Hotel ceramic tableware table (Emperor Huang Yan) special ceramic box of luxury table set

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Q:Stainless steel plate on the grinding circle what is the use? Why do this?
Ha ha I know this Stainless steel plate with materials are generally not very good Poor surface such as color difference what ah If it is a defect on the surface of the CD customer is easy to see
Q:Dishwashing detergent left on the body harmful?
Detergent on the body harm is accumulated over a long period of time, latent aggregation, will lead to decreased immunity, thus inducing a variety of cancer!
Q:What is the number of heads in a porcelain tableware?
How many heads are the sum of all the things in this set of cutlery or tea set, that is, each head is every one, including all things.
Q:Children eat with silver bowl is good?
Say it is easy to face alkali and acid reaction obviously no culture, anyway I dissolved by nitric acid to be heated to boiling, can come into contact with the nitric acid in your daily life? nonsense
Q:Want to buy a set of tableware, I do not know whether it is a good glaze or underglaze color good? Which is not toxic ah?
To say that the toxic, toxic in the air, then do not breathe, the general color of the glaze porcelain material is toxic, but the pattern is on the opposite side, it is necessary to use the opposite side of the rice bowl to eat? And then under high temperature can release toxic substances, the release of a comparable amount in the air much less, basically is very little, if released, the color is not a few days gone, the porcelain does not pass, I Jingdezhen tableware is very understanding, I haven't seen a few days off the light color of porcelain, porcelain tableware with my 10 years as a bright color. The so-called "brick house" and "the beast" to scare people
Q:Starbucks coffee drink trays paper cups to pick up yourself?
This thing from you to kaifeng cuisine, eat McDonald's. If people have the habit of, or should I clean. If you don't clean up, at home also won't someone say you something. If it is abroad, I liked it better when in Rome, do as the Romans do.
Q:Stainless steel dinning dish every time when cleaning found rub off
Friend hello, normal stainless steel won't rub off, if appear rub off your plate may be undesirable businessman the inferior coating, plating since can dissolve in water must be harmful to the body, not recommended food!
Q:In junior high school to eat in the dining room with plates or a school
It is best to bring their own, so clean wouldn't cross infection disease
Q:Stainless steel bowl in the microwave something to eat
Stainless steel bowl won't get into the microwave. Stainless steel bowls belong to metal ware, when heating, microwave oven, and the resulting electric spark and reflected microwave, damage the furnace body and can't heating food. Other can't put in the microwave vessels: 1, ordinary plastic containers Heating food can make the plastic deformation, will release toxic substances, contamination of food and endanger human body health. 2, closed container, When heating the liquid should be used wide mouth containers, because food heated in sealed container as it is not easy to heat, high pressure container, easy cause blasting accident. 3, bamboo, lacquer ware not heat-resistant containers, such as a concave and convex shape of the glass, inlaid with gold and silver lace porcelain dishes, all should not be used in the microwave oven.
Q:How to identify the quality of melamine tableware
Four tips, see, listen, compare, try. Look, it is necessary to look at the inside and outside the porcelain carefully observed. Listen, is to listen to the sound of gently tapping. Than is the comparison. Try to cover, test, test.

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