Super Bright 220V Led Flexible Strip

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP55 Color Temperature: Pure White   ,
Power(W): 5 Lamp Body Material: Aluminum

Product Description:

1. Features:

1,  Using super bright SMD LED as light source. High brightness, low-light decay, long life, color and

     good consistency

2,  Can be bent, can be arbitrarily fixed in the concave surface; Small size, rich colors. A red, yellow,   

     blue, green and white and other colors for customers to choose;

3,  Every three or six LED lights can form a loop; Every three or six LED lights can be cut along any of

      the above tangent, without damaging other parts;

4,  Low voltage power supply, security and stability;

5,  Formed by the printed circuit board, on the back of a double-sided adhesive for paste, small size.

     There are many colors available for customers choice;

6,  For transparent or non-transparent material around the light;

7,  Each volume of the standard length: 5 meters / roll, according to customer requirements.

8,  Long life, use 50000~80000 hours.

9.  The best qaulity and the lowest price.

10. Welcome you vist our factory

11. Warranty 3 years.


2. Applications: 


1. Edge-lighting of transparent or diffused materials  


2. Archway /Canopy & Bridge Edge Lighting


3. Backing lighting for signage letters


4. Path and contour marking


5. Car lighting


6. Illuminated signs


7. Mood lighting


8. Holiday Decoration


3. Materials & Advantages:


(1) ETL,UL,CUL,CE,RoHS,ISO9001 Guarantee


(2)100% Copper wires ,1copper wire mix 16pcs small copper wires,each small copper wire area 0.82m2


(3)Thick and soft led strip light,diameter size:15*8mm


(4)Waterproof rubber power cord,size:2*1.0


(5)Never use recycle PVC,High brightness ,without impurities


4. Pictures :



Super Bright 220V Led Flexible Strip

Super Bright 220V Led Flexible Strip

Super Bright 220V Led Flexible Strip


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Q:How does the LED light string flash?
Because of the special volt ampere characteristics, LED can not use constant voltage driving mode, but is driven by cross flow. The direct drawback of cross flow drive, however, is heat. So people invented the drive mode of pulse drive. For example, 0.5 seconds per second, so that the amount of heat in the LED is reduced by half. Then turn the frequency up to 100 times per second, lighting for 0.005 seconds each time. At this point, the power of the LED is not the same, and people do not feel blinking. What's more, in this driving mode, an approximate cross flow drive (that is, the current is not necessarily precise) can be simplified, which simplifies the drive circuit (the precise cross flow source is very complex)
Q:Rated voltage of LED lamp string
You are the light string and see how much you a lamp, the lamp voltage for LED in 3.0-3.4V, for intermediate values of 3.2V, N=220/3.2=68.75 so many beads. In fact, we are in terms of LED is a DC device, there is no voltage rating, mainly to see his current value, the work must be steady flow. The power 0.06W LED current is 20MA, the power 0.2W LED current is 60MA, the power is 0.3W, the LED current is 100MA, the power is 1W, the high power LED current is 300-350MA, and so on in turn, ah, I=P/U
Q:Performance and characteristics of LED lamp string
1.LED lamp string can handle perforation lamp string processing;2.LED lights string may through seven colors and full-color controller to achieve colorful jump, gradient, monochrome, full-color, fluttering and other effects.
Q:How do you connect the LED lights?
Connect the bottom edge of the triangle symbol to the high voltage and the sharp angle to the low voltage. The bottom edge of the next LED is connected with a sharp angle
Q:What's the average luminous current of an ordinary LED lamp string?
If the lamp light current series is their rated current,
Q:The top LED lights always burn the bulb in series
Do not know what kind of drive you are, try to reduce the current of LED, do not exceed the rated operating current of LED on the line. The method of reducing current is related to drive circuit, and the current limiting method is different for different circuits.
Q:The color temperature of LED light string
Refers to a standard blackbody heating, the temperature rises to a certain degree when starting from the color red - Orange - red - white - blue, gradually changed, a light source and the blackbody with the same color, we will at the time of the absolute temperature blackbody called the color temperature of the light source.
Q:The number of lights in the LED string
Different LED number of LED light band price is different, and this is also to distinguish LED lamp belt price is an important factor.
Q:What's the price of the LED light string?
On the market now, 3014 of 11lm is often priced at between 0.13-0.16. The lamp has stable performance, good brightness, low luminous decay, and color index is much better. 600x600LED panel light 360 beads, which is about 53 yuan.Are basically using 11x23 or 11x26mil chip, chip /pcs lamp about a penny.
Q:Led full-color light string and how to control wiring
5 line DMX512 full color string, 2Po, 2 access, and access control site

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