capacitor

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Complete set of HV shunt capacitor

1. Introduction

Complete set of HV shunt capacitor is mainly for the increase of power factor in power frequency power system and the improvement of voltage quality, and the decrease of linelosses.

2. Service Environment

Altitude: less than1000m.

Highest temperature: -40℃~+40

Installation andoperation site shall be no conductivity and no explosiveness dust, no harmfulgases and steam, no ferocity mechanical shock.

Installation site:Indoor or outdoor

3. Structure

Complete set of shuntcapacitor consists of shunt capacitor, series reactor, discharge coil, oxidearrester, disconnecting earth switch. Shunt capacitor, lying down or standingon steel frame, is connected according to certain electrical requirement, the devicecan be transported as a whole or parts, easy to installation, and can be equippedwith security net as well as designed and produced in various combination ways uponcustomer’s request, dry type core series reactor is suitable for indoor.

4. Main technological performance

Capacitance deviation:the ratio between measured capacitance and rated capacitance per phase is notmore than 0~+0.5%, the ratio between max. capacitance and min. capacitance amongthree phase is not more than 1.02.

The device is ableto operate under 1.05 times rated voltage for a long time.

The device is ableto operate continuously when the root mean square value is not more than 1.3times rated current. The over current is caused by harmonics and over-voltage.








Zinc oxide arrestor



Dry core reactor



Discharge coil



HV fuse





8.1 Technical parameter for cabinet type shunt capacitor compensation device

8.2  Thechinal parameters for frame type shunt capacitor compensation device

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Q:What is the use of capacitors?
As a passive component of the capacitor, its role is nothing more than the following; applied to the power circuit, to achieve bypass, decoupling, filtering and energy storage role, the following classification:
Q:What is the relationship between capacitance and voltage?
In your case, you can think of two capacitors as two containers, 5v capacity than 10v half (because they are 0.01uF),
Q:Does the size of the capacitor affect the power consumption?
Therefore, users not only need to understand the performance of various types of capacitors and general characteristics, but also must understand the advantages and disadvantages of various components under given use, mechanical or environmental constraints, etc. This article describes the main parameters of the capacitor and application , For readers to choose the type of capacitor used.
Q:Why some Y capacitor is very small, and some Y capacitor is very large?
To charge the power cord for long periods of time. The safety standard stipulates that the voltage (or ground potential) charged at both ends of the power cord plug must be less than 30% of the original rated operating voltage within two seconds when the machine power cord is in operation.
Q:Use capacitance to do transformer how to calculate
Although the current flowing through the capacitor has 70mA, but in the capacitor does not produce power, because if the capacitor is an ideal capacitor, the current flowing through the capacitor for the virtual part of the current, the work done by the reactive power.
Q:What are the differences between capacitors and capacitors?
Capacitance, resistance, inductance is physical quantity. Capacitors, resistors, inductors are components that have a specific physical quantity (capacitance, resistance, inductance).
Q:What is the difference between the reactor and the capacitor?
Reactor is the inductance ah, usually magnetic components plus winding wound, storage of magnetic field energy, the capacitor is stored in the electric field energy.
Q:What is the difference between polyester film capacitors and ceramic capacitors?
Different components of the ceramic, its dielectric constant and temperature coefficient is different, the temperature coefficient range is wide, easy to make different temperature coefficient of the capacitor, used as a temperature compensation capacitor.
Q:Why does the circuit current gradually decrease when charging the capacitor?
Why does the circuit current gradually decrease when charging the capacitor? Because the charge began to charge the capacitor, the capacitor two electrode plate charge began to zero, the electrostatic field is zero, the absorption of electrons is not exclusion, the performance of the phenomenon is the beginning of the charge when the circuit current is very large, with the capacitor The charging time increases, there will be more and more charge adsorption on the capacitor two electrode plates,
Q:How to identify high voltage capacitors is good or bad
You have no voltage regulator, if there is, with a voltage regulator, an ammeter a voltmeter (available multimeter instead) to the capacitor plus an integer current (controlled by a voltage regulator), and then calculate the capacitance based on the voltage reading and current reading Impedance, and then divided by 3184 calculated by the tolerance value, the results and the capacitor nameplate on the standard almost no capacitance, and the other side of the capacitor is broken

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