Led Ultra-Thin Led Neon Flex Rope Light

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$2.06 - 8.24 / m
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50 Meters m
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1000000 Meters Per Month m/month

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Product Description:


General Introduction 

Led Ultra-Thin Led Neon Flex Rope Light 

Light Output Professional Series


Hot Pink

Warm White







Total Output (Lm/Ft)









 Specifications of Professional LED

Item No.





240V AC

120V AC

24V DC

Roll Length


150 Feet

150 Feet

LED Spacing




Cutting Unit

4.98" (R,Y,O)



2.99" (B,G,HP,W,WW)


3.55" (B,G,HP,W,WW)




1.88W/Ft (R)




Max Load



Calculated using voltage drop.





1. Ultra thin led neon flex

2. Size:10X23mm

3. LED space 12.5mm

4. LED q’ty per meter 80pcs,RGB210 pcs Led/m

5. Available with transparent, milky white and colored pvc jacket

6. Base edge color Orange

7. Length per roll 50m

8. Length per unit - 100cm

9. Power per meter - 4.4w/m-6w/m

10. DC voltage - 230V/110v/24v/12v(low voltage safety,low heat)

11. Waterproof:100%

12. 100% unbreakable

13. White PVC base edge to increase luminosity

14. 1/10 the enery consumption of rope neon

15. Color red/blue/green/yellow/white/warm white /RGB Etc.

16. Consistent and stringent wavelength control standards+/-3nm

17. Work temperature:-20°C-60°C,special -50°C-80°C



LED Brand: Epistar/Chimei
Housing: Soft PVC Material
Cooper Wire: 21 Lines 
Weight: 23kg/roll (50M) 
Weather Resistant: IP66
Higher brightness: 80 Ultra bright LEDs/meter
Longer Life: Theoretically 40,000 hrs.
Low Voltage Options: 12V and 24VDC available
Low Heat: LED is cold light source, reduce the nitrogen dioxide
Extremely Low Maintenance Costs 
70% less energy consumption of glass neon
Pink and Purple Jacket are launched


1,Replacement for traditional Neon lighting
2,structure outline: roofs, windows, doors, storefronts, carports,
3,business: signs, safety zones, work benches, lobbies, tradeshow booths
4,Exterior lighting: walkways, decks, patios, boat docks, vehicles 
5,Interior lighting: cove lighting, shelving, kitchen counters, staircases, curio cabinet


Customized options

Customized label/ Logo can be made onto packing box.


Packaging & Delivery



1 x Box



Shipping Service

Estimated Delivery Time


2-8 business days


3-8 business days


2-10 business days


1-7 business days


6-14 business days


7-12 business days

China Post Air Mail

7-15 business days

China Post SAL

14-30 business days

By sea

30-40 business days

1. 3-10 business days for Sample Orders; 7-40 business days for Bulk Orders.

2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address.

4. The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 


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Q:How can I make sure it's the 2853led band?
2835 is the lamp with the specifications, length and width of 3528 to 3.5MM*2.8MM, there is a 5050 lights, 5050 is the length and width are 5050 5mm, 3528 large beads beads to light a lot, the price is more than doubled
Q:How to distinguish between colorful LED lamp band and RGB lamp band?
Definition: RGB lamp with RGB lamp belt refers to each LED LED lamp belt welding is composed of red, green and blue three chips, they can emit red, green and blue three kinds of monochromatic light can shine together three chips, combined into white. If coupled with the controller, you can achieve red, green, blue, white four colors in turn and flicker effect. RGB means red, green and blue. It doesn't represent colorful.
Q:How much is the power consumption per meter?
The small bulbs per meter of at least 30 (the interval of 3 cm), 15 meters close to 500, with the LED light emitting diode, each 0.05 watts of power, therefore, with a total power of 25 watts; as with ordinary small bulbs, each bulb power is about 0.2-0.3 watts, so the electric power 100-150 watts.
Q:Led how long is the light on?
Low voltage lamp with transformer is the transformer, how much is how to take a long distance. (generally must be within 100 meters, 20-50)
Q:Led and so on, or T5 tube well?
Of course is the integration of T5 lamp, the lamp is broken for a whole, bad for a lamp. However, the cost of the tube is much more expensive than the band, but the overall T5 tube is better than the light band. The tube can be guaranteed for 3 years, and the lamp belt is often more tube - to - tube.
Q:Connect the LED light belt to change the electric wire!! the result electrify! The electric wire heating, the interface is electric hot, how to return a responsibility?
The wire interface is hot, indicating that the wires are not handled properly and have no good contact, resulting in contact resistance, leading to fever. Recommend using sandpaper carefully burnish thread parts, in accordance with the standard method of connecting wires, wires connected, and electrical insulating cloth, to ensure safe use of electricity.
Q:The brightness of 220V lights with LED power up before optical switch can adjust the lamp with the LED?
The brightness of the LED light band cannot be adjusted.The high voltage light belt is made through IC or resistance capacitance step-down, and the security is very poor. Easy to cause fire and safety accidents, or use low voltage safety.
Q:Can you tell me if the LED light belt can be lit for a long time?
LED can be used for more than 50000 hours in the general description, and some manufacturers advertise that LED can operate for about 100000 hours. The main problem in this respect is that the LED is not simply no longer operational, and its rated service life cannot be calculated with conventional lamps. In fact, when testing the life of the LED, no one stays around and waits for it to stop working. However, there are other ways to measure the life of LED.
Q:LED can the light belt be put in the water?
Good waterproof treatment, can be placed in the water, and put in the water lamp belt, usually use sleeve filling glue, can achieve the effect of IP68.
Q:How much is the band? What's the color of the lamp?
Lamp belt is generally used in the living room ceiling, creating a warm atmosphere, three-dimensional light source. The practicability of the lamp belt is much better than that of the spot lamp.

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