Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

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Packaging Details:85% SKD 1SET / CTNS 

Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

MODEL:   29'' DS XMT577M 29



 TIRE:KENDA 29''*2.125,






Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China


1.Many years specilized in bicycle , you will feel more professional and safity 

2.Guanantee your quality and service 

3.Profession trading team manag you order well 

4.Customized styles are accept , prtotection of your sales area ,ideals of design and all your private information

A Professional Manufacturer of Bicycle Parts and Complete Bicycles

We're determined to present our clients individualized services and experiences for ODM/OEM products, with our in-plant technical support and management team. We highlight ourselves by integrating all bicycle parts and painting industrial chains, to continuously ensure and improve our production ability and quality control, from R&D to QA and SCM.


Customized Styles are Accepted

Our bicycle line covers two steel and alloy frame workshops, one suspension workshop, four painting workshops and seven assembly workshops, which make sure we can professionally supply our clients with customized styles including modern, European, American and Chinese classic styles.


Work with Us Today

During these years of innovation and development, we are the first manufacturer in this area linking theory of lean-production and flexible-production with practice. We look forward to working with you. Call now.

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Q:What kind of bike is chosen for long distance travel?
If you carry more than 10KG, you must have a back shelf and a camel bag, because a long weight cycling can hurt your waist and back.It's better to have a mountain bike with a fender, because the plastic fender is not working well. It doesn't work when the water is too much.Give you a reference to it, you can go to look at Giant Hunter 1, probably in this way, choose a good love you
Q:What are the bicycle accessories?Say something suitable for students
More professional bike riding equipment, such as riding clothes, riding glasses, riding shoes and so on
Q:I'm a bicycle enthusiast. I want to buy a sports camera. Do you have any recommendations?
The first is the GOPRO series, now is the latest GOPRO HERO3 HERO3 divided into three versions, the flagship is the black version, support 4K resolution pictures (frames low), built-in WIFI! GOPRO can be said to be the originator of the extreme motion video camera. It works well, but it's expensive, especially the price of accessories!
Q:Why is the venue for the field cycling tournament oblique?
Decompose forces! Building the runway into a side slope allows the player to provide greater centripetal force! You see no brakes cycling, that is the reason why, in turn, on the road without deceleration, athletes will escape from the runway in a strong centrifugal force, so increasing the elasticity of bevelled, provides the centripetal force, so even if the players do not brake in the corners, with the high speed can also be through security!
Q:About bicycle chain oilDo you have two methyl silicone oil or good oil?
Speak of the first kind: the biggest advantage is the ester permeability is very good, can quickly penetrate into the chain slot bushing and the side plate in the heart (remember, the chain is moving in the bushing and the side plate wear heart, really need lubrication is inside, rather than chain surface, the surface of the oil only rust prevention function, if the surface feels dry, no oil is sprayed on the chain oil).Besides the second biggest advantage is: silicone oil, water resistance is very good, but poor permeability, the film is easily broken, caused by lubrication is not good, so the chain will wear silicone products with effect on the sliding surface can play.
Q:How big is the 20 inch bike?
20 inches mainly means that the diameter of a bicycle wheel is 20 inches, 1 inches =2.54 cm, so the 20 inch wheel is about 50 centimeters in diameter. A 20 inch car is a relatively small car. A common mountain bike is 26 inches. A lady's recreational car is 24 inches, 20 inches, mainly for folding cars and some children's cars. It is designed to be light and easy to handle. Although 20 inches of the car by raising the height of the saddle can also load adults, but in general, more than 170 of the height of 20 inch stretch leg, is not suitable for long-distance riding. Of course, some high-end sports folding bike through the gear ratio of the frame design angle of special and high tooth, adults can also achieve a relatively comfortable ride, this is another matter.
Q:What bike is the fastest?
In short, you have to ride in the city, and the pursuit of speed, then use the road vehicles, if the remote election of mountain bikes, but should pay attention to safety. PS: I like cycling very much, too. The general speed --- to see your physical condition and technical, I did not have professional training, speed is 72 kilometers per hour is about 20 meters per second, but this is a long car just started, or the result of safety first, and technology.
Q:How can I distinguish between genuine and fake Land Rover bicycles?
The so-called Land Rover bicycles, the so-called Land Rover brand derivative products, are established and operated in china.
Q:How do I wash the oil on the bike chain
The dark stains on the clothes, can be erased by tea.The little toothpaste Banshang Cuoxi clothes detergent mixed on the oil and grease can be removed.Take a little flour, mix it into a paste, spread it on the sides of the clothes, and dry in the sun. Remove the shell and remove the grease.
Q:What's the difference between a bicycle and a bicycle?
Bicycles are the name for bicycles in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. They are like motorcycles before. They are also called motorcycles.

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