• Smart Lithium Led Lamp Street Lighting  Outdoor Energy Saving 16w - 40w System 1
  • Smart Lithium Led Lamp Street Lighting  Outdoor Energy Saving 16w - 40w System 2
  • Smart Lithium Led Lamp Street Lighting  Outdoor Energy Saving 16w - 40w System 3
  • Smart Lithium Led Lamp Street Lighting  Outdoor Energy Saving 16w - 40w System 4
Smart Lithium Led Lamp Street Lighting  Outdoor Energy Saving 16w - 40w

Smart Lithium Led Lamp Street Lighting Outdoor Energy Saving 16w - 40w

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Smart Lithium Led Lamp Street Lighting  Outdoor Energy Saving 16w - 40w


Energy saving 16w 20w 24w 30w 40w smart lithium led lamp for 12v dc outdoor street lighting


Capacity of the battery≥16AH≥20AH≥24AH≥30AH≥40AHTemary lithium battery
LED lamination2400LM3000LM3600LM4500LM6000LMThe refraction of the lens isn't included
LED power30*30 SMD8 chips in series
2 chips in parellel
Wireless data transmission10MCapable
Color of the lampWhite, grey, blueOptional
Working temperature range-20℃~65℃Standard
Working humility rangeLower than 85% RHStandard
Working hour8HAutomatic energy-saving mode
Function of the controllerOver-charging protection, over-discharging protection, short-circuit protection, inverse connection protection, automatic energyisaving modeQualified
Cycle life≥600 cycle
Insulation measureFoamer

Features of LED lamp

Smart Lithium Led Lamp Street Lighting  Outdoor Energy Saving 16w - 40w

- Lithium all in one solar street light integrates the battery and controller( The traditional solar street light system has 5 components: a. solar panel b. gel battery c. controller d. LED light source e. LED lamp ).

- It just need to be simply assembling at place, which can avoid wrong cable connection and fussy test after installation.

- What’s more, the lithium all in one solar street light doesn’t have  high request of installed fields ( traditional solar street light needs enough space to put the anchor bolt and the gel battery).


- Simple design, portable, practical.

- Powered by solar, saving energy and environmental friendly, its installation is not subject to city grid.

- Large capacity lithium battery, lifespan about 5-8 years, twice lifespan of the traditional gel battery, lowering the battery maintenance rate of solar street lights.

- High efficiency of usage during the lithium cycle, avoiding the low efficiency of traditional gel battery after discharge which leads to lack of energy.

- Integrated lithium battery and controller, no complex assembly work, less wiring connection mistake, making the solar street lights installation easy and simple.

- No additional wiring is needed, avoiding the mistake of wrong calculation in wiring length and wiring configuration.

- Lithium battery installed on pole near the lamp, closer distance and less energy lose, ensuring high efficiency of power supply. What’s more, the hanging battery increases the difficulty for vandalism and theft than buried battery underground.

Delivery and package

Carton, pallet, standard sea transport package


Q:Solar street light solar panel selection of crystalline silicon or polysilicon
The same wattage under the smaller size for sunny areas
Q:Street light cable wiring, fixed sets which
There are terminals, then divided into welding and crimping.
Q:What are the dangers of streetlight glare?
Reflective glare will make the image fuzzy, reading difficult, easy to cause eye fatigue, reduce reading efficiency,
Q:What is the paint on the poles
Good outdoor powder can keep the light, Paul color 3 years or so, poor less than a year on the discoloration, loss of light, from the powder phenomenon.
Q:The thickness of the poles is generally thick
There is different requirements under the wind, the thickness is also different
Q:How is the street light control?
Now generally manual control, automatic control, time control, light control, latitude and longitude control, wireless network control
Q:What is the voltage of the solar street light?
Solar street light is a solar panel, led street lamp
Q:Which government department management is the street lamp?
The administrative departments of urban construction of the local people's governments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the work of urban road lighting facilities in their respective administrative regions.
Q:Night lights are not bright, how to tune
Due to the problems with the solar street light controller, the solar street light controller controls the way the lights are lit
Q:How high is the street light?
Special lamp type according to the design requirements of the installation, the height of the lamp in the equivalent of the need to be illuminated the width of the road.

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