Solar Camping Lamp & Solar Camping Light

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Solar Camping Lamp Description

Solar camping lamp is our company's latest research and development of a portable solar lighting products. This product adhering to the concept of green, low carbon, environmental protection, practical, with lighting, cell phone charging, etc. Aesthetically pleasing, easy to carry, the function is all ready, economical and practical

2.Main Features of the Solar Camping Lamp

The rain proof design, all-weather use; At night lighting, night fishing lighting; Camping, outdoor lighting; Car maintenance, spare garage, etc. Design as far as possible to choose beautiful novel products, put in the home also is very good adornment. Now camping lamp is a lot of more phyletic, the basic type of energy-saving lamp tube with cold light, LED bulb, is the first to use dry cell type, the disadvantage is that more carry battery, weight is larger. Now generally use are charging type camping lamp, can charge the battery car charger, power supply, charger, solar panels, etc., can charge anytime and anywhere, convenient and energy conservation, environmental protection, and don't have to worry about the power supply problem, popular.


3.Solar Camping Lamp Images


4.Solar Camping Lamp Specification

Power: 1.2W

Solar panel: 2.4W

Battery: 3.7V / 2600MAH, Lithium Battery

Lighting: 6-8 hours

Input port: DC: 5V

Output Ports: USB: 5V

Packing: 140X140X275MM Weight: 0.85KG

Charging time is 12-15 hours under full sunlight conditions

Product Overview Solar Camping Light is the latest development of a portable solar lighting products. The products adhering to green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, practical ideas, with lighting, mobile phone charging and other functions. Beautiful shape, easy to carry, fully functional, economical and practical。


5.FAQ of Solar Flashlight

1. Q: Do you provide free sample?
    A: Usually we do not offer free sample
 2.Q: Could you print our company LOGO on the nameplate and package?
    A: Yes, we can do that.
 3.Q: Do you accept custom design on size?
    A: Yes, if the size is reasonable.

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Q:What are the advantages of solar led street light?
The advantages of solar street light led: 1, LED solar street light using solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity, solar energy as a green new energy, "inexhaustible, inexhaustible." Make full use of solar energy resources, to alleviate the conventional energy shortage situation has a positive meaning.
Q:What are the features and advantages of solar street lights?
with ordinary light, there are indeed many incomparable advantages. First of all, he is not ditching embedding, the engineering quantity is relatively small, as long as the installation of a cement base, with stainless steel screws fixed on the line. 
Q:What are the problems of LED solar lights such as high damage rate and low brightness
 Even if 10000 yuan, the difference is the middle of the $8000, and this can be given to the light of the number of points for 8000 minutes? You can count it, personally feel that solar energy is not practical, can only stay in the water heater industry,
Q:How to charge the solar lights
During the day, even in cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) collects and stores the energy needed.
Q:What is the working principle of solar lighting?
The use of photovoltaic effect of the principle of solar solar panels solar solar panels to receive solar radiation and converted into electrical energy output, through the charge and discharge controller stored in the battery, the night when the illumination gradually reduced to 10lux or so, the solar panel open circuit voltage 4.5V
Q:The advantages of solar garden lights
In summary, in the choice of their own solar garden lights, in addition to the product itself has the energy saving, environmental protection features, but also focus on the use of product stability and product economy.
Q:Solar lights do not always open but charge every day, the battery will be bad
Design, it has been taken into account this situation. So do not worry. But any battery has a certain life. It is not necessarily rechargeable.
Q:How to handmade a small solar light
Simple solar energy system, individuals can produce, including a solar power system, the most easy, but to buy a silicon photovoltaic panels, installed, the sun a sun there is electricity, and need to be more perfect, with the controller, inverter Wait. Can also buy some silicon photovoltaic cells themselves into a variety of shapes of the board. Low-power, power grid what energy,
Q:Can a solar-charged watch be filled with a fluorescent lamp?
Followed by monocrystalline silicon solar panels, and then is the polysilicon solar panels.
Q:What is the meaning of the solar controller battery indicator light
A storage battery is an electrochemical device that stores the chemical energy and, when necessary, the electrical energy

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