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*Safe & Fire Resistant
*Environmentally Friendly
*Weather Resistant &Anti-pollution
*Process Ability

anti fire material is a new high security wall decorative fireproof  material, use noncombustible inorganic material as the core ,the outer layer is alloying aluminum. Face fluorocarbon resin coating for the protective film made of a new type of metal composite material.    

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Q:Is there a fire hydrant in the facade room?
Fire hydrant installation store room is to prevent the occurrence of fire accident more and set up, but only bring inconvenience to the residents, belongs to the normal.
Q:What's the difference between the manual alarm button and the fire hydrant button?
Popular speaking: fire hydrant pump button press down to the host fire alarm at the same time, you can start the fire pump, and can receive the pump operation of the feedback signal. Manual alarm button, press down, only report the fire to the host, and there is an alarm telephone jack. Hand worn two signal lines, the need for telephone jack, but also to wear two telephone lines. Eliminate the need for two signal lines, start pump and feedback, see what product is used, what model.
Q:What does the four button of the fire hydrant button mean?
Wire system: fire hydrant button and fire alarm controller signal two bus connection, if you need to achieve direct pump control, you need to fire hydrant button and pump control box using two wire connection;
Q:How many fire hydrants should there be in the city?
According to the standard to do it, the protection radius is 150, the maximum spacing is 120, are the largest, of course, you are more sure that there is no problem with the layout.
Q:Can the water in the fire hydrant be used?
You are wrong, the fire hydrant water is fire station fire, not residential, nor property. If he tells you, it's really a bit of a problem. But some things are Human effort is the decisive factor. Fire hydrant water really can not be used indiscriminately
Q:What kind of fire can not be used on the ground hydrant, please heroes to answer, thank you.
If you ask what fire can not use fire hydrant water to fire, there are many kinds:An electric applianceElectrical appliances should be cut off first when a fire occurs. In the case of power failure, do not use water and foam to fight, because water and foam can conduct electricity. Should use carbon dioxide, 1211, dry powder fire extinguishers or dry sand for fighting, but also with the electrical equipment and wires to maintain more than 2 meters distance.PanPan fire, do not use water. Because the water will form a "fryer" in hot oil, the oil fire splash everywhere. Fighting method is rapid, cut the border cold dish into the pot, the fire was extinguished automatically. Another method is to use a pot cover or a large cloth that can block the oil pan to cover the burning oil pan, so that the burning oil and fire can not touch the air.
Q:Does sanitation sprinkler get water from hydrant?
For yellow (green) color hydrants, sprinkler drivers are full of complaints. City Yellow fire hydrants are too few, watering cars inconvenient, and part of the disrepair, and many yellow hydrants have damaged or can not be used properly. Some yellow hydrants are on the side of the main road. During the day, the sprinkler stops at the side of the road to catch water. It can affect traffic, and it takes 20 minutes to get water again. As the red hydrant water pressure is large, filled with a car water, as long as 8 minutes, some do not want to queue up the sprinkler driver will stare at the red fire hydrant. In addition, there are some yellow hydrants in the alleys of the city. It is easy to get into the water truck.
Q:Fire hose and water gun head connection, fire hose and hydrant connection, sealing is not good, always leaking
Take a look at the processing quality of the seal part of the water cannon. Look at the quality of the rubber seals. Strength elasticity is good, hardness is moderate, thickness is enough.
Q:What equipment are included in the fire hydrant box?
There are water hose, manual pump button, and some fire hose reel
Q:How big a wrench is the nut on the fire hose?
Use the 59 wrench on the nut on the fire hose.

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