Hotel ceramic tableware table (Emperor Huang Yan) special ceramic box of luxury table set

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Q:Want to buy a set of tableware, I do not know whether it is a good glaze or underglaze color good? Which is not toxic ah?
If you want to buy, you have to choose the right, the glaze color is good, but some are fake, see clearly
Q:"Hammer hammer hammer bowl is not broken," absurd reason is ()? () is reasonable reason?
The first brackets, no broken with a hammer The second brackets, hammer, not broken. Can you understand?
Q:Now Chinese dinner, the plate used for ornament is what flower? A small, blue
Is purple, that is called lan-hua Yang, green parsley.You go to the flower shop asked, should know.
Q:How to remove the label on the plastic tableware
Wash with water, and then rub off a little paper, and then use hand cream, body lotion, cream, and so on, painted in the above rub
Q:Disinfection trays which good disinfection cabinet
It should be said to sale products, through the national related departments detection, as long as the correct use
Q:Have any plate machine can wash the canteen??
Not is dishwasher, of course. Why canteen dish now many are using steel plates,
Q:Can zinc alloy material be used as tableware?
Yes, a lot of foreign tableware is made of zinc alloy, through the United States FDA or European LFGB food grade test, compared to stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy is very high-end tableware
Q:Tableware disinfection time
Every meal the best disinfection, otherwise how can play the role of disinfection? Disinfection is to kill the bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, etc..Tableware is not like people, the elimination of a drug can produce antibodies for a while
Q:How to remove the adhesive on the stainless steel plate?
Try bleaching stain liquid, with a few times is very effective, tried many ways, this works. To pay attention to disinfection oh after (wash)
Q:My world, how to put the milk into the bowl
Cannot be put into a bowl of milk, milk is holding a steel drum to the point right, took their milk drink milk bucket. I want to like, what you said is holding a bowl of right to the moo mushroom (a red mushrooms all animals like cattle, cattle call.) Get a bowl of mushroom soup?

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