Chinese Various Color And Cheap Natural Granite

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natural granite for construction

Type: Granite

Place of Origin: Fujian

Color: Grey,Pink,Red,Black

Density(g/cm3): 2.6-2.8

Surface Finished

Polished,Honed,Flamed,Bushhammered,SandBlasted,Chisselled, Or As Your Requirement

Random Length Slab
























Cut To Size













All special size can be made according to client's demand


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We have owner mining of granite G640,G603,G681,G635 till 2021 year.

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Standard fumigated seaworthy wooden Crate with plastic foam cover

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Within 7 days after received T/T 30% deposit for one container

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1,Price terms:FOB,CIF,CNF

2,Payment terms:T/T or L/C at sight,and Western Union if it is samples

3.Loading port:Xiamen 、 Qingdao or Any China Port.

4,MOQ: 1x2ft with mixed style container,sample order is negotiable

5,Package: Fumigated seaworthy wooden crates with plastic and foam inside

6,Delivery : Within 10-20 days,depengs on customers' order quantity

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During the whole production process,from material choosing, fabrication to package,our quality auditors will strictly control each single and every process to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery.

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We can arrange transportations for you,or you can choose the one you like,Timely and delivery is our service tent

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Q:What is the difference between granite and sandstone
1, the sandstone sandstone is a sedimentary rock, is a stone through water erosion sedimentation in the river, after thousands of years of accumulation and strong. After the earth orogeny, and the formation of today's mines. Main ingredients: 2, about A. above 65% B. quartz component soil 10% C. needle stick iron ore about 13% D. more than 3, 10% other substances sandstone is a matt stone, no light pollution caused by the reflection of light, is a kind of natural anti slip material. The marble, granite is smooth stone, only light to show the decorative effect, easy to produce light pollution. Sandstone is zero radioactive stone, no harm to the human body. Marble, granite, there are trace radioactive, long-term life in which there will be subtle harm to the human body. From the decoration style, sandstone to create a warm and elegant style, color, warm and luxurious atmosphere. In terms of durability, sandstone is absolutely comparable to marble, granite, it will not weathering, will not change color. Many in the one hundred or two hundred years ago, with sandstone building since the style remains the same, very beautiful.
Q:What is the difference in chemical composition between Bai Shihui and hydrated lime? Please come in with chemistry!
Chen's white lime is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, white lime to absorb the moisture in the air and carbon dioxide into calcium carbonate.Lime and lime is (the main component of calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide) water reaction, two different components, lime and sand will occur following the reaction of Ca (OH) 2+SiO2=CaSiO3+H2O, CaSiO3 generated with strong viscosity.And white lime will not react with the sand, thus failure.
Q:Some people say that natural stone radiation is very powerful. Is that true?
In general, there is a texture, known as marble, to the point of the main spots known as granite. This is broadly speaking. In a narrow sense, marble refers to the stone produced in Yunnan, Dali.
Q:Cutting and polishing marble requires any specification of the grinding wheel
Cutting marble generally portable cutting machine, usually with diamond saw blade (no tooth saw blade), the specification for the outer diameter 100mm, inner diameter 20mm, thickness of 1mm. Specially used for marble, granite, polished tiles, terrazzo, all kinds of stone cutting and slotting. Polished marble grinder generally used, usually with diamond discs (diameter 100mm, size 60-320#), the specifications for the outside diameter 100mm, diameter 20mm, thickness 1mm. It is specially used for grinding and polishing marble, granite, polished tiles, terrazzo, all kinds of stone, wood, etc..
Q:Why aren't granite strong?
1, the sandstone is a sedimentary rock is composed of stone through water erosion sedimentation in the river, after thousands of years of accumulation of strongand. After Earth orogeny, and the formation of today's mines.2, the main ingredients:More than 65% A. quartz componentB. clay 10%C. goethite 13%D. other substances above 10%3, sandstone is a matt stone, no light pollution caused by the reflection of light, is a kind of non slip material. The natural marble and granite stone is smooth, with only light to display decorative effect, easy to produce light pollution.
Q:Medium weathered sandstone belongs to several kinds of soil
Three protection methods of stone cultural relicsThe protection of stone relics mainly includes three steps: cleaning, reinforcement and protection.1 cleaningThe objects of stone cultural relics are all harmful substances on the surface of the stone, including microorganisms, weeds, soluble salts, insoluble hard shells, dust, smoke, etc..According to the characteristics of cleaning method of cleaning agent and processing technology can be divided into two categories: water flushing; chemical cleaning method;
Q:The television background wall or sandstone sand background wall
Personal feeling with good color, the color sand relief murals or sandstone imposition can, depending on how you design, but also to design and decoration of the overall style of the collocation.
Q:What is the difference between lime and cement? What are the main ingredients? What is the use?
Quicklime is obtained by calcination of limestone. The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate. When calcium carbonate is heated to 1100 degrees Celsius, calcium carbonate is broken down into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. When carbon dioxide is discharged, it can be made into quicklime. The equation for this chemical reaction is as follows:CaCO3 + CaO + CO2Preparation method of lime, human history early in the era before already know. This can be found by archaeologists at the ruins of the ancestors of the sea.purposeIn addition, due to the fact that the raw material of lime is very common and the production cost is low, the lime powder is often used in the drying agent, and is placed in the packaging of food (mainly snacks).
Q:What should be paid attention to when using calcium carbonate as feed
Limestone with high magnesium content can not be used: because of the different origin of limestone magnesium content is not the same. The biological effectiveness of limestone is quite good. The biological availability of calcium 38%-40%, magnesium 0-0.3% limestone powder (gravel) can reach 91%-100%. Calcium 33%-37%, magnesium 0.4%-0.5% limestone, biological effectiveness of 70%-90%. The most influential factor was that the content of magnesium and magnesium increased by 1% and the efficiency of calcium decreased by 5%. Calcium containing 10%-12% magnesium dolomite, the biological effectiveness of calcium is only 51%-73%. However, the content of magnesium in limestone is not more than 0.5% as well, to reach the time of 1% is still available, more than 1.5% is absolutely not allowed to use.
Q:What is the red sandstone building
It is mainly composed of sand grains, and the sand content is more than 50%. Most of the sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar. The main component of A. quartz composition of more than 52%;

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