Porcelain Tile Ice White M038

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Product Description:

Porcelain Tile Ice White M038

Product Description:

Quick Details of Porcelain Tile Ice White M038


1.Natural granite,nonradiative

2.High polished,not reflection

3.Very good density,high hardness


5.Durable service

Product Name

Porcelain Tile Ice White M038

Place of Origin








and others can be customized


2400x1200mm, 2400x600-800mm, other customized

CE Certification



10mm, 15mm,18mm,20mm,30mm etc


Polished,flamed,bush-hammered,brushed,honed, etc.

Surface Finishing

Polished,Honed, Sand blasted, Bush hammered, 

Water Jet, Antique, Bullnose edge etc 


Natural granite tile

Stone Form



All the world

 Porcelain Tile Ice White M038


Specifications of Porcelain Tile Ice White M038

1. state-owned biggest factory, world top 500 enterprises.

2. we have various colors sizes images which with high quality low price and safe dealing.

3. we are a professional manufacuter,so we own many qurries for your requirements.

4. fast delivery and big quantity supply and well-deserved reputation.

5. advanced production equipment, mature production process, rich production experience.

6.Usage detail: widely used in home decoration, morden commercial space, entertainment facilities, commercial office areas, ect.

7.Applicant:  Countertops, Kitchen Tops, Vanity Tops, etc 

 Porcelain Tile Ice White

Packing & Delivery Of Porcelain Tile Ice White M038

Packaging Detail:

Standard fumigated seaworthy wooden bundles with plastic foam cover

Delivery Detail:

Within 10 days after received L/C or T/T 30% deposit for one container


The series of products using innovative production technology, using such as raw materials jade pure, using computer more pipelines from tile colour cloth, texture, light feeling, all aspects designs create perfect create beautiful and elegent noble generous adornment effect. We have many different color and different design in this series, this tile is good sell in the supermarket, shopping mall

Quality Control

We have our professional QC Team to control the quality in every link of production. The thickness tolerance is within 0.5-1mm, the polishing degree is up to 95 degree. 

polishing degree is up to 95 degree.

 Porcelain Tile Ice White M038

 Porcelain Tile Ice White M038

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Q:How to choose high quality artificial marble
First, the eyes: the general quality of artificial marble, its surface color is relatively pure, the back of the plate will not appear small pores. Second, nose smell: inferior artificial marble will have obvious pungent chemical smell, and the quality is not. Third, touch: high-quality artificial marble surface will have a clear sense of silk, and the surface is very smooth, and the two is not inferior. Fourth, nail plan: I believe that many people have tried this method, which is indeed a more effective method, high-quality artificial marble, with a nail, there will be no obvious scratch. Fifth, mutual percussion: you can choose the line of two marbles, after the mutual percussion, if it is easy to break, then it is inferior, if not, to prove the quality is better. Sixth, check certification: a product, we must first check whether it has ISO quality system certification, quality inspection reports, which can be the first step to prevent themselves cheated. The above is the three networking for you to introduce, I hope to help you reduce some of the renovation of the worries.
Q:How to detect the radiation of marble and porcelain
When a reporter asked what kind of material is suitable for use in the home, how to choose the time, Hou said: as early as 1993, the National Building Materials Bureau issued a "natural stone products radiation protection control standard" classification of natural stone, according to the radioactive level of the classification, natural stone will be divided into A, B, C three the product, a product can be used on any occasion, B products can be used in all buildings in the interior finishes outside the internal and external finishes and industrial facilities, class C standard can only be used as a building with stone. From our analysis of nearly 200 samples of the test results, the stone sample of 80% can be used in any case of a class stone. The radioactive contents are a part of the stone is very low, even lower than the radioactive content of cement floor, brick general, indoor use of this stone, can play a role in shielding, make indoor radiation reduced, has the function of environmental protection.
Q:Marble table is not careful to be dyed red paper to how to solve?
Can be cleaned with detergent, soak for a while, wash with water, repeated several times, will become weak, and finally will become shallow, and I hope to help you
Q:Kitchen cabinet, who knows what the use of marble better, or the core board better?
By doing a little better marble granite body.The marble cabinet, first solve the stress problem, because the family cook cannot avoid chop the bones problem, if the board, because the force is too large, will be deformed, no stone so good; the second is the marble absolute moisture, because it is a stone, so there is not because of moisture deterioration the problem, and wood, even if to do better, the kitchen still has some moisture and oil, if it is wood easy deformation, not durable; the third is the stone wood into the point of pest control, if the worm, plus a kitchen wet environment, easy to breed eggs, so it will form. The.
Q:High temperature resistance of artificial marble, or natural marble high temperature?
Because of the natural stone surface pores, so in the area of pollution is relatively poor, generally in the processing plant will be in its surface treatment. In the interior decoration, the TV table, windowsill, indoor floor, such as the use of marble. The threshold, cabinets countertops, outdoor ground is suitable for the use of granite. Which is a good view of the cabinet is the use of dark granite.Now on sale in the market of natural stone, part of the color is artificially processed, these stones generally use six months to a year will reveal its true face. It is clear that the market is now a big flower green, many are dyed, not really the original color.Also pay attention to the back of the grid, there are two: first, the stone itself is brittle, must add the grid, such as Spain beige. Cut corners, the thickness of these stones is thin, the intensity is not enough, so the network. The general color of the stone if there is a style, most of which is the reason.
Q:How to repair the marble furniture
Use the grinding machine to polish the marble, and you can buy it at the place where the marble is sold.
Q:What is the difference between marble and granite
Because natural stone surface pores, so in terms of pollution is relatively weak. Generally in the processing plant will be on its surface processing. In the interior decoration, the TV table, window sill, indoor floor, such as the use of marble. The threshold, kitchen cabinets, outdoor floor is suitable for the use of granite. Which is the best use of kitchen countertops granite.Now on the market sales of natural stone, part of the color is artificial, these stones generally use half a year or so will show their true faces. The most obvious is now on the market of big flower green, a lot of is dyed, not really big flower green.
Q:Artificial marble on the back, how?
Or wipe with liquid detergent. Use lemon juice or vinegar to clean dirt, but should pay great attention to. Lemon stays at the best time not more than 1-2 minutes. Do not place the lemon for a long time to absorb the marble, if necessary, repeat operation. And then clean and dry. For minor abrasions, use a special marble cleaner and care agent. For old or valuable marble furniture should be handled by professionals.
Q:Bathroom marble wall with a paste technology
(1) the partition of the wall surface is perfect, and the actual measurement on the spot, eliminate the error of the drawing, put forward the stone processing details.(2) classification of materials into the road, the walls of stone according to the installation sequence and color separation, safe place to facilitate the construction.(3) on-site hydropower in place and set up professional processing sites.
Q:Why marble has radiation?
Building material is the main source of radon geological fracture zone will also have a lot of radon. Radon in the air enter the body, or attached to the tracheal mucosa and lung surface, or into the body fluid into the tissue formation in vivo radiation induced lung cancer, leukemia and respiratory tract diseases. Studies show that radon is a WHO, only to lung cancer caused by smoking second carcinogens.
Our stone industry co., LTD., the predecessor was founded in 1983, one of the four main production base is located in China . Our stone industry for many years, adhere to the "quality win, good faith treat people" business philosophy, constantly put money into upgrading of production equipment, to keep pace with The Times, continue to grow stronger, the product sells in distant markets at home and abroad, become one of the stone brand of a lot of customer support and trust.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value Above US$ 50 Million
Main Markets Hong Kong; Macau
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008;CCC,CE

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Foshan Port, China
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 51 - 100 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 26000.00 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average