Automatic glass sandblasting machine ST-PS2000

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30 unit/month

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This machine has automatic or manual fuctions,It has three automatic guns and one manul gun.Guns and glass moved by Synchronous belt,can move smoothly.Guns up and down control system put outside the machine,can easy operate and reduce fault rate.The sandblasting speed is 20-30 m ²/h;Dedusting method:Bag dust extractions with Vibration cylinder


Parameters ST-PS1600 ST-PS2000 ST-PS2500
Max sandblasting height 1600mm 2000mm 2500mm
Cover area (mm) 4700x1500x2300 6800x1500x2800 6800x1500x3300
Total power 3.5Kw 3.5Kw 3.5Kw
Total wieght 1000Kg 1100Kg 1200Kg


We mainly engaged in glass hot-working machinery r&d and manufacturing,The products inculing glass table bending and tempering furnace,glass washbasin bending and tempering furnace,glass laminated furnace,glass bending furnace,glass melting furnace ,glass tunnel furnace etc 


Welcome you to come to China to visit us and take a look at our factory. We always adhere to principles of honest, equality and mutual benifit. Hope we can have a long-term business relationship with you.

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Q:Does anyone know where there are machines for making single, double layer glass by hand?
Companies adhere to the road of professional development, focusing on high demand glass products grinding processing technology. The grinding machine company bilateral glass chamfering high precision, uniform size, angular, clear and bright polished thoroughly, no knife, no dim edge and no damage to the edge, round edge phenomenon, the effect is very stable, especially suitable for processing all kinds of high-grade glass products.
Q:Can plexiglass be machined with a punch?
If you want to get a disc, use a lathe. You can cut it with a flat top, or find an organic glass engraving machine,
Q:What kinds of equipment are there in FRP production facilities?
Paving equipment - use under special circumstances.Proportional coating equipment - if there are a number of components, heat it up in the heating molding equipment after gluing.
Q:I'd like to open an art glass processing factory. What equipment do I need?
An air compressor. A shadowless lamp. The best also buy a machine and a computer
Q:Which equipment should be needed for a glass curtain wall processing plant?
Crane, two-component glue injection machine, double sawing, sawing platform, angle machine, drilling and milling machine, air compressor and fixture fixture.
Q:How much money do you need to invest in making glass hot bending? What equipment should I buy?
It depends on what kind of hot bending glass you want to make, depending on the size of the glass
Q:Which equipment does the glass mirror need?
Straight beveling machine = spell mirror is basically the bevel edgeWith the above equipment, you can make orders
Q:Problems in the mechanical processing of glass fiber reinforced plastics
I think it is of little significance to use cutting fluid when machining frp. Because the heat of cutting is not enough, air cooling can satisfy. But there will be an environmental problem - dust flying, which is harmful to people when they are sucked in. Therefore, we used to buy a set of industrial vacuum cleaners, processing machine parts (work stations) partially closed, operators with industrial masks, quite troublesome. Have also tried to dial a special machine (milling machine) to make glass fiber reinforced plastic products. With coolant, the chip separation mechanism is specially made, which is similar to the filter of grinding machine.
Q:What kind of machinery and equipment do we need for the glass processing plant?
Look what line you need to go, there are architectural engineering and Art Deco, and others, Art Deco, mainly carved machines, mosaics, sandblasting and painting.
Q:Can glass fiber reinforced plastics be machined with high precision?
Matters needing attention(1) because the mechanical properties of glass fiber products are brittle and brittle, it is difficult to clamp. The clamping force causes the workpiece to deform or block the workpiece, and the excessive force will cause the workpiece to fly off.(2) because of the glass fiber heat is relatively poor, linear expansion into relatively large, the workpiece is easy to deform, the size is more difficult to control.(3) the best data can be obtained only through process experiments.

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