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Product Description:

Ceramic Japanese Rice Bowl


More than 30 years of history in supplying all kinds of daily-use ceramic commodities.





Product name

Ceramic Japanese Rice Bowl







Original place



Coloured interior&exterior glaze,hand-painted blossom




Each 4 pcs into a box,export carton outside



Sample lead time

8 days

Delivery lead time

30 days

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L/C   T/T with 30%deposit

Product name:

custom melamine salad bowl,melamine bowl   

Item NO.:Size/cm:
475060  DIA15.3*H7CM
475100  DIA25.4*H11.7CM
Material:100% or 30% Melamine
Certification:Sedex,BSCI,LFGB,FDA,Wal-mart factory audit
Color:any is OK,per your requirement, per your design
Customized:OEM & ODM are welcomed

   Product Name:

custom melamine salad bowl,melamine bowl

Packing Details:bulk package,white box,color box,window box,pvc blister box .
Bulk lead time:45 days after sample confirmed 
Usage:Food  container
Aditional Info:1) non-toxic and durable use;endurable of acid.
2) dishwasher safe  melamine plate
3) various color for selection on melamine plate
4) heat resistant,Safe temperature scope: -20°C to +120°C
5) food grade, melamine plate can pass all food safety level test
Sample lead time:1) 7days for existing sample
2) 7-15 days for new mould 


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Q:How do you handle the dishes
Bowl as People's Daily necessary eating utensils, changing has been changing. Today's bowl was variety, different purposes. From the Chinese traditional view of science, a lot of feng shui, exquisite bowl, let's take a look at what need to be aware of. 1, why not casually throw old bowl? Chapter six months ago, wenzhou, zhejiang province, Mr Move, since be moved new home, so he sold the old furniture and bought new furniture. Also, the old job? Mr Zhang didn't even think about it, throw up out of the large and small old jobs to. As a result, the six months, Mr Zhang's business, not only that, the wife also ran with person, my physical problems also emerge in endlessly. Then, chapter to Mr Found Dr Zheng introduced. Through numerology analysis and the survey regulate housing, office, there is a conclusion that Mr Chapter stops: are the fault of the bowl of old. Dr Zheng remind friends: regardless of the old and new, eat bowl first meaning is your work, your career, your business, if you throw the "jobs", means that you throw away your work and business; In addition, the significance of the "bowl" and "finish", throw out old bowl, also implies you throw will "die". Therefore, you cannot throw old bowl. 2, don't use bowl? Since old bowl not lying around, so, don't bowl? Good, Dr Zheng remind friends, also can't LuanSong people don't have to bowl, bowl of representative, is finished, unless it is life of bowl, this can be sent. If it is between friends and relatives, so this old bowl can send person, end the bowl not to relatives and friends here implies, but continued; Some people really need their old bowl "throw away", then, Dr Zheng suggest you must use the red cloth good old bowl can throw it away.
Q:Steamed egg bowl good difficult to wash, what method can be easily cleaned?
Can use the hot water, then wash will be a little bit more convenient. Of course, the preferred method is to take a containers of custard with chicken, are you going to first pour a small amount of oil in the bottom of a bowl, and then gently shake, the container walls covered with oil, doing so is a can make chicken custard made to float above a spray, good-looking and delicious, but also won't make you eat the custard bowl sticky is not easy to clean
Q:Eating a bowl can be put into microwave oven
Ceramics, the metal can't Microwave oven to be used as a professional kitchen appliances, there are many methods to follow, if not in accordance with these rules are likely to safety accidents. Note: cannot be used in the microwave oven inside the vessel First, metal ware. Aluminum pan, enamel POTS and stainless steel pot metal containers, such as microwave cannot penetrate, and lighter happens when touching the metal furnace wall, therefore cannot be used. Moreover, when using metal ware also easy to cause the damage of the microwave oven. Second, the lacquer ware in addition. When heated lacquer paint may peel, melting, produce harmful substances, containers can also be a rift. Third, do not heat resistant plastic containers. Ordinary plastic containers heat resistance is poor, can't make a microwave oven cooking household utensils. Fourth, heat-resistant glass containers. Oil when cooking food may be high temperature, easy to break the glass container, therefore cannot use not heat-resistant glass containers. Organic glass ware is unfavorable also use. Fifth, grass, willow, wood, bamboo, paper products. Heating can use these containers for short periods of time, but for a long time when heated, the container may be burned, had better not use.
Q:The stainless steel bowl can into the microwave oven
Can't just can't! All that said, you don't believe, then you can try
Q:The monk with a bowl out what's it called? Why is that?
The beggar, best alms. Farming is no free food to others. "Benefactor, a grain of rice as big as mount meru, this life is not the word and wear MAO Angle also". Free the somebody else is to repay, the word can be degrees of donor, not the word and well.Don't think that's begging alms food or oneself, monks, industrious. Don't delude ourselves.
Q:The benefits of eating with silver bowl?
Silver chopsticks to eat better, strong sterilization effect, is good for your health, it is generally believe that silver is not dissolved in water, but in fact, after water and silver "met", can't afford to water Passion "invitation", there is always a trace of silver in the water, become a silver ions. Silver ions antiseptic performance is strong, each 1 kg as long as there is two over one hundred billion grams of silver ions in water, is enough to call all the bacteria die. So, in general, using silver chopsticks instead, not only won't produce side effects and benefits to the body. Opinion suggestion: but not for a long time with silver tableware. Occasionally use is ok.
Q:Black bowl, how be to return a responsibility?
This is because your bowl, high purity, is the purity of 990, the silver will be the reaction of oxygen in the air oxygen generated silver, you can use toothpaste is wiped, use plastic bags are sealed isolation of direct contact with air.
Q:Where there is a dedicated microwave ceramic bowl and ceramic bowl cover sell?
I'm with China plate as the lid. Go to the supermarket to try on the spot, look to whether can cover again. Even the microwave special plastic bowl is not suitable for tropical oil food. Because the oil in the microwave oven can be heated to above 120 degrees (far more than 120 degrees c), and plastic microwave bowl can only 120 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperature porcelain microwave-safe bowl is not afraid, but there is little to mark parts of the supermarket sells the bowls with porcelain cover. You can go to the supermarket to choose China plate as a lid.
Q:Fantasy westward journey blue bowl
Depends on how much the blue bowl for your zone! Our district 40000 blue bowl 40000 5: of course, I determined to buy the blue bowl. In fact, I also calculate, if sell more than 60000 others Then the resolute don't buy! Because not be as cheap as eating bergamot. But buy bowl also has a benefit, the reserves of the bowl is not when you left, at least you can sell 20000! Because the blue bowl also kill mount may need items!
Q:Is the bowl the same as the bowl?
Different, bowl refers to the bottom of the bowl is big bowl along the lighter of the container, usually with monks alms, right.

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