Power Stacker RS1645 - RS1632 - RS1636

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RS16 stand-on stacker is designed for a high turn round of goods in racking, when loading and unloading, as well as for the horizontal transport of goods up to 1600kg. Normal commercial pallets can be handled. The RS16 is also very flexible when used for order picking and as a working / lifting table.
Effortless power-assisted-steering
Powerful and economic with maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor
Lower life cycle costs
High capacity at high lifting height
Efficient and quiet hydraulics
Ergonomic operator cab
Long life control lever
Danfoss drive wheels
Danfoss controller
Hydraulic motor unit from Europe
This specification sheet according to VDI regulation 2198 only provides technical values for the standard stacker. Non-standard types, additional equipment,etc. could produce other values. Right reserved for technical changes and improvements.

RS16 Stand-on stacker

Residual Capacity at different lifting height

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM

5500  650550
Load centre distance (C)mm600700600700

Mast table

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM

DesignationClosed mast 
height h1 mm
Free lift 
h2 mm
Lift height 
h3 mm
Extended mast 
height h4 mm
Two stage214718532003660
Two stage2147166032003680
(full free)2347186036004080
Three stage2240174050005505

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM

1.2Model of manufacture RS1632RS1636RS1645
1.3Power supply(electric,diesel, petrol,gas,mains electric) electric
1.4Type of operation(hand pedestrian, stand on, rider seated, order picker) stand on
1.5Capacity /rated loadQ Kg1600
1.6Load center distanceC mm600
1.8Load distanceX mm765
1.9Wheelbasey mm1435
Weights2.1Weight(including battery)Kg136713921450
2.2Axle loadings laden drive end/load endKg1290/1760
2.3Axle loadings unladen drive end/load endKg1110/340
3.1Tyres(rubber, Vulkollan, pneumatic, polyurethane) rubber/polyurethane
3.2Tyre size drive endmmΦ254x82
3.3Tyre size load endmmΦ80x70
3.4Castor wheels(dimensions) Φ150x60
3.5Wheels, number(x=drive wheel) drive end/load end 1x -1/ 4
3.6Track width(front) drive endb10 mm635
3.7Track width(rear) load endb11 mm395
Dimensions4.2Closed mast heighth1 mmSee mast table
4.3Free lifth2 mmSee mast table
4.4Lift heighth3 mmSee mast table
4.5Extended mast heighth4 mmSee mast table
4.7Overhead load guard(cab)heighth6 mm2245
4.8Standing heighth7 mm230
4.9Height of steering wheelh14 mm1255
4.15Fork height loweredh13 mm85
4.19Overall lengthl1 mm2035
4.2Length to front face of forkl2 mm880
4.21Overall widthb1 mm978
4.22Fork dimensionss/e/l mm60/180/1150
4.24Fork carriage withb3 mm645
4.25Overall fork widthb5 mm575
4.31Floor clearance under mast,ladenm2 mm25
4.34Working aisle with 800x1200 pallet lengthwiseAst mm2246
4.35Outer turning radiusWa mm1655
Performance5.1Travel Speed laden/unladenkm/h8.8/9.2
5.2Lifting speed laden/unladenmm/s145/215
5.3Lowering speed laden/unladenmm/s260/270
5.8Gradeability laden/unladen%7/15
5.1Brakes electric
6.1Drive motorkw3.0(AC)
6.2Lifting motorkw3
6.3Battery acc.to DIN 43531/35/36 A,B,C,no 1) 43531 B
6.4Battery voltage, norminal capacity K5 1)V/Ah24/360
6.5Battery weightKg310
 Battery dimensions l/w/h 1)mm930/210/750
Other8.1Type of drive control MOSFET Control AC
8.4Noise peak at operator’s earsdB(A)<70

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