Power Stacker-SPND with payload 500-1000kg

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SPND Series is a full electric stacker ideal for short distance good transport,with payload 500-1000kg,lifting height up to 1890mm.Particularly suitable for use in locations where space is limited, especially in the narrow aisles.

1.2Manufacturer’s type designation SPND1016SPND1019SPND0516
1.3Drive:electric(battery or mains),diesel, petrol,fuel gas,manual Electric
1.4Type of operation:hand,pedestrian,stand ing,seated, order-picker) Pedestrian
1.5Load Capacity /rated loadQ (kg)10001000500
1.6Load center distanceC mm500500350
1.8Load distance, centre of drive axle to forkX mm671671433
1.9Wheelbasey mm135313531063
Weights2.1service WeightKg450460415
2.2Axle loading, laden front/rearKg415/1035420/1040380/535
2.3Axle loadings, unladen front/rearKg295/155300/160280/135
Wheel3.1Tyres:solid rubber, superelastic, pneumatic, polyurethane) polyurethane
3.2Tyre size, front 220 x70220 x70220 x70
3.3Tyre size, rear 100x70100x70100x70
3.4Additional wheels(dimensions) 180x50180x50180x50
3.5Wheels, number front/rear(x=driven wheels) 1x+1/21x+1/21x+1/2
3.6Track width,frontb10(mm)553553553
3.7Track width,rearb11(mm)862/1085862/1085472
Dimensions4.2Lowered mast heighth1(mm)202923592008
4.3Free lifth2(mm)153018901570
4.4Lift heighth3(mm)153018901570
4.5Extended mast heighth4(mm)202923592008
4.9Height of tiller in drive position max./min.h14(mm)970/1300975/1300975/1300
4.2Lowered heighth13(mm)505040
4.2Overall lengthl1(mm)174617461414
4.2Length to face of forksl2(mm)831831779
4.2Overall widthb1(mm)862/1205862/1205795
4.2Fork dimensionss/e/l(mm)30/100/91530/100/91525/76/635
4.3Width over forksb5(mm)210/720210/720152/544
4.3Distance between supports arms/loading surfaceb4(mm)762/965762/965409
4.3Ground clearance, center of wheelbasem2(mm)292925/76/635
4Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysAst(mm)244424442296
4.3Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwaysAst(mm)242324232335
4.4Turning radiusWa(mm)156015601270
Performance5.1Travel Speed, laden/unladenkm/h3.2/3.43.2/3.43.5/3.8
5.2Lift speed, laden/unladenmm/s91/12891/12895/135
5.3Lowering speed, laden/unladenmm/s110/96110/96110/96
5.8Max.gradient performance, laden/unladen%3/5
5.1Service brakeElectromagnetic
Motor6.1Drive motor rating s2 60minkw0.50.50.5
6.2Lift motor rating at s3 15%kw2.22.22.2
6.3Battery acc. To DIN, nononono
6.4Battery voltage, norminal capacityV/Ah2x12/802x12/802x12/80
Others8.1Type of drive controlMOSFET Control
8.4Sound level at driver’s ear acc.to EN12053dB(A)<70<70<70
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Q:What standard elevator platform needs to go to the special equipment inspection to report
Hoisting machinery, it is to point to used for vertical lifting or vertical and horizontal moving heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, its range is rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5 t elevator; The weight is greater than or equal to 1t, and the lifting height is greater than or equal to 2m crane and weight bearing form fixed electric gourd
Q:How to use the elevator to be safer and more efficient
Constantly check the operation of the various agencies is normal, have no noise, if find fault, the elevator must be eliminated in time. 2, check the connection of the ministries, such as loose should be tight. When the compression of the connecting bolts should be in body check firmness, slightly shaft must have a split pin all connections, and to open fully. Always check all electrical wires and cables for damage. Make sure to cover and replace damaged parts in time. When the motor is overheat, stop the engine in time, and then keep running after the failure. The motor bearing lubrication is good.
Q:The ball of the universal milling and lifting platform rolls off, how to install,
Remove the screw and remove the poles, bearings, and bearings. Find a root (casing pipe diameter and the bottom of the screw thread diameter size, casing Canon and screw axis diameter size), the sleeves on the screw axis, the screw nut screw on the casing; When fully rotating to the casing, remove the casing and the screw nut. Slide to one end of the casing and the screw nut expose about half a circle ball nut (must pay attention to, don't put the ball, or ball will all fall out), with tiny rod or wire, adjust the position of the ball, with one or more of the position of the ball, then fill in falling ball (this step is very important, it is better to have a ball screw pair assembly experience to do); Once you have finished, put the casing on the shaft of the screw. Then turn the nut onto the screw.
Q:What is the price of the hydraulic platform
Price is not uniform, see what you want to do. We are also on the platform, the price has not been raised.
Q:How about customizing a tatami mat?
However, the tatami mat is no longer a problem. In a small room decorate a lifting platform tatami, not only improve the utilization rate of the space of the room to receive and we have guests home, tatami is lifting platform rises is a piece of tea table; Descend, and the tatami of the ground to be an organic whole, spread the mat of above a mat of a mat of a mat of a kind of a very beautiful bed. This can not only be used to make tea room, room, study, also can be used as a child's activity place, a room can use more.
Q:How to choose the platform and how to use the method
The purchasing and lifting machinery should not be bought blindly, should be fully market research, and field inspection, determine the size of the company and its credibility. This is one of the first is also a must, many small businesses in order to seek the market now violence and cut corners, so that the lifting platform quality is greatly reduced, although they will sell very cheap, but this kind of machine is not a long time, and the risk is big. As a result, it is a pity that the buyer should not be greedy for a small price.
Q:The purpose of the rail elevator
Cannot reach the requirements of the occasion, such as difficult to solve in the narrow space, can make the efficient delivery platform, product set for hydraulic system, the door on the interactive chain, floors and lifting platform work table can set operation buttons, achieve multipoint control.
Q:Who knows the price of a sloping platform?
You're asking too much! Do you know how big is your mesa, aspect, slope, a direction tilt, lifts the lowest, highest, up to how much time and so on, is behind the question welcome phone
Q:What is the use of a silk pole elevator?
The screw lift is a basic lifting component with capacity of 0.5-300t. It has a compact structure. Small size, light weight and extensive power source. Noiseless, easy to install, flexible and versatile. It has many advantages such as high reliability and long service life. It has many functions such as lifting, landing, pushing and turning.
Q:What happens when the platform comes up and the power goes out.
The electromagnetic valve core can be artificially pushed back.I hope my answer will help you

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