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Product Description:

Abrasive sanding mesh screen is made of nylon fabric, coated with

abrasive materials; there are three kinds of shape: Sheets, Discs and


It is not only suitable for sanding plaster and wall surface, but also for

sanding rusty spots of metal materials and making grinding and

polishing  treatment.  It  has  good

properties of grinding, cutting and filings

removing. And it is the most ideal

abrasive tool for interior decoration.

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Q:What are the uses of glass films?
It can block the sun, and you can see the outside. People outside can not see you, unless you turn on the lights.
Q:How is PTC electrothermal film?
Electrothermal film has high thermal efficiency and radiation heat. PTC circulates air by the fan, which is similar to air conditioner.
Q:Specifications and models of glass wool
Models of glass wool: 32kg / 50mm, 48kg / 50mm, 80kg / 50mm, 96kg / 25mm, 80kg / 25mm
Q:What is the power of electric heating film
Taeil-500.338mm x 50cm x 110w\m x 150m (75 square meters \ box) Taeil-800.338mm x 80cm x 180w\m x 100m (80 square meters \ box) Taeil-1000.338mm 100cm x x 220w\m x 100m (100 square meters \ box)
Q:Which one is better, electric heating film and carbon crystal?
Carbon crystal, electrothermal film, filament carbon fiber cables belong to carbon fiber heating. They also have the health care function of carbon fiber. But they differs in the service life and the nature of the insulation. I will analyze for you from the installation life and insulation; this is mainly caused by the different processing technology: Carbon fiber heating cable uses imported carbon fiber filament whose tensile strength is four times that of the same diameter steel, first coated by a layer of Teflon, king of plastic with temperature resistance up to 280 degrees, anti 4000 volts voltage (the material of 180 million \ ton), coated with 130 degree flame-retardant PVC. Electrothermal film is made of short wire carbon fiber or filament carbon fiber waste through crushing, grinding fineness of powder, again printing on plastic film with special glue mixed synthetic conductive coating, and covered with a layer of plastic film. Its insulation comes from plastic film both up and below, and its life depends on the degree of resistance to fracture of gel at high temperature. Carbon crystal is made of short filament carbon fiber, and filament carbon fiber cut into required waste, and spread on the insulating material according to the requirements of the uniform . Advantages and disadvantages of each are obvious.
Q:How to pave geomembrane and what should be paid attention during construction?
I'll show you an article about the most authoritative geomembrane construction process, you can look it up. This article is an answer to your question, click on the reference to see it for yourself. Give me extra points, my friends, it's been so hard to help you find the reference information: Http:\\www.yingfan.com.cn\news\html\430.html
Q:What are the features of film mulching door sheet?
1. eco-friendly, beautiful: It is made of quality timber and eco-friendly bonding rubber through multi processes, recombinated and moulded under high temperature and high pressure. The door sheet surface has various colors or moulded layer with natural wood grain. The formaldehyde emission and harmful heavy metal content of the product is lower than the national standard. 2 natural decorative effect: The surface of the molded three-dimensional door sheet and pocket have been moulded, paint-free, eco-friendly, waterproof, fire retardant, wear and pollution resistant, colorful and with the effect of natural wood grain. It can meet the demand of most users for natural timber without cutting down primeval forest. 3. waterproof and moisture proof, sound insulating and flame retardant: Three-dimensional interior door panels and pocket have unparallel waterproof, sound insulating and fire retardant performances through perfect design, delicate processing and technical application. 4. reliable quality, prominent advantages: Three-dimensional strengthened interior door panel through special treatment, featured by no deformation, no cracking, no delaminating, wear resistant, moisture-proof, environmental friendly, fire retardant, sturdy and durable, avoids many problems of the traditional door such as no abrasion and stain resistance, easy to deform, crack, delaminate, combuste and mildew, and that the surface has to be processed through several times of brushing or spraying paint.
Q:What are the techniques of foam concrete?
With unique foam excitation technique, coal ash and other waste materials are mixed together in a scientific proportion, then they will become gold bricks—high-performance building blocks which can float on water with many advantages of lightweight, environmental protection, energy-saving and thermal insulation after going through many techniques of compulsory stirring, activation, foaming, output, casting molding. Special foaming agent is composed of several chemical raw materials in a certain proportion that are easy to buy. It will become light after foaming which is much more effective than that of most foaming agents sold in the market, but the price of it is 50% lower than that of most foaming agents sold in the market. High efficient curing agent is composed of several chemical raw materials in a certain proportion that are easy to buy, which greatly reduces cement quantity and cost. It has advantages of high strength and light weight, and enables non-autoclaved blocks (bricks) to reach and exceed the required strength of steam-cured blocks; MS innovative forming non-autoclaved blocks new molding technology, moulds can arbitrarily change the size of blocks in order to adapt to fit around the block sizes that walls need, which reduce the cost of moulds, and are convenient.
Q:Does iphone need to stick membrane?
If iPhone do not stick membrane, it will be scratched by some alloy keys; and it will have minor scratches because of the friction with ordinary sand. Mobile phone film will inevitably reduce the screen brightness. First, reduce the screen brightness. Even it is the AR film (also known as high light transmittance anti-reflection film) featured as high light transmittance, its light transmittance is only about 95%. Other mobile phone films have greater influence on screen brightness. Second, reduce trackpad sensitivity. After sticking membrane for mobile phone, the screen may become "stuck", "slippery action", thus reduceing the iPhone's touch experience.
Q:How long can glass sound insulation film be used?
It can be used for four or five years without problem. If there is kid in the family, it may not be able to last for that long for the glass film scratches easily.

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