Led Solar Table Lamp (Ce And Pse)

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Product Description:

Product  introduction 
Brand                                TAIGEXIN                             
Model     TGX-7050
Bulb typeUSA LED(2835 SMD)
LED QTY18pcs
Battery  type    lead-aid battery 
LED light sourcerechargeable battery / solar   
Capacity 1400mAh
Input voltage110-220v
CertificateCE  CQC  PSE   ISO9001:2008 
Logobase on what you want to print
Lighting time>=10 hours
Switch Double
Working life time50000 hours
Style Modern





1.Built-in rechargeable, free maintenance, high capacity of 1400 mAh lead-acid battery.
2.The battery life long, can be used more than 400 times circulation charge and discharge.
3.High quality, energy saving, high brightness, long life of 2835 LED  lights.
4.This product has the function of general ac or dc.

5.Color temperature is warm white, can better protect your eyes.

6.Rechargeable battery and solar double light source, it is convenient to use .



*Family and outdoor use

*Students can use to reading, writing and learning

*Can use in emergency situations.



Our Product Line 

Our main products include rechargeable LED flashlight, LED head lamp, LED desk lamp, LED searchlight, LED emergency light, mosquito swatter and LED bulb.


Customizing Options

OEM ODM is welcomed

Various colors are optional.



 1.Charging power and socket installation must meet the safety criterion.

 2.Please away from flammable, explosive per charge.

 3.Please don't directly clap eyes on the LED .Children must be guided by adult to use it properly .

 4.Don’t expose the product to rain or damp

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Q:The service life of LED lamps and lanterns is true?
Theory is a 30000 h - 50000 - h (semiconductor diode). 1. The chip encapsulation (not the same environment, affect the life. And the light bulb how to low the situation is not possible, this is a standard) 2. The power drive power supply (electronic products, general is 2 years,) 3. The lamps and lanterns, the whole life is a long time, generally 2 to 3 years.
Q:LED the desk lamp that shield an eye the choose and buy, should consider what respect?
Brightness, brightness is too light or too dark can cause eye fatigue, so appropriate brightness is very necessary, we suggest electrodeless lamp dimming
Q:Hurry, common desk lamp is ac or dc output, and energy saving LED lamp?
Ordinary is communication, LED dc, lamp is high.I hope you can help me.
Q:I buy LED lamp light moving light and shade is how to return a responsibility
Electricity ports poor contact, the ends out then plugged up.
Q:New LED lamp USES "magnetic -" the voice from time to tome, how to eliminate the noise?
Most of this kind of circumstance is the lamp holder and lamp holder caused by poor contact. Power contact bad part will flame out, produce the gas explosion. Cut off the power supply first, carefully check, rusty part to shave their; Lamp holder shrapnel, to place. If not the lamp holder and lamp holder poor contact problem, other connecting plug is normal, that is the problem the inside of the bulb, is not good. Changing a cheap, expensive repair leds can look for electrical master to look at, or to find original factory after-sales service.
Q:The lamp that shield an eye is after the light lamp or led the good
LED you to choose natural white warm white (neutral) is not dazzling
Q:Folding LED touch lamp generally will be problematic
Is the most prone to problem of LED lights, light failure after the time far short of the publicity of use fixed number of year. Followed by touch components, due to the aging over time, after a certain period of time, the original set of voltage and current value has been far away from the original design value, prone to touch difficult, the problem of interval are not allowed to touch.
Q:LED rechargeable lamp, can you tell me how long does it take to charge for the first time?
And LED rechargeable lamp used for the first time, should be charged more than 10 hours. LED rechargeable lamp maintenance: LED rechargeable lamp if it is not because the excess voltage or short circuit, usually don't burn out.
Q:I charge the battery of LED desk lamp is broken, can put the cell phone battery received above?
If what also don't know, it's best not to casually pick up. If the battery voltage is different, it's easy to have a problem. Especially if charging voltage is higher than 4.2 V, cell phone lithium ion battery will explode, caught fire.
Q:Children lamp good choice led lamp is better
Can, LED by natural white light bead (osram), tube made of three primary colors. Starting from protecting eyesight, try not to read for a long time, should have proper rest, look at the distance, eyes

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