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Product Description:

product name:acacia wood knife seat

material:acacia wood

N.W.:0.8kg    1.4kg    0.7kg



Has the quite distinct shape of the mountain wood grain, and the contact surface is a good sense

Excellent toughness, process into various curved according to the needs , full of beauty

Solid texture,manufactured goods with firm structure,prolonged service life

The texture of rubber wood is fine and closely woven,pore full of lots ot padding so it's hard to absorb water and corrode.


1、The knife seat use material of high quality natural acacia wood and take professional advanced machine equipment and manual binding.

2、The knife seat was refined by material, assembly, polishing, painting and other procedures.

3、The knife holder has the advantages of real materials, excellent workmanship, mouldproof and moth proofing, anti bacteria, wear-resisting etc.

4、Hoteam commerce co.,LTD,is a manufactory specialized in all kinds of wood knife handles,wood seats,chopping boards and other woodworks.

5、Because the knife tool contact with tool wet food for long time, is very easy to breed bacteria, you should ensure  that  dry and clean and put it in the open air

Carbonized bamboo knife seat quantity:

Safety, health, bright color,durable,the everyday necessary good products

Anti-mildew change,anti moth

Environmental protection,no crack,no decay

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Q:Ask the new ginkgo tree chopping board for the first time how to deal with?
The newly bought ginkgo wood boards, in concentrated salt water soak 2-3 days before use, can prevent the cracking of the chopping board. The stronger the brine, the better it is that the salt water is fully saturated. Because of the chopping board to soak brine, salt will slowly run into the chopping board, when the board once again exposed in the air, the chopping board in the salt will continue to absorb the moisture in the air, added to the water board, chopping board drying time delay, so as to prevent food plate cracking effect.
Q:How to remove the smell of wood chopping block
The anvil in the home is old, and there will be a bad smell, especially after cutting onions or garlic. Then, the available fresh lemon wipe clean, remove the odor. After cutting the meat after leaving the meat, you can use some orange, orange or lemon peel wipe, can eliminate odor.
Q:Can the rest of the oak board be used as a chopping block?
Oak with high sugar content, easy vermin or mildew. In order to prevent a possible use of water soaked wood factory. Then you used to make boards, the question is, is it safe
Q:Wood chopping board or plastic chopping board?
Of course, a good wood chopping board, plastic food into the stomach always feel uncomfortable. At present, foreign markets have wood fiber made of chopping boards, anti-bacterial mold free disinfection free maintenance, seemingly higher prices, some of the traditional price of subversion of our chopping board.
Q:What about the wood chopping borer?
Because the back board easy to water, often keep moist state, easy to breed Collembola springtails, to governance is mainly composed of the following aspects:For there have been many bugs, you can use some alcohol or high liquor, sprinkle with a towel after the cover on the cover for a while, also want to do the kitchen clean, especially the block near the corner, preferably with boiling water rinse and cover board is such, can get rid of most of the bugs.In addition to control insects, on the other hand is to keep a good habit, every time you have used the chopping block should be cleaned after, and then hang up or stand up, let the block to keep dry, put the block desktop is also cleaned, don't have water.In order to eat safe, it is best to cut cooked food and raw food separately, as well as the chopping board cracking serious to use, because the crack is the place to breed insects, but also accumulate dirt, is not conducive to food safety.
Q:How to deal with the new bamboo chopping board can be used?
Buy a new bamboo chopping board clean, dry, and then the pot boil some edible oil, oil heat in 70, 80 degrees, spoon oil poured on the opposite of Motake Izhen on the chopping board understand oil, put the oil droplets clean after use it.1, maintenance: the purchase of new bamboo chopping board opened the package after normal cleaning can be used. Round bamboo chopping board in order to prolong the service life, be sure to keep the face moist, and both sides of rotation, such as loose surface according to the situation with warm water for 1 to 10 minutes, not too long soaking time or boiled. The chopping board preferably use hang dry in well ventilated place.2, board classification: in order to avoid cross infection, can have a fresh cut bamboo chopping board, one side cut cooked. After each class of food, wash immediately, and then cut the next kind of food. If you cut meat, wash with warm water.3, to prevent cracking of the chopping board, buy new board, should be immediately oiled. It is in the upper and lower sides of the chopping board and the surrounding oil, oil to be dry and then painted, painted three or four times.Around the board easy to crack, can be repeated several times over Tu, you can use dry oil. After this treatment, the chopping board is not easy to crack. Because the oil penetration strong, not volatile, can long-term moist wood, can prevent the cutting board burst. Oil and corrosion, and therefore durable board.4, do not use detergent, because the cleaning liquid will seep into the chopping board, cutting board for a long time will lead to mildew, food was not for health.5, such as chopping board processed oil heavy food, available hot water continuously brushing fast oil. Remember not to brush the pan6, attention should not be placed on the chopping board position in direct sunlight, avoid excessive drying and cracking chopping board.
Q:How to deal with the use of fresh chopping board?
In order to prevent the block cracking, the best way is to eat with a little brush, brush a few times a day, and can not block oil leakage, do not brush, can be cold for a couple of days
Q:How to remove the odor on the chopping board?
Using vinegar to remove fishyDisinfect with salt and waterPut in the air
Q:Which kind of wood chopping board is best?
There is a common pine, birch, maple, nanmu, sandalwood, banyan tree, with maple and the banyan tree is better, because of its hard wood, and a special smell. Selection should pay attention to:But the best is Longzhou chopping chopping board, mingzao world's "Longzhou block" is made of wood material sawn jian. Longzhou chopping block for the round, the diameter of 10 to more than 28 cm, the thickness of about 4 cm, the chopping board color rosy, smooth as a mirror, woodFine, that is the use of a sharp chop chop, no knife, it is known as the treasure in the kitchen
Q:How to remove mildew wood chopping board
I think it might be better to brush or scrape and then get a good tan

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