manual & motorized sunshade roller blinds

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Product Description:

1)Chain roller blinds are consisted by the components of chute, clutch, chain, code, bottom rail, fabric etc.

2) The aluminum alloy tube is 28mm or 38mm diameter in the anodic oxidation treatment surface and smooth pvc plug-in unit.

3) The fabric is no need to be sewed and the fittings is scientific and rational logistic, with the function of anti-skidding and auto-lock in the operating process.

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Tianjin, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:Cezanne

  • Model Number:SSC-001

  • Material:Fabric

  • Pattern:Horizontal

  • Type:Roller

  • Style:Slat

  • Fabric Type for Blockout Roller Blinds:Sunscreen/Blackout

  • Fabric Length Blockout Roller Blinds:25-35

  • Fabric Standard Width:200/250/300

  • Fabric Openness Blockout Roller Blinds:3%

  • Chain Roller Blinds Fabric Thickness:0.45

  • Chain Roller Blinds Mesh Weight:390(g/m2) for Blockout Roller Blinds

  • Chain Roller Blinds Yarn Diameter:0.32*0.32

  • Chain Roller Blinds Mesh/In.:48*48

  • chain Roller Blinds Resistance:>10000( ASTM D4966)

  • Flame Retardant:GB17591-1998 for Blockout Roller Blinds

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Q:Electric curtains can be used in conjunction with the smart home, is it possible to control together?
You speak too general, it is generally possible, the simplest is to put an electric curtain controller on it.But to use smart home system supporting products
Q:Electric curtains are composed of those systems
Track, roller balance pole, fabric, on these, if the use of photovoltaic, solar panels and lithium batteries
Q:I would like to know that the electric curtain can be directly controlled by the phone? Ten
Of course, the principle is very simple: electric curtain motor, electric curtain track, and finally is a smart home host. After downloading the code APP, you can achieve the effect of mobile phone control curtains! It's really amazing!!
Q:Want to do an electric curtain on the upper and lower left and right sides can seek expert advice ~!
If it is open and close curtains: 0.8N can. The opening and closing curtain system has the toothed belt and the belt transmission, has the power failure to pull the function, matches the cloth curtain;
Q:How to choose a good electric motor
A lot of modern curtain, curtain rail from the material on, have wood, iron, nano materials, Aluminum Alloy materials; from the curtain type, a curtain, curtains and so on; from the mode of operation, there are two ways of manual and electric. Nowadays, because of its stylish curtain, beautiful, convenient and so on, more and more favored by the vast number of consumers. Because of the warm, elegant, gorgeous and so on, the electric curtain has been widely used in home and hotel decoration
Q:What is an automatic curtain control system?
Intelligent curtain is automatically adjusted with automatic control function curtains, the main technology is the photoelectric sensor technology and wireless transmission technology. Photoelectric sensor is able to perceive the intensity of the external light changes can be intelligent light control, wireless transmission technology is remote control curtain controller.
Q:Electric curtains, and what are generally integrated into a system
If the smart home and supporting the use of more ideal, electric curtains is a smart home system module. Mature technology, stable performance, is the ideal choice for future home life.
Q:What are the benefits of smart home curtain control system
Are you talking about electric? Intelligent electric curtains, as well as a kind of shutter can also be used as a window curtain, is very durable aluminum alloy
Q:What are the components of electric curtains?
Track, roller balance pole, fabric, on these, if the use of photovoltaic, solar panels and lithium batteries
Q:What is the meaning of single channel dual control of electric curtain remote control
The transmitter is alone, just like the remote control on the tv. The so-called single channel is the general receiver connected to a motor

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