Aluminum venetian blinds shutter

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Tianjin, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:SSC-021

  • Material:Metal

  • Pattern:Horizontal

  • Type:Tilt

  • Style:Venetian

  • Venetian blinds operation system:Motorized/Electric/Manual

  • Venetian blinds slat:Aluminum alloy

  • Venetian blinds MOQ:1 set

  • Venetian blinds certificate:ISO9001

  • Venetian blinds width&height:Customized

  • Venetian blinds unit:Square meter /set

  • Installed orientation:Window for indoor or outdoor

  • Venetian blind delivery time:Delivery time

  • Venetian blind slat size:50mm

  • Venetian blind application:Home ,office ,meeting room etc.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1) In polywood case for LCL, Air Transport/ Express 2) Special package could be customized as the customers' requirements
Delivery Detail:5-7 working days as the payment is confirmed


1Aluminum venetian blinds operation:Electric /Motorized/Manual
2 Slat:Aluminium alloy
3 Certificate: ISO9001
4 MOQ:1 Set

1 Aluminum Venetian blinds information

Aluminum Venetian Blinds are one of the most functional blinds. With a simple adjustment of the tilt controls you can alter the view from total privacy to subtle changes of light and shade. They can also be easily locked into any raised position.

They are durable and will not be affected by moisture.

Venetians are a great window covering choice for those who do not have the plantation shutter budget as venetians allows easy control of light, privacy and airflow.

Venetian Blinds give the sensations of comfort and coolness as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

There is nothing quite as captivating as windows and doors dressed with Aluminum venetian blinds!

2 Aluminium Venetian blinds feature

The aluminum blinds is beautiful and free lift. The slats could run in 180°and adjust the daylight freely to creat a comfortable atmosphere. The surface of slats is smooth,  exellent natural feeling,toughness. The blinds is against UV and distortion ,also fashionable , enverimental, space-saving.

Suitable Place: bar, study room, hotel, office building etc.

3 Aluminum venetian blinds electric system

4 Outdoor electric venetian blinds

The system has good safty factor used in ouotside through about 6 types of outdoor tests and is resistant to corrosion, aging, wind pressure, water, friction and shining.

The aluminum slats is high strength, no fading and the abilty against wind pressure is highly increased after the specialized machine roll the edge.

Adopt the imported rope and compounded resinous materials, anti-UV, wear-resistant and anti-aging.

The rode is woven by compounded resinous materials with the surface of anti-aging coating and could run up and down more than 100000 times.

5 Indoor electric venetian blinds

Driven by the French Somfy Motor, steady lift up and down. Adjusting the light angle exactly.  

The size of motor is small and short , meet the installing cases designing requirements.

Double insulation, no need ground wire and safty and convinience to be installed.

Fasionable apearrance design, suitable for different indoor style.

High technical reliability, and wireless control, wire control and group control all these could be realized.

The automatic overturn fuction could adjust the indoor natural light more exactly and light quality.

6 Hollow electric venetian blinds

Clearance: The shutter inserted in the hollow glass is no need to clear and keep tidy all the time.

Convenience: All is operated by remote controller and button handly, which is convenience and labor saving.

Sound Insulation: The thickness is about 4 times than the standard hollow glass ( 6mm), Having more wide air space and so have the excellent heating and sound insulation fuctions.

Decoration: There is no need blinds covering of the inside of buildings. The new indoor decoration effect brings unprecedented satisfactory feeling.

The optional width of shutter’s slat are 16mm/25mm.

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