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Product Description:

product name:acacia wood knife seat

material:acacia wood

N.W.:0.8kg    1.4kg    0.7kg



Has the quite distinct shape of the mountain wood grain, and the contact surface is a good sense

Excellent toughness, process into various curved according to the needs , full of beauty

Solid texture,manufactured goods with firm structure,prolonged service life

The texture of rubber wood is fine and closely woven,pore full of lots ot padding so it's hard to absorb water and corrode.


1、The knife seat use material of high quality natural acacia wood and take professional advanced machine equipment and manual binding.

2、The knife seat was refined by material, assembly, polishing, painting and other procedures.

3、The knife holder has the advantages of real materials, excellent workmanship, mouldproof and moth proofing, anti bacteria, wear-resisting etc.

4、Hoteam commerce co.,LTD,is a manufactory specialized in all kinds of wood knife handles,wood seats,chopping boards and other woodworks.

5、Because the knife tool contact with tool wet food for long time, is very easy to breed bacteria, you should ensure  that  dry and clean and put it in the open air

Carbonized bamboo knife seat quantity:

Safety, health, bright color,durable,the everyday necessary good products

Anti-mildew change,anti moth

Environmental protection,no crack,no decay

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Q:Chopping board to buy back why use salt water bubble?
With salt water bubble is to let the cell water loss, so that the wood fiber more closely, so cut on the above there is no trace of it, that is, by cutting, the use of points. As for the black stuff, it is the wood fiber, that is, things in the plant cells, such as the loss of green chlorophyll is black, is not toxic.There is nothing wrong with the things that come out of the wood, and the salt is not K, Na, I.
Q:Wood chopping board or plastic chopping board?
It is simple and cook dishes, clean with a plastic mold. The chopping block of wood is used to drop
Q:Just bought the iron wood cutting boards should be how to deal with durable and not to crack?
Just bought the iron wood cutting boards can take the following approach can ensure durability, no crack.1, the chopping block will be soaked in salt water for 2-3 hours;2, the new chopping board in the upper and lower sides and the surrounding coated with edible oil, oil dry and then coated three or four times.Any of the above two methods is effective for wood chopping blocks, and bamboo chopping boards can be used directly.
Q:Chopping board moldy, cracking how to do
The block can be used to prevent cracking of the things around the cortex block hoop, if it does not seem to have cracked the remedy, to remedy it can block the bubbles in the water, wood has enough water will become soft, then strong wire hoop, in order to prevent the wire scratch best outside a protective layer, then drying, grinding, cleaning, repeatedly, should be able to play a certain remedial effect, but this was all I know
Q:Fir chopping block mildew how to deal with?
With moldy chopping chopping, after people eat will have a bad effect, may cause acute gastroenteritis, vomiting, diarrhea and so on adverse reaction.Lead to the cause of the chopping block moldy: after the use of the surface did not clean up the foreign body residue, no cleaning, no ventilation placed in the shade, placed in damp places, etc..Mildew is actually very simple: every time after use clean the surface of the chopping board residue, and then placed in a clean and ventilated place, such as windows and other places, the idea not to place the sun and wet places.If you have already moldy, cleaning can be used to minimize the use of chemicals, raw salt blisters, rinse clean in place ventilation; or boil a pot of water, cook for five to ten minutes, wash clean and ventilated place.
Q:What is the best wood chopping board?
The wood chopping block belongs to the hardwood, the color is reddish brown. Due to the trunk of the tree is thick, the longer the tree age, the more powerful the trunk, the average cross section of a tree trunk has been able to cut more than five blocks. The wood is very hard, used to cut bones or meat, chopping board is not explosive, and very little sawdust, the most durable. A good constitution wood chopping block should be heavier body, wood color is deep and clear.Chopping boards do not have to be made of wood, which is based on your personal use
Q:Can you cut the bones and meat chopping what kind of good
You can use oak wood or clam wood, also known as fire wood.Oak, moderate hardness, not easy to hurt the knife, not easy to deformation, not easy to burst; when in use will not produce wood; moisture mildew; natural antiseptic, easy cleaning; tough heavy; modeling simple, elegant, durable, is a rare good helper kitchen.It is one of the species of the tropical tropical limestone seasonal rain forest, which is a special plant of tropical limestone. It is a heavy timber, has a very good mechanical properties, machinery, special construction and shipbuilding, high-grade furniture of precious timber, but also a good material for the chopping board.Chopping board crack tips: buy a new chopping board, should be immediately coated with edible oil. The practice is to cut the upper and lower sides of the board and the surrounding coated with edible oil, oil dry and then coated, painted three or four times can be. The chopping board is easy to crack, and can be repeated several times. After this treatment, chopping board is not easy to crack.
Q:Excuse me, what will not fade Ironwood chopping block?
Should not be normal color!I was lucky enough to buy a real fake. It really is as new as the general (has been used for 15 years); false less than January, the skin, found to be glued to the board.
Q:Which kind of wood chopping board is best?
The commonly used maple, made of wood and other wood and Schima superba.
Q:What is the most hygienic chopping block?
The board of different materials have different features, but the bamboo and wooden chopping board is relatively safe, because they are natural, without adding other substances, it is recommended that people give priority to the use of natural bamboo chopping board.1, wooden cutting board of high density, strong toughness, use is very strong, but because many kinds of wooden boards, not easy to choose, some wooden chopping board (such as black cypress) containing toxic substances, and smell, it will pollute the vegetable dishes, and easy to cause vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness symptoms.2, bamboo chopping board is slightly lighter than wood, is not easy to fake, quality is relatively stable, it is also safer, but its density is less than the wooden board, and the thickness is not enough, which is not a mosaic, so when using.3, although the plastic chopping board has light weight, easy to carry, the best choice for the color is translucent, good quality, uniform color, no impurities and pungent smell of plastic chopping board to buy

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