Hotel ceramic tableware table (Emperor Huang Yan) special ceramic box of luxury table set

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Q:What's the use of my world wooden bowl
Do you want to go to pick a white red mushrooms and see the color of each a mushroom, and then make mushrooms pot on the workbench
Q:What dishes can be washed in the dishwasher?
High temperature tableware, such as our production and export to Japan and Korea tableware can be, there are retail, Taobao can check: Faubert Home Furnishing jewelry store
Q:Teddy how much dog bowl
Don't need too much, including the dog dog grow up also won't eat a lot, it is good to see you be fond of, suggest using stainless steel, very durable
Q:Now Chinese dinner, the plate used for ornament is what flower? A small, blue
Is purple, that is called lan-hua Yang, green parsley.You go to the flower shop asked, should know.
Q:In junior high school to eat in the dining room with plates or a school
It is best to bring their own, so clean wouldn't cross infection disease
Q:Why can't the cutlery with Phnom Penh be heated in a microwave oven?
Microwave exposure to metal products will be short circuit and reflection. If the food is served in the heating metal container, even burned for an hour, the temperature of the food in the container will not increase, this is because the microwave encountered metal container immediately after all reflected, not to heat the food. The more dangerous thing yet, because of the high frequency microwave all reflected back on the formation of electronic technology on high frequency short circuit ", which causes the emission of microwave electron tube anode to produce high temperature burn red damage.
Q:The lettering on the stainless steel plate
The first kind, electrolytic etching. Features: A long time, engraved with the deep; Black short time is shallow, the color of the word, but wash not to drop. Electrolytic etching machine has small volume, light weight, about 10 kilograms and can carry the machine to you in the lettering. Lettering can be anywhere in the plate, after the time to clean the dishes.
Q:What is the difference between the 56 and 58 skull head bone china tableware porcelain?
The difference is in the number of porcelain, bone china porcelain head for the entire 56 number is 56, 58 is 58.China in the 40 head, 56 head, 58 head, 60 head refers to the specifications, such as specifications with small bowl 564.5 inch rice bowl 10,Han dish 10,Needle spoon 10,8 inch flat 3,8 inch version 4,8 inch special-shaped plate 3,Pot 1,12 inch fish plate 1,10 inch flat 1,Ashtray 1,Toothpick tube 1,Spoon 1,Small bowl 10.A total of 56, called the 56 head.
Q:A glaze in bone china tableware? Why are a lot of color and color?
Hello, China is not under glaze, glaze glaze in tableware.
Q:Away sell outside package store sell to give priority to What do I need to prepare, speak
Health is the first to notice... Now students are very pay attention to this. Also is you want to know this is mainly where students... How students taste.

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