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1.ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers
3.Cylinder material:carbon steel
4.Support OEM

                          Portable ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers

It is make up of ABC dry powder, apply to extinguish solid material, inflammable liquids, combustible gases,organic solvents and voltage under the 5KV primary surface of the fire of the electrical equipment.

                     ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers    ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers  ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers  ABC Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers








MFZ/ABC1 1±5%  ≥8    ≥3.0


-20~+55 5KV 1A21B
MFZ/ABC2 2±3%  ≥8    ≥3.0      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 1A21B
MFZ/ABC3 3±3%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 2A34B
MFZ/ABC4 4±2%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 2A55B
MFZ/ABC5 5±2%  ≥13    ≥3.5      1.2


5KV 3A89B
MFZ/ABC8 8±2%  ≥15    ≥4.5      1.2 -20~+55 5KV 4A144B

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Q:What are the general components of hydrant water supply system?
Fire water supply source. Including: municipal water supply network, fire pool, natural water.
Q:Does the hydrant shift require the whole system to drain off water?
Is generally not needed, in the fire hydrant system network, design of the valve, as long as the fire hydrant to be shifted off the corresponding water supply pipe valve can be placed on the realization of local water hydrant maintenance or displaced.
Q:What is the basis of DN100 and DN150 for hydrant pipe diameter?
The fire fighting system includes outdoor fire hydrant system, indoor fire hydrant system, fire extinguisher system, and some automatic sprinkler system, water gun system, gas fire extinguishing system, fire detection system, water mist system and so on. Fire hydrant mainly for fire engines from the municipal water supply network or outdoor fire water network to implement fire fighting, can also be directly connected to the hose, water gun fire extinguishing. Therefore, indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system is also one of the important fire fighting facilities.
Q:How much is the indoor hydrant from the ground?
The fire hydrant should be placed in the corridor or hall of public space, usually in the space inside the wall, no matter what kind of decoration on the requirements of the eye-catching label (marked "fire hydrant"), and shall not set up obstacles in its front, to avoid the effects of opening the door of the fire hydrant.
Q:Standard for fire extinguishers in the hotel with fire hydrants
The room should be equipped with escape masks and escape ropes. The corridor is equipped with a fire extinguisher
Q:Outdoor fire hydrant distance from the roadside should not be greater than the number of meters?
In order to ensure that fire engines draw water from fire hydrants, fire hydrants should not be more than 2m from the roadside. In order to ensure the safety of fire hydrant, the outer wall should be less than 5m.
Q:Maintenance requirements for outdoor fire hydrants
In order to facilitate fighting, but also in order to fire pool from the threat of building fire, fire pool intake or water wells from the location of the building, generally less than 5m, preferably not more than 40m. But considering the design of regional or centralized high pressure (or temporary high pressure) water supply system, it is difficult to do so. Therefore, this article stipulates that the distance between fire water intake and protected buildings should not exceed 100m.
Q:1000 square meters of work with a fire hydrant. Fire extinguisher. Also need to spray system?
Fire hazard rating is not high. From your description, at most in line with the risk of fire protection level, so there is no need to set up sprinkler system, as the pass does not pass, you do not meet the requirements of the specifications, compliance with the requirements of the basic no problem. Mainly survival channel, fire prevention measures, fire water, smoke control and so on are in line with the norms, just wait for acceptance bar. Fire protection requirements for civilian buildings are generally easy to pass. Hospitals, theatres, etc are demanding
Q:How to solve the problem of unreasonable fire hydrant location?
I helped you check some fire codes, and generally only specify the requirements of fire fighting facilities, without considering the relationship with other building facilities, distance and so on. But under normal circumstances, the construction facilities should not affect each other, especially security issues, absolutely rectification. You have to worry about the arrangement of the door and the trunk.
Q:What is the specific area of fire hydrant installation?
The installation of indoor fire hydrants only requires the installation spacing and has no protection area. According to the regulations, the spacing of indoor fire hydrants of high-rise buildings (warehouses), high-rise civil buildings, elevated warehouses and armour and class B buildings shall not be greater than 30 meters;

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