Automatic Rolling Sectional Garage Door for New Fashion

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Product Description:

Specifications of garage door: 
1) Garage Door plant material: double layers, zinc-plated steel
2) Core department material: polyurethane
3) Usual Dimensions of garage door plant: 
a) Width: 2,440mm - 12,000mm
b) Height: 2,130mm - 7,300mm 
4) Thickness of garage door plant: 35mm,40mm,50mm
5) Surface polyester of garage door plant: white, almond color, brown 
(other colors can be arranged) 
6) Track: 2" (51mm) and 3" and (76mm), both adopt 1.5 - 3mm thick
  hot zinc-plated stencil plate 
7) Standard rail, low rail, high to promote rail, vertical to promote 
rail and oblique canopy promote rail
8) Balanced system of external button reed, the working life 
of button reed is up to the job circulation 50,000-100,000 times
9) The U vinyl sealing strip of the bottom prevents frostbite, damp 
proof and waterproof
10) The side and the top of garage door take the trough sealing strip to seal
11) Small door of pass way: many kinds of sizes available 
12) Small observation window: many kinds of sizes available



Other Products

We produce and sell different styles of automatic doors. Our products include, 

1, automatic door opener, gate operator, access control system;

2, wrought iron gate, steel gate, sectional garage door, rolling shutter door, grill door;
3, hospital door, x-ray proof lead-lined door, clean room door;
4, aluminum glass window, glass door;
5, fire rated steel door, fire rated rolling shutter.


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Q:Private garage door size is appropriate
The length is generally 6 meters, the width is generally 3.5 meters, the height is generally 2.5 meters (because to install the shutter door). My family is so get, the general car can enter.
Q:What is the door feature of the garage door?
1, fine grain relief door surface of the irregular powder spray texture, with a strong relief effect, both to increase the strength, but also beautiful and generous, flap garage door also because of this feature is high. 2, the use of high-strength double-sided high-quality dip galvanized steel, and double-sided spray long life paint (pure polyester), with high-strength anti-corrosion ability for outdoor it adds a great advantage. 3, high-quality steel wrapped around the outer end of the internal and outer side attached together, and better sealed with the two walls, to achieve the degree of air leakage, wind resistance is also very strong.
Q:Electric garage door why always open their own
Repeatedly press the switch caused. Remote response speed is not timely or program error. Resulting in poor response time on the program. When you press once, but the door did not reflect, and then press once, very prone to such a program error.
Q:The yard door to the garage door to resolve
From the five elements gossip speaking, the car in line with the dry Gua of the elephant, the static five of its six platinum. Dry garage, parking lot should not be located in the south, the door should not be in this position, Yixi, southwest, northeast, northwest side of the party. Conditional, it is best to garage, the door layout in the northeast, so favorable into the eight transport (2004 years of the beginning of 20 years) Wang gas, also suggested that the door and the next wall appropriate hollow access to the northeast when Wang Wang gas.
Q:Garage door nylon pulley how oil
Nylon roller oil on the current installation workers are generally not on the oil I am here on the workers are generally required because the installation of workers generally only say that the installation of artificial so the general contract by the boss of the contractor I am generally responsible for the purchase of 3 # lithium (good oil can be used over 1 - 3 years) On the oil 2 points the first place is the handle of the iron handle on a handle about 2-5 grams smear even after the release of the ground to take out the leaves of the handle inserted into the hinge ring after a few laps will be hinges and doors Fixed spare 2 points in the wheel with a steel ball face with a finger hook out 2-5 grams of butter coated on the steel surface after the side of the rotation of the nylon wheel side of the butter so that butter can enter the ball can Where we need to pay attention to ordinary butter can not use ordinary butter in the six months after the dust will not only do not have the effect of lubrication and sometimes affect the door is best to buy 3 # lithium-based grease good lithium base grease translucent, such as amber slightly Dry heavy oil is not dry and sticky personal recommendations do not use the oil is used in the spring oil on the other oil needs in March to six months plus one trouble
Q:What are the garage doors open?
To enhance the way to open: mostly for the factory gate and other large doors.
Q:Garage door blocked how to do
My friend taught the best way to tear tires and then pad bricks
Q:Garage door lights immortal how else?
Garage door is lit in the motor running, the motor is running automatically after the completion of delay. If you have been immortal, it may be a problem with the motor
Q:Home garage door size
General garage door width of 2500 ~ 2800mm, height of 2000 ~ 3400mm, if the home garage is large enough, it is recommended to use 3000 * 5000mm door. Garage doors are usually flap doors or sliding doors
Q:Electric garage door can not fall to the end
Shutter doors or flap doors, different ways to adjust the motor is not the same, it is best to find the original installation of the manufacturers get.

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