Automatic glass sandblasting machine ST-PS2000

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30 unit/month

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This machine has automatic or manual fuctions,It has three automatic guns and one manul gun.Guns and glass moved by Synchronous belt,can move smoothly.Guns up and down control system put outside the machine,can easy operate and reduce fault rate.The sandblasting speed is 20-30 m ²/h;Dedusting method:Bag dust extractions with Vibration cylinder


Parameters ST-PS1600 ST-PS2000 ST-PS2500
Max sandblasting height 1600mm 2000mm 2500mm
Cover area (mm) 4700x1500x2300 6800x1500x2800 6800x1500x3300
Total power 3.5Kw 3.5Kw 3.5Kw
Total wieght 1000Kg 1100Kg 1200Kg


We mainly engaged in glass hot-working machinery r&d and manufacturing,The products inculing glass table bending and tempering furnace,glass washbasin bending and tempering furnace,glass laminated furnace,glass bending furnace,glass melting furnace ,glass tunnel furnace etc 


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Q:What kind of machinery and equipment do we need for the glass processing plant?
Engineering has toughened, hollow, laminated! But none of them left the cutting and edging machines
Q:Mobile phone glass engraving machine capable of processing large size?
It depends on how large your equipment is. Many companies have carved machine alone making large stroke, according to the special processing of glass. Cell phone glass is no bigger than a tablet! Can be carved machine large stroke and biaxial processing of two pieces of flat glass. Let alone the cell phone
Q:Just opened a glass processing plant, want to buy glass machinery, there is better
Luoyang, of courseMany glass processing equipment is produced in Luoyang, especially the glass toughened equipment. The Randy glass machine in Luoyang is very famous in the glass deep-processing industry
Q:Is it complicated to produce double glass? We invest about how much money?
Nissan every day, to see you do what Chang cup, high-grade crystal glass or glass components. The ordinary glass yield is higher, a skilled technicians can do every day sealing wubailai cup.
Q:What kind of equipment does the toughened glass production line include?
Auxiliary equipment: glass cutting edge grinding machine punching machine cleaning machine
Q:Does anyone know where there are machines for making single, double layer glass by hand?
The company is the only manufacturer of mature small glass two side machine manufacturing technology. To switch the glass panel and the glass pieces of glass developed bilateral milling machine, has been widely recognized by customers (including but not limited to: Shenzhen nine warehouse Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hecheng special glass products Co. Ltd., Wenzhou quality glass factory). The company's edging machine has the features of "small size, high precision, polished super bright" and "big belt grinding small glass". The utility model solves the problems of low precision, poor polishing and large belts which can not grind small glass. For example, 50mm ordinary belt can be used to grind small to 140mm glass, and 25mm ordinary belt can be used to grind small to 70mm glass. Wide belt length, long life, stable glass transmission, high parallelism and diagonal accuracy, good polishing effect, and very stable performance.
Q:How much will it cost to machine ordinary glass into toughened glass? Where can I buy it?
The imported Finland produces millions to tens of millions of people. Generally, domestic products can meet the requirements of production. Tens of millions of dollars are available, mainly depending on what you do and what specifications you want.
Q:Can glass fiber board be cut with laser cutting machine?
Laser cutting machine is a kind of processing method which uses laser to produce high energy light beam, which can be melted or vaporized at an instant high temperature to be processed material. Compared with the traditional method of sheet metal processing, laser cutting has high cutting quality (incision width, small heat affected zone, smooth incision), cutting speed, cutting flexibility (or arbitrarily cut arbitrary shape), low processing cost, wide material etc.. Modern laser cutting technology has been widely used.
Q:What equipment is needed for the production of glass glue?
Polyurethane glass adhesive: another description.The above 1 and 2 are silicone glass glue equipment, 3 is polyurethane glass glue, to understand more, Jin Changtai can help you.
Q:How much does a set of insulating glass aluminum strips require?
Hollow glass aluminum bars in the past few years, the market is relatively hot, but the equipment requires high accuracy, it is estimated that the price is not cheap.

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