TOP Quality 3W 7W 10W 20W 30W Round COB Led Downlight,Led COB Downlight Round 7W,Good Heatsink 7W Round Led Downlight COB

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General Introduction

TOP quality 3W 7W 10W 20W 30W round COB led downlight,led cob downlight round 7W,good heatsink 7W round led downlight cob


COB led downlight specifications

 Working Voltage

AC100-240V, 50/60Hz


3W, 7W, 10W,20W,30W

 Luminous Flux

270Lm, 630Lm, 900Lm,1800Lm,2700lm


 Dia 105MM×H55MM,3W

 Dia 120MM×H60MM,7W

 Dia 148MM×H70MM,10W

 Dia 200MM×H85MM,20W

 Dia 226MM×H90MM,30W



 Cut Hole

 Φ90MM, Φ110MM, Φ135MM, Φ170MM , Φ205MM

 Finished Color


 Shell Material

 Die-casting aluminum+tempered glass

 Beam Angle

 60-80 degree

 Ingress Protection


 Ambient Humidity

 10%~90% R.H.

 Operating Temperature


 Color Rendering Index


 Color Temperature



3 years


 CE & RoHS


The COB Led Downlight Feature

1. Input Voltage: 100-240VAC,Wide voltage design, available for whole world use.
2. Appearance: Milk white, the same with housing finish color, creating a mood that is warm and cozy
3. Material: Aluminum alloy and  reflective cup .
4. Chips: Apply Epistar chips as light source to insure high luminous flux and conformity light output.
5. Heat dissipation: The multi-fin casting design ensures full heat dissipation.
6. Driver: External driver.
7. Dimmable is availble.



1.What is COB ?

Chip-on-Board, or COB, refers to the semiconductor assembly technology wherein the microchip or die is directly 

mounted on and electrically interconnected to its final circuit board, instead of undergoing traditional assembly or 

packaging as an individual IC. The elimination of conventional device packaging from COB assemblies simplifies the 

over-all process of designing and manufacturing the final product, as well as improves its performance as a result of the 

shorter interconnection paths.


2. What is COB Advantage ?

1) Reduced space requirements;
2) Reduced cost;
3) Better performance due to decreased interconnection lengths and resistances;
4) Higher reliability due to better heat distribution and a lower number of solder joints;
5) Shorter time-to-market



1. High class stores, shopping malls.


2. Hotel, entertainment places, beauty parlor lighting.


3. Meeting room, muti-fuction hall, exhibition hall.


4. Fashionable dress and lighting.


5. Salon, coffee house, living room lighting.


6. Comercial theater, museum lighting.


7. Apply to homes, shopping centers, display counters lighting and decoration.


8. Cabinet and under counter lighting.


9. Replacement of traditional halogen lamp or incandescent lamp.



Our Service

We promise to provide customers with highest quality, best price and best before and after-sales service. Of course we will be happy to assist you at anytime in any technical questions you may have. If you have some queries, please feel free to contact with us, I will make all my efforts to help you.


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Q:How much LED 150W downlight spiral energy-saving lamp replacement
As far as I know, high power fluorescent lamp and compact fluorescent lamps use is unsafe, even no relevant national standard, if you use it, the auspicious light test report please check the product certification and CCC what, if there is a problem with the best replacement as soon as possible.
Q:LED downlight downlight and how to distinguish?
The lampshade can be made exactly the same. Distinguish between LED and ordinary lamp can see the inside of the light source, is a common lamp installation of energy-saving lamps. It is an LED light source lamp
Q:Now there is no replacement of the LED light source lamp?
Yes, it depends on what level you want. I can solve your problem with a net name.
Q:Excuse me, how many different sizes for LED lamp lumens
See customer needs and in what place, with the output of the LM itself and quality of reflective glass beads, beads arranged, there is a direct relationship between the transparent mask
Q:How much is the general 15WLED lamp luminous flux.
Of course, can also use 30142835 beads to do warm (below 4000K temperature) will be low, cool (above 6000K temperature) will be higher
Q:The opening 7, 5 cm height of the LED lamp, home decoration into the floor with fear of hydrochlorothiazide
Suggest you go to Taobao search, you say the kind of description, there are all attributes. Because you say too many varieties, I don't know what you're talking about
Q:LED ceiling lamp and LED downlight what is the difference
LED is a kind of lamps downlight than ordinary lamp with light, usually used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting.The LED spotlight is a highly focused luminaire with light rays that have a specific target to be specified. Mainly used for special lighting, such as emphasizing a very good taste or very innovative place.
Q:What is the size LED downlight
2 inches is the opening size, Phi 90 x 100H, 90 is the diameter of the lamp, 100 is high
Q:The general living room to Amdo large size of the lamp?
Now more and more office and family on the use of LED lighting lamp. Because of the more and the applicability of the LED lamp used in indoor lighting more people know, is becoming more and more popular. LED has some other lamps downlight incomparable even other LED lamps can not compare the applicability of indoor lighting LED lamp does not occupy the indoor space in the indoor installation of LED downlight, because hidden lamp, do not use the pressure. Forced feeling, on the contrary will produce a warm effect. Therefore, you can choose to install multiple lamp decoration lamp, reduce the pressure of space. A sense of urgency.
Q:How are LED lamp quality is good or bad?
Drive power. A good driving power can guarantee a whole lamp life, theory of life LED lamp is 100 thousand hours, and the driving power of general life ranging from less than 50 thousand hours. So in order to ensure the whole lamp life, LED lamp manufacturers tell you that the driving power is very important, and it is also one of the most critical components. On the other hand LED downlight must be a constant current power supply, if using constant voltage power supply low cost will greatly shorten the service life of LED lamp. Then, how can we identify the constant current power supply? You can see several parameters, service life, light, light effect and warranty period. If the service life is longer, the quality of the power supply will be relatively better.

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