Square LED Grow Light 14W

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Detailed Product Description of High Quality Square LED Grow Light 14W


1. 14 W plants by plastic shell lamp , including 225 PCS small power 5 of 8 W power leds, built-in 1 PCS, with high performance, low energy consumption, etc

2.The product of the input voltage is 85-264 V, easy to use, safe, is applicable to any country.

3.Suitable for all kinds of plants grow, bloom, the results.

4.The product contains different proportion of plan, promote the red flower, blu-ray, customers can promote long leaves according to different plants using different lamp bead ratio.


Specification of High Quality Square LED Grow Light 14W



14W LED Grow Light


















Input Voltage








work current




Life span


50,000 Hours


working frequency


50/60 Hz




Red and blue


work environment




Sunlight area


2M/2.54 sqm


Inner box








Features of High Quality Square LED Grow Light 14W


a. 14 W plant light can instead of 3 to 5 times the power of the high-pressure sodium lamp, save 80% of electric power.

b.Small power LED as the light source.

c..Life is as high as 50000 hours.

d. The proportion between the different light can be specified by the customer,We recommend the proportion is (red: blue)8/1, 7/2 and  7/1/1 ,Red. Blue. Orange yellow. White. Mix light provide plant.

e. The built-in with CE authentication of the power supply, simple and safe access the plug directly.AC85V ~ 264 V voltage, do not need reflector and ballast.                   

f.Lamp illumination of area and height according to different plants and the environment will be changed, and the technological parameters will also change.

g.All products comply with the requirements of environmental protection material ring and contains no mercury and other harmful heavy metal material. 



1.When used to ensure product in normal circumstances use.

2.Don't touch and beat it when it works.

3.This product without waterproof function, do not meet water.

4.The above products parameters for conventional proportion (red / blue = 8/1) , is only for reference, the customer can choose according to their own different need of different lamp bead ratio.



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More than enough, we're producing LED
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Q:Pole 25 meters high, 100 meters in diameter required W
You have to use the 250W light. 8-10, see what you choose lamp plate.
Q:What's on the lamppost of the LED street light? What is the function?
LED street lamp with the conventional high-pressure sodium street lamp is different, the light source of high power LED lamp with low voltage DC power supply, by the synthesis of GaN based blue LED and yellow fluorescent powder, white LED, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, high color rendering index unique advantages, can be widely used in city road lighting. The outer cover can be made of PC tube, with a high temperature resistance of 135 degrees. Low temperature resistance up to -45 degrees
Q:To achieve the following functions of LED lights, what knowledge do you need to use?
The rod body is generally cylindrical single structure, steel plate rolled, height of 25-40 meters to 25 meters above the new lighting device of steel column type lamp and high power combined lamp frame. It is composed of a lamp holder, lamp, electric rod and base parts. Head shape according to user and the surrounding environment, and specific lighting needs; inside the lamp by the light and light source, generally uses the high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp. Lighting, radius of 60 meters. The rod body is generally cylindrical single structure, steel plate rolled, the height is 15-40 meters.
Q:How about the high pole lighting radius 40m
Lamp: generally refers to a new type of lighting device more than 15 meters of steel column type lamp and high power combined lamp frame. It is composed of a lamp holder, lamp, electric rod and base parts. Head shape according to user requirements, the surrounding environment, and specific lighting needs; inside the lamp by floodlights and cast light lamps, lamp using NG400 high pressure sodium lamp, lighting the radius of 60 meters.
Q:Why high pole lamp control switch to the specified time to advance light
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Q:What is in the lamppost of the LED street light?
Light emitting diodes (LightEmittingDiode, abbreviated as LED) is a semiconductor pn junction formed with weak electricity can light high efficiency solid-state light source based on the forward bias voltage and the injected current, injected into the P region of the hole and injected into the N region electron in diffusion into the active region after radiation and emit a photon, electric can be directly converted into light energy.
Q:LED lamp configuration with traditional lamp compared advantage?
LED lamp wall traditional street lighting area, good lighting effect, light source, uniform illumination, glare, easy control and maintenance.
Our main series of products include LED street lights, LED high bay lights, tunnel lights, LED floodlights, LED spot lights, LED T8 tube lights and LED explosion proof lights. These products are widely used in streets, factories, warehouses, dock, tunnels, departments, stores, hospitals, schools and art deco lighting environment.

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