Fiber Pad

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50 Rolls roll
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100000SQM/Month roll/month

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Product Description:

Description of Fiber Pad:
Sound Absorption
Good effect to prevent the vibration
Thermal insulation effect is good


Features of Fiber Pad
1) Felt with PE Film  for coverage to anti slip
2) With composite plastic film on the back
3) Material : From recycle material, Such as clout, rag, wools and so on.
4) Eco-friendly Felt, no smell, no dust, no poisonous substances and no metalline stuff.
5) Packing in roll in plastic bag .10M/ roll 25M/roll and 50M/roll or made in your demands
6)Row material:  needle punch technical for Polyester and PE film backing.
7) Suitable for ground or floor protection during  industrial architectural decoration
8)usage:Usage: The Nonwoven fabric bonded PE film rug pad mainly uses in the interior decoration and painting, when the decoration lays down in the upscale floor or on the brick.


Specifications of Fiber Pad


100% recycling fibre or 100%polyester, free of FCKW, heavy metal, formaldehyde, fungicide, pesticide pollution


grey natural




180g to 350g


1mm to 6mm


needle punched also can be laminated or coated


roll in pvc shrinking film


 fiber pad


Applications of Fiber Pad 
Mattress and upholstered furniture and all kinds package materials of transportation

 fiber pad



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With advanced production equipment,the company produce a variety of medium-class and high-class lamiante floor and accessories.

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Location Changzhou
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value USD 1000000
Main Markets America 50%, Asia 40%, Africa 10%
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Nearest Port Shanghai
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 2
Language Spoken: English
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Factory Size: 10000m2
No. of Production Lines 2
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range USD2-USD5