Automatic glass sandblasting machine ST-PS2000

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This machine has automatic or manual fuctions,It has three automatic guns and one manul gun.Guns and glass moved by Synchronous belt,can move smoothly.Guns up and down control system put outside the machine,can easy operate and reduce fault rate.The sandblasting speed is 20-30 m ²/h;Dedusting method:Bag dust extractions with Vibration cylinder


Parameters ST-PS1600 ST-PS2000 ST-PS2500
Max sandblasting height 1600mm 2000mm 2500mm
Cover area (mm) 4700x1500x2300 6800x1500x2800 6800x1500x3300
Total power 3.5Kw 3.5Kw 3.5Kw
Total wieght 1000Kg 1100Kg 1200Kg


We mainly engaged in glass hot-working machinery r&d and manufacturing,The products inculing glass table bending and tempering furnace,glass washbasin bending and tempering furnace,glass laminated furnace,glass bending furnace,glass melting furnace ,glass tunnel furnace etc 


Welcome you to come to China to visit us and take a look at our factory. We always adhere to principles of honest, equality and mutual benifit. Hope we can have a long-term business relationship with you.

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Q:I would like to open a toughened glass processing plant, that is, buy ordinary glass back, and then processed steel, I would like to ask those equipment, how much money do I need?
On the premise that you can do it well, you can find what the market needs most, or you can train yourself into a market scarce talent.
Q:What milling cutters are used for machining plexiglass plates? Just ordinary drilling and milling machine, milling plane, not too precise
Engraving machine is best to use, the speed is fast, and the accuracy is good
Q:What kind of cutting fluid is used in organic glass processing?
SCC790 glass cutting fluid is a high-grade, glass and ceramic special synthetic glass grinding fluid, diluted with water to form a clear, transparent yellow solution.
Q:Organic glass (PMMA) hole thread processing, how to eliminate burr? Urgent!
Organic glass is a popular name, abbreviated as PMMA. The chemical name of this polymer transparent material is called polymethyl methacrylate. It is a polymer compound made up of methyl methacrylate. It is a kind of important thermoplastic plastics which have been developed earlier.
Q:Can glass fiber board be cut with laser cutting machine?
Glass fiber; glass fiber board; FR4 reinforcing plate; FR-4 epoxy resin board; flame retardant insulation board; epoxy plate, FR4 plate; glass board; PCB drilling pad.
Q:How much will it cost to machine ordinary glass into toughened glass? Where can I buy it?
Different from the raw material, the ordinary glass can be burned by tempering furnace and cooled into toughened glass. Machine made Guangzhou more, of course, more expensive abroad, and good quality. Generally open a steel plant, no 4 million, do not open.
Q:How to polish plexiglass and acrylic machine after machining?
Organic glass melts; then the rough grinding wheel. We also tried to use toothpaste dipped in water to polish, the effect is slightly better, but still can not meet the requirements, but also manual, inefficient
Q:How much does it cost to open a glass grinding machine shop?
If the ordinary straight side, the machine is about forty-five thousand. Beveling machine ninety-five thousand or so. Shape machine about twenty-three thousand, drilling machine about twenty-three thousand.
Q:Can organic glass be processed two times?
. Electrical and mechanical equipment panel, windows and shell, is widely used in protective masks, insulating fittings, hot forming parts, automobile, machinery, chassis, plastic mold, metal lighting, clocks, gifts, plastic electronics and other industries.
Q:What are door and window manufacturing equipment? Want to build a windows production processing equipment factory, about how much money?
Suggest you buy at least some of the following basic equipment:1 digital display double head sawing machine2 heat insulation profile 45 degree cutting machine3 curtain material end milling machine4 semi-automatic profiling drilling and milling machine5 automatic feeding single head sawMore than 6 cylinder hydraulic press7 heavy machine ram thermal profiles8 hand platform saw9 drilling machine10 table tapping machine11 air compressor

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