LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series

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LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series Description

Engineered far energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, LED Street lighting  ZD910 series is a versatile, high-performance street lighting solution,designed specifically for street and road way applications.

The  ZD910 maximizes energy savings and provides uniform and comfortable white light. Easily retrofitted onto existing mounting systems, it’s simple and affordable to invest in state-of-art technology.

Main Features of LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series

*Long lifetime
*High uniformity
*Energy saving and maintenance free
*Unique design preserving the character of the street and road way environment
*incorporates the latest LED technology
*Module design & Long lifetime
*Light distribution technology & High uniformity

LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series Images

LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series Sepcification

ModelLED source brandSystem WattsLuminaire EfficacyLuminous fluxCCTPFColor RenderingBeam AngleLifetimeLuminaire Dimension


SFT-ZD910-2CREE XP-G7095665057000.9575145°×75°50000491×310×164
SFT-ZD910-3CREE XP-G10095950057000.9575145°×75°50000589×310×164
SFT-ZD910-4CREE XP-G130951235057000.9575145°×75°50000687×310×164
SFT-ZD910-5CREE XP-G160951520057000.9575145°×75°50000785×310×164
SFT-ZD910-6CREE XP-G200951900057000.9575145°×75°50000883×310×164
SFT-ZD910-7CREE XP-G230952180057000.9575145°×75°50000981×310×164
SFT-ZD910-2GCREE XP-G7085595057000.9575140°*70°50000439×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-3GCREE XP-G10085850057000.9575140°×70°50000514×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-4GCREE XP-G130851105057000.9575140°×70°50000589×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-5GCREE XP-G160851360057000.9575140°×70°50000664×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-6GCREE XP-G260851700057000.9575140°×70°50000739×310×163.8
SFT-ZD910-7GCREE XP-G230851955057000.9575140°×70°50000814×310×163.8

FAQ of LED Street Light High Power ZD910 Series

*Why do LEDs have a higher initial cost than conventional light sources?

LEDs are made of electronic components which need to be packaged together to offer long lasting efficient light sources to the end user. Apart from the LED chip itself which has sapphire and gallium in the semiconductor, the process of packaging with materials like ceramic, rare earth phosphors, silicone, solder and gold wire add to the overall cost. White LEDs require further tests for calibration and standardisation.


*What are the economic advantages of using LEDs over conventional light sources?

Although the initial cost of conventional light sources is less than LEDs, they do not take into account the operational and maintenance cost of the lighting system. LEDs, having a longer life , reduce maintenance and lamp replacement cost.  This reduces cost of labour to replace lamps and the cost of new lamps at the end of lamp life cycle. LEDs, also consume less energy.  Thus the overall cost of a LED system can thus be significantly lower than conventional lighting systems. Most applications with LEDs offer a payback period as low as 3-4 years.


*What are the strategies in the development of LED technology that are helping to reduce the cost of LEDs in the future?

Some of the strategies reducing the cost of LEDs in the future are:

Reduction in the production process.

Simplification and reduction in the number of components.

Introduction of new materials.


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Q:Why solar energy centralized power supply street lamp must be supplied by AC LED lamp?
You mean the power supply project, why the solar power is converted to AC, and then used for street lights?
Q:How much is the LED street lamp and driving power 85W
Yangzhou is the largest production base of street lamps in China, which can be visited by manufacturers. Solar street lighting controller is divided into two buck and step-up, Buck 50 yuan, step-up 80 yuan, the warranty for three years. Now the conventional 6 meter 30W power solar energy set price is about 1260 yuan, the detailed price ha needs to calculate according to the lighting time and the rainy days.
Q:22 km road, every 33 meters to install a street lamp, street light power 120W, attached to the LED display 60W, a total of 180W, seeking the best laying line program
If there are 20 or so parallel units. Each unit of parallel =0.18x30=5.4KW, 6mm - 10mm - copper or aluminum wire. Light controlled single-phase AC contactor 50A.
Q:What are the prospects for the development of intelligent LED street lamps?
Before 2015, LED Street will remain around 50% compound annual growth rate, by 2015, LED road lighting lamps in the field (mainly for street lights and tunnel lamp) the overall penetration rate reached 46%, the next two years will add more than 30 million LED street lights and tunnel lamp. These favorable expectations have brought greater potential for development of LED street lamps.
Q:How can I get the LED street light?
General LED exports are mostly indoor lighting and display, LED street lamps are relatively small. Export products are to be certified, I do not know where you are going to export, as Japan began in July 1st, lamps began to need PSE certification, and the other is at least 3C certification. Without certification, you can only pay for it. There is no right to import and export, but also to find the mouth agent company, and very troublesome.
Q:Excuse me, LED experts. How many watts do LED street lights usually have on the roads?
LED has higher light efficiency, and can reduce the power configuration properly. It can be selected in the 50%-80% of the sodium lamp as appropriate
Q:What should I pay attention to when buying street lamps?
Pay attention to the brightness of the LED street light. The brightness of LED street lamps is an important factor in choosing LED street lamps. The brightness of LED fluorescent lamps we use is about 85LM/W. In general, the higher the brightness per watt, the higher the lumen number, the higher the price of LED street lamps.
Q:High frequency jet lamp, LED lamp, xenon lamp, which is suitable for street lamps
LED light color and soft, to capture and analyze details of road condition eye to night lighting, but due to the LED light emitting chip is heat sensitive, so the steady flow module and a heat dissipation module as big and complex, weight big, cost is very high, but from the actual situation, life did not claim so long. Even the shortest in several light sources. Many places use this as a source of care for the local light source industry.
Q:Want to do a LED street lighting, do not know how to start, please recommend books or websites, can understand the whole process of doing LED street lights!
Sorry, can not say, now these things are sold hot goods, no one will change to you, including a lot of information
Q:How much color temperature should be used for a LED street lamp?
LED street lamp has the characteristics of environmental protection, pollution-free, less power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and so on. Therefore, LED street lamp will be the best choice for energy saving reconstruction.

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