powder fire extinguisher hm01-0405

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1.ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers
3.Cylinder material:carbon steel
4.Support OEM

                          Portable ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers

It is make up of ABC dry powder, apply to extinguish solid material, inflammable liquids, combustible gases,organic solvents and voltage under the 5KV primary surface of the fire of the electrical equipment.

                     ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers    ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers  ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers  ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers








MFZ/ABC1 1±5%  ≥8    ≥3.0


-20~+55 5KV 1A21B
MFZ/ABC2 2±3%  ≥8    ≥3.0      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 1A21B
MFZ/ABC3 3±3%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 2A34B
MFZ/ABC4 4±2%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 2A55B
MFZ/ABC5 5±2%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2


5KV 3A89B
MFZ/ABC8 8±2%  ≥15    ≥4.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 4A144B

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Q:What are the requirements for the door decoration of fire hydrants?
According to your statement should be the fire hydrant, because fixed facilities referred to the scope of your statement is not clear, in general, in accordance with your 1.5m to the space before the fire hydrant is the normal operation of the fire hydrant, but still should analyze specific issues, according to the plan, considering the fire hydrant around the whole vertical layout, the major premise still must ensure that the fire hydrant is obvious and easy to operate.
Q:What's the difference between the fire box and the fire hydrant box?
Fire box is mainly installed fire fighting module of the box, belonging to a special fire alarm system; fire hydrant box is the fire hydrant box, belonging to conventional fire.
Q:Method for using indoor fire hydrant
Fire hydrants are separated from the rooms (such as boxes), which are not in accordance with fire protection regulations and are not conducive to the timely rescue of fire fighters
Q:Rent a shop and make a restaurant. But must the fire hydrant be in the passage? Can you put it in the box?
No, this is the fire department's regulation, and the number is different according to the size of the shop. If placed in a box, the fire inspection must not pass.
Q:How to use and maintain fire hydrants?
Underground fire hydrant and ground hydrant have the same function. They provide pressure water for fire engines and water guns. The difference is that the underground fire hydrant is installed under the ground. It is precisely because of this, therefore, the underground fire hydrant is not easy to freeze, it is not easy to damage. The use of underground fire hydrant can be carried out on the ground hydrant. But because the target of the underground fire hydrant is not obvious, the obvious sign should be set up near the underground fire hydrant. When the utility model is used, the fire hydrant cover is opened, the stuffy cover is unscrewed, the connecting port or the water band of the hydrant and the water suction pipe are connected, and the valve plug is opened with a special wrench to drain water, and the utility model needs to be restored after use
Q:How many fire hydrants should there be in the city?
The outdoor fire hydrant (DN100) protection radius of 150 meters, however, high-rise buildings, the radius of protection by blocking, set or several adapters should each building along the street. At present, there is no index according to the urban area allocation.
Q:Why are fire hydrants equipped with fog nozzles?
That's the water spray gun. Water spray system can be cooled, isolated, suffocated and other principles to extinguish the fire.
Q:What's the exact size of the hydrant?
The size of 1800*700*240, including a fire hydrant box SN65 or two QZ19, or two branches of a fire water, fire waterproof tape or two wheel, a start button, dry gas fire three; plate thickness is 1.2mm.
Q:Proper connection of fire hose with indoor hydrant and water gun
Fire hose connection, fire hose hose is sheathed on the interface, to pad a layer of soft protection, then use galvanized steel wire or hoop truss.
Q:Why did the fire hydrant say "HR"?
A fixed fire fighting tool. The main function is to control fuel, insulate combustion and eliminate fire source. The fire fighting system includes outdoor fire hydrant system, indoor fire hydrant system, fire extinguisher system, and some automatic sprinkler system, water gun system, gas fire extinguishing system, fire detection system, water mist system and so on.

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