Cabinet Lock Door Key

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Model Number: 3705-141

colour: bright chromed

material:zinc alloy

Finish:bright chrome plated


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Packaging Details: 800PCS/CTN

Delivery Detail: 25DAYS



A) Variety types for selection

B) Competitive price (China mainland manufacturer)

C) Good quality (ten years experienced technical )

D) Excellent service (years of export experience)

E) Prompt delivery

F) Different designs are available according to customer requests.


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Q:How does the quantum lock B key use?
The amount of the amount of the door latitude lock 2, there are ABc key and AB key two, the first A key 2 c key 1 B key 5, the c key into the rotation 360 degrees A key automatically fail B key Can be used. The second is a B key with a key failure, can only use the B key ... ...
Q:The door locks generally have several keys
Now generally have 2 construction keys, 5 bar owners with the official key, with the official key after the construction of the key to the void
Q:Do not lock the key?
First, see if there is no window open can go in. There are windows can enter the room, then everything is fine. Second, if there is no window can be entered, then there is a second way, that is, through the cat's eye to open the handle. Cat's eye can be opened in general, if it is a large cat's eye, you can use a curved pole into it, thus opening the handle. Third, if it is no way, had permission to open a qualified staff. But the door was destroyed, but also had to give up.
Q:Home has a room lock on the door can not find how to do it?
Is a room at home is not a big door. Do you want to change the lock? Will the locksmiths help with the spoon?
Q:Bedroom door lock key do not insert how to do?
1: key direction problem. Or is the wrong direction, or in the absence of the case of the back, the key out. 2: There are foreign bodies inside the keyhole. 3: the door in the absence of a lock in the case of the key will appear to insert into the situation. 4: in the absence of foreign body, the right direction, with the tiger pliers gently knock into the key, you can open the door. And then get some pencil ash blown into the later like to open.
Q:Key card to the door lock, how can not pull out, how to do
Do not panic, do not use things casually digging, you can use the needle to the keyhole injection of a little oil, and then slowly remove the key.
Q:Home decoration ~ room locks generally have to bring the key? I feel a little trouble with the key
Generally no need, if you do not want anyone to casually into your room, then take.
Q:Home lock key card into the keyhole how to do
The key to break in the lock of the treatment method one The following are the same as the " For such a situation, I understand the feelings of my friends at that time, but do not panic, do not use things to casually dig, the saying goes, the urge is the devil, perhaps because of our anxious to have been able to get out of the key to get deeper So that we have no way, therefore, this time we must first do is calm, then we should do? Continue to look down. The following are the same as the " Key in the lock in the treatment of two ways The following are the same as the " We need to find a tweezers because this tool is the easiest thing to touch the keys inside the lock, we need to be patient, and hard to hold the keys, and then little by little to the outside, I know that the tweezers drag out the keys A certain degree of difficulty, but we should still have enough patience, the key must be dragged out a little Caixing. The following are the same as the " The following are the same as the " The key in the lock in the treatment of three methods The following are the same as the " Wait until the key is a little bit out, we can consider using pliers, because the pliers can make the keys subject to greater external force, so we can fully touch the keys in the pliers after the force to pull out, this method is relatively simple and reliable , Of course, if the two tools are more difficult to find, we can also use fine wire, the specific how to operate it? Then look down. The following are the same as the " Key to break in the lock of the treatment method four The following are the same as the " We all know that the key above is a certain amount of tooth flower, we can bend the key into a certain angle, and then into the lock, and slowly identify the location of the tooth, in a little bit of patience to drag out , This method is very simple, but this method is only used for some simple structure of the key, the complex key wire may not be able to reach the lock.
Q:Anti-theft door lock into the key
Can not use mineral oil, because mineral oil viscosity is easy to contaminate dust. It is not appropriate to use pencil or black graphite lubrication, can not be lubricated to the internal parts, and there will be heavy metal and color pollution.
Q:How is the key to the top lock?
The key lost only for the lock cylinder, but with a few more words, to the market with the key place with the general hardware store also with the
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Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 20.00% Western Europe
14.29% North America
14.29% South America
14.29% Eastern Asia
10.00% Eastern Europe
10.00% Mid East
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;ISO 9001:2008;QS-9000

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Factory Size: 3,000-5,000 square meters
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